New Year Resolution 1Jan2014

live everyday as if it were your last..

someone asked me on new year day when i said “i better do this” regards some matter – is that your new year resolution? i laughed & replied “better not, otherwise i may break it”..haha..



still reflecting on this new year resolution thingy, i do want to continue to spend more time with family & friends, to cook for them & to share views & insights & interests, to relish the moments & to treasure the memories... 🙂

one thing i read in the book “the monk who sold his ferrari” is something i can try to emulate-

shortly after you have awakened, go into your sanctuary of silence. get still and focused. then ask yourself this question: “what would I do if today were my last?”. The key is to really get into the meaning of this question. mentally list all the things you would do, the people you would call, and the moments you would savour. envision yourself doing all these things with great energy. visualize how you would treat your family and your friends, and even total strangers, if today were your last day on earth. When you live everyday as if it is your last, your life will take on a magical quality….

in the end, all of us human beings want the same things, happiness for ourselves & those we care for (and by extension, the lives we touch & all humanity) is for each of us to find his own path & share with others on the same…

c.h.e.f. andy