Cool Walk along The Green Corridor (KAP to Rail Mall) on 16Jan2014


bridge over bukit timah & dunnearn road

my weekly jogging partner & i thought of starting some activities among friends who meet often for makan. i did a really fun HK eat & hike trip in may2013 with 3 other friends. but we can do some of these fun things in singapore too that cost next to nothing.

another friend was clearing leave & suggested we do a short walk along the green corridor from king albert park to rail mall & back.  we parked our cars at KAP on 16.1.2014 & started the walk from the rail bridge from bukit timah road side. this is a period of cooler weather & we started the walk about 7.30am. it was really pleasant walk. 🙂


the green corridor (rifle range)


bamboo tree


the friend who initiated this walk is far more educated in flora & fauna than the 2 of us. 🙂 i couldn’t recognise many trees but we spotted this nicely fanned-out bamboo behind some newer terrace houses along rifle range road.


bukit timah radio tower


& in the distance was the bukit timah radio tower.


it was a weekday (thurs). there were only few joggers & people walking dogs.


i managed to zoom up 20m & captured this flower on a wildly shaking hand (due to the zoom). 🙂

yellow flame

yellow flame

& we saw a few of the yellow flames (i think!).

getting out to rail mall (fuyong estate)

getting out to rail mall (fuyong estate)


dairy farm nature park

our friend led the way – getting to the road to rail mall (fuyong estate) to singapore quarry & mountain cycling track (dairy farm nature park).

DSCN5935 DSCN5934




singapore quarry was quite nice, calm & nice reflections.

bird's nest 30m up

bird’s nest 30m up

on the way down to rail mall, our friend’s eagle eyes spotted a bird’s nest 30m up.


& there is a halia (ginger) plant infested & 1/2 eaten up by beetles.

DSCN5943 DSCN5940

we took some photos at the disused rail bridge at the rail mall.

rail mall

rail mall

the we trooped to the makan places to have our breakfast.

nasi lemak at toastbox @ rail mall

nasi lemak at toastbox @ rail mall

i had the S$6.10 nasi lemak set with coffee – only rice not as good as adam road the rest (chicken wing, ikan bilis, chilli) just as good.

peanut butter thick toast set

peanut butter thick toast set

1 friend had the peanut butter thick toast set.

the entire walk was 7km+ & took 2hr+. a very pleasant cool walk & nice breakfast.

c.h.ef andy


Reset Your Point of Happiness

reading tan chade meng’s  (google’s “jolly good fellow”, his official title, & personal growth pioneer) book “search inside yourself”, about emotional intelligence.

interesting book.

he talked about a set point for happiness which we can train our minds to reset – that when he was young, the resting state was “unhappy”…if nothing good happened, by default he was it’s reverse, if nothing bad happens, he is happy! 🙂

the important takeaway is of course that one can reset the emotional resting state…& that emotional skills are trainable & free us from “emotional compulsion”. in the book meng quoted viktor frankl “between stimulus & response there is a space. in that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. in our response lies our growth & our happiness”

the emotional skills also help us develop calmess & a deep sense of well being…so that happiness maybe an “unavoidable side effect” of cultivating emotional intelligence. other side effects may include resilience, optimism & kindness. if one’s resting state is “happy” & “calm”, then one is naturally having a favourable view of life & so optimistic, less reactive to hurdles & failures & so resilient, and also in naturally expansive mood & so kind. 🙂

my blogging is all about happiness…like prayers (i am not christian) my blogging is to constantly remind myself of the good things in life, to relish, treasure & reminiscent. as in an earlier post, “grateful for what we have” opens our hearts, makes us appreciative, caring, generous, see the positives about ourselves & others & not stifled by negative emotions. it also has us enjoying the process, as in an earlier post “live to eat”..

& the recurring theme of perspective…when we change our perspective (reset the point of happiness), we see the world in different light..1/2 full not 1/2 empty…as was said in the same post, 退一步海阔天空 or 山穷水尽疑无路, 柳暗花明又一村…its all about perspective! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy