Chinese Herbal Mutton Rib Soup for RI Bros 6pax Lunch on 27Aug2020

6pax RI bros lunch dishes

made 6pax RI bros lunch on 27.8.2020.^^

  1. chinese herbal mutton rib soup
  2. mala steamed mutton stomach 金钱肚(though seller classify as tripe)
  3. teochew braised hock 元蹄 & trotters
  4. crackling and blistered roast pork
  5. sambal spinach

tolmas had to go back office..forgot to take a group photo earlier..the perils when NCL not around lol!


tolmas brought cheng chow & KK brought very nice muffins from ivy..went perfectly with coffee👍really fun relaxing lunch with bros.

c.h.e.f andy

Good Truffle Pizza & Meats @ Lino Binjai Park on 26Aug2020

daughter & JH bought 5pax family dinner @ lino on 26.8.2020.^^

this les amis group restaurant so standard is there.

calamari I don’t quite prefer this style of batter..aunty bes can do better.

truffle mushroom cheese pizza was good. wife & i took more than we should.

carbonara was good too just low down my list preference of pasta, lower than pizza.

the meats were all good.iberico pork was very good & good size serving.

lamb shank very good..I will cook this.

wagyu burger also very good..

daughter ordered profitero dessert all shared..pretty good too. have not taken this for long time.

c.h.e.f andy


Lino @ Binjai Park


7 Binjai Park, Singapore 589821

Opening Hours:


OK Expensive Indian Rojak @ Al Mahboob Tampines on 25Aug2020

al mahbood rojak

5pax OPS bros indian rojak @ al mabhoob tampines on 25.8.2020.^^

pretty good overall…sauce not as good as habib’s at ayer rahah fc

& like 70% costlier

otherwise quite ok..

mee goreng ok non descript nothing great.. the ikan bilis beehoon at ayer rajah fc better.

c.h.e.f andy


Al Mahboob Rojak @ Tampines


300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-02, Singapore 529653

Opening hrs:


Quite OK Indian Dishes S$51 for 4pax after 50% Eatigo Discounts on 24Aug2020

brother & i went to went sis & bil at their new place on 24.8.2020.

we had 4pax lunch at Indian tandoor @ east village.

we booked 11am for 50% alacarte eatigo discounts.

  1. chicken tikka masala (ok to try i prefer butter chicken tastier)
  2. fish masala (dory fish)
  3. rogan josh (lamb)
  4. prawn biryani
  5. baingan bartha (eggplant)
  6. 2 garlic naans

above average Indian restaurant dishes

and with 50% eatigo discounts S$51nett for 4pax very good value 👍

c.h.e.f andy


Indian Tandoor


430 Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 486936

Located in: East Village

Opening Hours:


Delivered Homecooked Dinner for my Brother’s Family on 20Aug2020

gulai padang chicken

made & delivered 6pax family dinner to my brother today on 20.8.2020.^^

  1. Indonesian gulai ayam padang
  2. meen si (lime taujeon song fish head 松鱼头)
  3. chap chye..

i took a portion of chap chye from my HCA lunch…

the Indonesian gulai ayam padang my first time..very good! 👍

brought a small portion for wife & children to taste..all liked it..nice flavourful curry ..

myself i prefer the no coconut milk ayam masak merah for HCA lunch ..will write up a recipe later.

c.h.e.f andy

10th HCA 4 Dishes 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 20aug2020

made 25pax HCA lunch today on 20.8.2020.

25pax lunch menu

  1. ayam masak merah (spicy tomato chicken)
  2. blackbean sauce pork softbones
  3. sliced pork with vegetables
  4. chap chye

my first full recipe ayam makan merah..made own rempah came out very well..super👍will write up a recipe later..

all 4 dishes very good!

“Thank you very much for all the delicious dishes. patients bottoms up all 👍

“enuf 🙂 and patients enjoyed much! everything cleared 😊

“patients always said chef Andy cooking really delicious!”

thanks NCL coming to gll to help & WM meeting at HCA & having 3pax lunch afterwards.

c.h.e.f andy

RI Bros Home Gourmet 6pax Dinner on 18Aug2020

made 6pax RI bro dinner this evening on 18.8.2020.^^

we had excellent dinner by chef Gabriel Lee at 8picure on 17jul2020.

Jo brought me next day a 3kg garoupa he caught fishing..

so i used 1/2 garoupa to make 2 dishes and invited the bros to my place..

SCG joined this evening..

the lobster squidink pasta was inspired by chef Gabriel.

dinner dishes

this evening i made-

amuse bouche


  1. spicy tuna canapes
  2. crackling blistered roast pork
  3. pumpkin arugula(rocket)salad
  4. chef john mexican veracruz garoupa
  5. herb & peanut crusted spring rack of lamb
  6. pangrilled long stem cauliflower & brussels sprouts by aunty bes


7. flamed squid on cauliflower puree


8. sliced garoupa fillet & seafood bouillabaisse

9. lobster squidink pasta


eddie brought really nice

10. english carrot cake, a red, white & vietnamese coffee for lisa

HCK brought champagne

SCG brought 30yr xo & refused to bring back

Jo brought chocolates

it was really wonderful enjoyable dinner for all every dish was very good..really crackling belly pork, very good pumpkin salad, very good flamed squid & tasty cauliflower puree, though plating left much to be desired…

excellent lamb rack (Eddie said he generally don’t take lamb this evening had 2 & loved the herb peanut crust)..

superb veracruz far garoupa everyone liked..good grilled veg..

delicious bouillabaisse excellent garoupa fillet..

superb lobster squidink pasta(Eddie said lobster texture perfect..though no comparison with chef Gabriel Lee)

& of course excellent english carrot cake Eddie brought!

a really fun relaxing evening with great friends RI bros.

c.h.e.f andy

Good Standard Fruit LLP Durians Online Orders on 16Aug2020

ordered durians from fruit llp on 16.8.2020.^^

  • 2x jb butter bitter
  • 2x golden phoenix 金凤
  • 1 x taishanwan

5boxes 400g each

S$89 inc delivery very good durians 4 of 5 boxes small seeds very good

c.h.e.f andy

Prime Rib Bakuteh for 6pax RI TRIPS Lunch on 13Aug2020

HK organised 6pax bkt lunch today on 13.8.2020.^^

for his Tanjong Rhu Integrated Primary School (TRIPS) mates – TOS, LCM, KL

plus NCL made the covid TRIPS to GLL lol!😜

  1. 龙骨肉骨茶prime rib bkt
  2. 卤元蹄 teochew braised hock
  3. 烧肉 roast belly pork today lagi perfecto! 很脆totally crackling & moist flavourful inside
  4. sambal baby potato leaves

a very good lunch…prime ribs tender, fall of the bones and very sweet and moist especially with dark soy sauce and cut chilli. braised hock also perfect very gelatinous and moist and tasty.

the gang had a great time together.

c.h.e.f andy

Great Family Dinner for a Great Occasion on 10Aug2020

dinner dishes

wife organised family national day dinner celebrating daughter’s great occasion.

wife made fried wanton 👍👍👍, corn fritters, aunty bes made sambal egg (sambal 👍👍👍) and fried chicken wings..great pre-dinner cocktail…

for dinner, i made-

  1. assam pork ribs
  2. beef rendang 👍👍👍
  3. assam belly pork 👍👍👍
  4. chilli ikan batang 👍👍 everyone love the chilli (👍👍👍)

great family dinner for a great occasion!

c.h.e.f andy

OK Sandwich & Toast @Simply Bread Cluny Court on 10Aug2020

son & PT dropped by the house.

we went out for brunch at cluny court. relish and another place was full so we settled on simply bread.

son had roast beef sandwich..i think S$12 quite ok. PT had egg, ham and toast.

i had piccolo latte..good or rather ok but tiong ho better obviously…didn’t need to eat..for young people and not my kind of food.

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered 4 Homecooked Dishes for my Brother’s Family Dinner on 6Aug2020

made & delivered 6pax dinner for brother family on 6.8.2020.^^

  1. soy sauce chicken
  2. teochew braised ter kar (hock + trotters)
  3. salted fish fried celery hearts (姐姐recipe)
  4. sambal baby potato leaves

a delicious, enjoyable dinner for my brother’s family.

c.h.e.f andy

Good Zichar @ Hwa Seafood on 6Aug2020

bbq squid bestest!

E & J bought 4pax dinner this evening on 6.8.2020.^

bbq squid bestest!

black bean sauce fish head with bittergourd really meaty..blackbean sayce strong & flavourful & bittergourd tender & not bitter 👍quite perfect

smoked chicken good.

home made tofu competent

claypot eggplant good very tasty

lala beehoon tasty ..i like don signature crab’s prawn lala better though

thanks E & J for nice food & wonderful evening 6.8.2020.

c.h.e.f andy


Hwa Seafood @ Tagore Lane


9 Tagore Ln, #01-02, Singapore 787472

Opening Hours:


Most Enjoyable Delicious Dinner with OPS & RI Bros on 5Aug2020

made 6pax dinner for OPS RI bros on 5.8.2020.^^

  1. gordon ramsay crackling belly pork
  2. chicken teriyaki
  3. chef john Mexican veracruz red snapper
  4. seafood squidink pasta
  5. vongole linguine

I experimented plating with cauliflower puree.

the puree texture and taste was great! the plating errrrrrr….

roast pork was very flavourful & tasty… everyone like… but crackling not good must adjust

everyone commented veracruz snapper really nice & tasty

seafood squidink pasta a feast to the eyes and very tasty

vongole linguine lighter in taste by comparison still quite nice taken alone..need more stock & reduced more to be more flavourful.

WT brought durian orh nee very smooth & intense durian flavours,,

jessie made nice refreshing dessert..everyone has second helping..HC had 4 i think lol!

I ordered durians – 2 black gold, 1 tai shan wan ..ok good enuf no special

c.h.e.f andy

9th HCA 4 Dishes 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 4aug2020

made 4 dishes for HCA 25pax lunch today on 4.8.2020.^^

  1. curry chicken
  2. beef rendang
  3. assam pork soft bones
  4. stirfry carrot & cabbage

WM joined me at HCA.

LCM came to gll but miscom i did not read messages & missed calls so we missed out each other

“…our patients mentioned that the dishes were fantastic, especially the curry and beef rendang.Thank you 👍👏

“Wow…..the patients sure have yummilicious lunch today!….”

restarted this HCA bi-monthly lunch 4mths after start of circuit breaker on 3.4.2020.

very happy to see patients enjoying the food..had a good chat with one lady from the same 澄海 city, my ancestral village.

c.h.e.f andy