Recipe = Jumbo Prawns Alio Olio on 27Feb2021

made jumbo prawns alio olio this evening on 27.2.2021.^^

bought some jumbo prawns from Chinatown Wet Market several weeks before CNY. these were huge prawns about 8 prawns to a kg about 130g each. it was just S$20/kg so I bought 2kg.

alio olio is straight forward.

just brown garlic cloves in olive oil, added 1/2 a chilli padi. then add white wine and chicken stock & reduce. can also add prawn stock but I didn’t prepare this evening. 🙂

I made about 100g spaghetti just 1min before al dente…agaklogy lol!

add pasta to sauce, add butter, off fire and toss.

for jumbo prawns, I cut away the legs and sharp spear on the head, cleaned, cut shell & devein and cut the head shell in the middle…seasoned with sea salt, butter, black pepper in the devein flesh..then cook in open pan high then medium fire in a little olive oil in open pan maybe 4-5mins…make sure prawn is cooked..

then plate over the pasta and added sweet basil.


absolutely delicious! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Excellent French Japanese Fusion Vegetarian 6-course Lunch @ Joie by Dozo at Orchard Central on 26Feb2021

had 4pax lunch @ joie (pronounced joy) orchard central with J, GYS & LKC today on 26.2.2021.^^

today is 十五元宵节….my vegetarian day 初一十五😀

returning to joie, fusion french japanese vegetarian after 4yrs…/best-vegetarian-meal-i-had…/

looks like food still same from my only visit 4yrs back & just as good👍

very enjoyable..

icy lemon shooter was refreshing

chef appetiser-salmon sashimi most impressive perfect cured texture, crackers & raspberry were good

mozzarella button mushrooms (escargot) looked as delicious as before.

GYS had kami nabe (paper steamboat).

he found the first piece mushroom a bit tough second piece which i had a slice was ok…

I had charcoal was good, or as good as tempura of banana, apple, yam, pencil asparagus and eggplant could be.

on that score i should rate this excellent- look & colour great, like the “escargot” dish, texture great, goma (sesame) dip great..

taste very good too..surprisingly the banana tasted pretty overall actually pretty perfect!

we all had truffle cepes mushroom good as dozo was eons ago..will try potato cauliflower next time…

& we all had monkey mushrooms “steak” on hoba leaf 朴叶….it was good!

like thick tenderloin, tasty mash & sauce and the deepfried pasta was great..overall quite delicious…i guess as good as a mushroom steak can be lol!

GYS had coconut & blueberry false cake..i had a slice..pretty good..

rest of us had red wine poached pear..J thought it was not that was ok for me..competent i guess..

drinks included..GYS & i had hawaiian blue -lychee & blueberry..a bit sweet..ok..joel had apple melody..LKC had hot lavendar tea..

nice lunch with good friends 👍😀

c.h.e.f andy


Joie by Dozo


181 #12- 01 Central, Orchard Road, Singapore 238824  


tel=6838 6966  

Opening Hours:

Monday12–3:30PM 6–10:30PM

Homecooked Dinner at Daughter Place on 25Feb2021

made 5pax family dinner, visited SM, JH & grandson on 25.2.2021.^^

I made-

  1. 白斩鸡 & also made fresh chilli 🙂
  2. kimchi chigae
  3. kimchi fried rice
  4. & aunty bes made stirfried 青龙菜with prawns

nice simple family dinner…

c.h.e.f andy

20th 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 25Feb2021

made & delivered HCA Hospice Care 25pax lunch on 25.2.2021.^^

  1. wine chicken with potatoes
  2. assam dory fillet
  3. stirfried baby shanghai green

3 nice tasty dishes for the patients. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Superb HK Steamed Soon Hock Fish Head @ East Bistro My Village on 24Feb2021

wai mun bought 4pax lunch @ east bistro

dimsum maybe about ah yat standard….not imperial treasure standard..

crispy char siew pao ok tasty but a bit soft..抄手was good..

cheong fun was very smooth & sauce tasty..the best dimsum item of the 3

roast pork was good not near the best..

口水鸡ok..i think my own much better lookwise and taste lol!

泡饭with crispy rice tasty soup no ingredients…a ok complementary dish to other dishes not really my favourite..

港蒸笋壳soon hock fish head was very good..very fresh, fish very fine 幼& sweet with tasty sauce..the best dish..

but very ex though at $88 for 1/2 fish head…this price doesn’t make sense to me…can get whole 800g soon hock equally fine 幼at ah eat grandstand at 1/2 the price…

coconut 炖蛋dessert quite nice worth trying $10 each we shared by 2..not quite my favourite dessert..

WM got indisputable reason to buy lunch so cannot fight with him lol!

c.h.e.f andy

Fine Dining Hotel Banquet Food Tasting @ South Beach Marriott Banquet on 23Feb2021

son had a 8pax food tasting at south beach marriott for the family on 23.2.2021.^^

food was fine and delicious! 🙂

must say it was well above expectation for hotel banquet food. very good standard indeed.

appetiser trio was good. wasabi mayo was light 7 the nicely glazed prawn looked and tasted great, not likely the 粗dishes in places like peach garden and ban heng…

deep-fried softshell crab a bit heavily fried, nice flavours also with thai basil.

tomato infused with Japanese plum sauce was delightful…

sea cucumber soup was a nice consommé lightly sweet清…

steamed halibut was fine dish, tender, sweet & great soya sauce 港蒸flavours…

the braised 8-head abalone not the best, I had much better abalone texture and also the brown sauce in other places.

roast chicken was a pleasant surprise..tender chicken with a nice sambal-dish sauce, very good and fine dish for a roast chicken, which often mediocre dish at many places …

the passionfruit pudding was like a nice panna cotta and quite refreshing…many thought it was too milky so son decided this an dish he will replace…

overall quite excellent fine dining dishes, better than expected from a hotel banquet…

c.h.e.f andy

Nice Prata and Curries @ Master Prata Alexandra on 23Feb2021

my OPS bro WT organised roti prata @ master prata alexandra central mall on 23.2.2021.^^

prata freshly made, crispy & dough tasty..the curry was tasty…love it!

the mysore mutton was tender, still a bit gamey taste but much better than that at sin min roti prata etc…

a place i will come back again.

c.h.e.f andy


Master Prata @ Alexandra Central Mall


321 Alexandra Rd, Mall, #01-02 Alexandra Central, Singapore 159971



Opening Hours-


19th 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 18Feb2021

made & delivered HCA Hospice Care 25pax lunch today on 18.2.2021.^^

  1. curry chicken with potatoes
  2. spicy bean paste pork softbones
  3. stirfry carrots and cabbage


Yummy yummy, thank you Andy.
Wishing you a very blessed Lunar 7th-day Happy Birthday

a fruitful satisfying day…

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CNY Day 4 Homecooked Family Dinner on 15Feb2021

made dinner for wife’s brother CCK and sis CYS family – 5pax visitors on CNYday4 on 15.2.2021.^^

8pax visitors a day so had to spread out to several makan sessions with my side family, wife’s side family and vegetarian dinner for niece family..

  1. hk steamed garoupa fish tail 港蒸龙虎斑尾
  2. tanhoon prawns
  3. claypot tofu with belly pork
  4. steamed cod 金银蒜蒸雪鱼
  5. 白斩鸡 & chicken rice
  6. 3 egg spinach
  7. stirfry romaine lettuce

& aunty bes added a sambal okra 👍

chicken rice and 白斩鸡excellent as usual..

everyone liked the steamed cod, hk steamed garoupa

& also the tanhoon prawns which Ervin arranged so nicely..

the claypot tofu need improvement..tasty enough..sweet peas overcooked, sauce can improve..still dish was finished.

3 egg spinach tasty sauce as always, romaine lettuce ok.

c.h.e.f andy

Home Valentine 2pax Dinner for Wife on 14Feb2021

made 2pax valentine day dinner on 14.2.2021.^^

this a yearly tradition…2020 edition here. 🙂

  1. crabmeat chawanmushi
  2. flamed miso glazed jumbo prawns
  3. crabmeat donburi with prawns, scallops, miso salmon belly

this year not as good as 2020.

my chawanmushi texture not right…my recipe was doing for 5-6pax…the adjustments not enough for a bit viscous…

flamed jumbo prawn could be better.

donburi though was good, flavourful and the miso salmon belly seared scallops were great! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Delicious Fun Family Lunch on CNY Day 3 14Feb2021

sumin JH & cayden came visiting on 大年初三14.2.2021.^^

wife made nice lunch..great kale salad..

aunty bes made tako calamari, crabmeat pasta

& sulin made excellent wagyu MBS4/5 ribeye steak, delicious!

c.h.e.f andy

CNY Day2 Homecooked Lunch for my Brother Family and Sis Bil on 13Feb2021

made CNY day 2 family lunch for my brother, sil, niece & hubby, & nephew, and my sis & bil on 13.2.2021.^^

PT joined lunch.

I made-

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. meensi (taujeon lime) song fish head 松鱼头
  3. teochew chilled steamed sotong 墨鱼饭
  4. teochew braised hock & trotters 卤猪手
  5. teochew pork softbones mustard vegetables pot 芥菜煲
  6. wine chicken with cloud fungus and taupok 黄焖鸡
  7. teochew salted egg bittergourd 
  8. 3 egg spinach

claypot rice very flavourful..sil told me she really likes my claypot rice, really “pang”…

sl, wen all loved the chilled sotong with “kek you” 桔油dip…

my brother said braised trotter very nice…texture, colour, taste all quite perfect…

mustard vegetables pot 芥菜煲 my first attempt, quite good..can improve taste..

after the mustard vegetables dish at imperial treasure ion orchard last week..

will write recipe later..

wine chicken always good.

today’s salted egg bittergourd not my best, still quite good flavours…

3 egg spinach always good, very tasty.

everyone had a great time…niece brought her toy poodle niko…a very well tempered dog not the on your nerve super excitable!

c.h.e.f andy

Modern European Vegetarian 11-course Dinner for Sis & Niece Family on CNY Day1 12Feb2021

made modern western 11-course all vegetarian dinner for my sis bil, niece 6pax family this evening CNY day 1 on 12.2.2021.

I vegetarian on 初一十五.

11-course Modern Western Vegetarian Menu

  1. best beautiful delicious salad (by lisa)
  2. tortilla aka spanish omelette
  3. japanese miso glazed eggplant
  4. sautéed mushrooms
  5. pangrilled tofu on cauliflower puree
  6. potato cake on chilli crabless auce
  7. cream of cauliflower soup
  8. funghi linguine
  9. spaghetti alla nerano (zucchini pasta)
  10. bbq king oyster mushroom on potato mash
  11. tofu cheesecak

everyone loved the food..

qh commented few times he never tried so many different tasty vegetraian dishes..the 2 boys had several helpings…

sl specially liked potato cake (& wen commented the chilli was nice), eggplant & funghi linguine.

had a great time with family…with covid restrictions of 8 visitors a day we arranged to have relatives visit in separate groups over the CNY period. so today for sis, bil plus niece 4pax family who are all vegetarian. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy