2pax Dinner with Daughter @ Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee 香港街老珍记 on 9Jan2018

S$16 spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头

youngest daughter arranged to go queensway shopping centre to buy a pair of asics running shoes for me for my birthday earlier.

we decided to have early dinner nearby at HK street old chun kee on 9.1.2018. ^^

hk street old chun kee at commonwealth crescent

i actually prefer hk street chun kee 香港街珍记 at the commonwealth crescent food centre. that is my favourite song fish head 松鱼头 stall. but it was closed.

S$16 spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头 

hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记 at commonwealth crescent on the other hand i have tried  several times & food so so. 

so i was very pleasantly surprised that the song fish head 松鱼头  this evening was really very good. fish head of course is fresh & sweet. the sauce was incredible! tangy, tasty, love it!

i think they must changed chef!

like that i would come back again for sure.

S$6 sanloh horfun 三捞河粉 

& the same story continued with the sanloh horfun 三捞河粉.

used to be average, now very good wok hae…

S$6 sanloh horfun 三捞河粉

both daughter & dad enjoyed this makan very much.

after that we drove to queenway shopping centre, per entry parking after 6pm, and daughter bought me a pair of asics running shoes.

c.h.e.f andy


Kopi Kia  (hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记)
Blk 117 Commonwealth Drive #01-733 Singapore 140117
Tel: 83606663
Email: enquiries@kopikia.com.sg
Operating Hours:
12.00PM – 10.30PM (Monday to Sunday)


Airfryer Sio Bak Recipe – Crackling Belly Pork on 8Jan2018

sio bak – roasted pork belly

made sio bak – chinese crackling belly pork this evening on 8.1.2018. ^^

sio bak – roasted pork belly

i used YKK/I’s airfryer method.

the evening before, i boiled the belly pork in boiling water for few mins. this to remove scum but also made it easier to score the skin of the belly.

then i used a fork to furiously stab the skin. every part, very thoroughly.

then pat dry, seasoned with 1 tbsp shaoxing wine all isdes except the skin.

then added salt to cover the skin, and placed in fridge overnight. the stabbing (scoring) & salt is to draw out the water from the skin & fat, so the skin is dry & can produce crackling.

sio bak – roasted pork belly

when cooking sio bak following day, i preheat the airfryer at 180degC.removed the damp salt from skin, pat dry with kitchen towel, & added a new layer of salt.

then i placed the belly pork in the holder & turned the airfryer control to 30mins (max).

removed belly pork & scrapped off the salt, then returned to airfryer at 200degC for 15mins.

sio bak – roasted pork belly

i would rate this try like 60marks.

skin was crackling, but meat was slightly overdone. it was actually a long piece of belly 600g, but it didn’t fit into the airfryer so i had to cut in 2 (means about 300g each). i think it would do well if it is a larger square single piece at 500g of 600g.

sio bak – roasted pork belly

still the crackling was good this time. the test being that many hours later, skin still crackling & did not turn tough & chewy.

not much seasoning. flavour ok mainly from the salt & the shaoxing wine.

thinking how to improve this next time.

c.h.e.f andy

Friend Bought 6pax Dinner for January Birthday Boys on 5Jan2018

heavenly divine

this evening, my RI friend bought 6pax dinner for the january birthday boys (he is one himself) at heavenly divine on 5.1.2018.

2 friends shared the same birthday. one was unable to attend today as he was just returning from HCMC with his family this evening.

heavenly divine is at boat quay, the second row of shophouses when you walked from UOB plaza 1. boat quay eats have great ambience, riverside dining outside & renovated shophouse inside.

caramelised bacon with green apple

some friends said the caramelised bacon with green apple tasted like bak kua..

ok but way too sweet la…

crab cake a bit salty

the crab cake was a bit salty, but otherwise a competent dish. presentation was ok.

crab cake a bit salty

crab cake was tasty, and inside was soft not hard & dry.

crab cake a bit salty

i guess above average delivery..competent is the word…

fish & chips

the batter for fish & chips was somewhat unusual.

certainly not the usual batter you get in UK or australia or anywhere else. seldom take fish & chips in singapore (almost never i should say).

had a good one at old brown shoes years back, not sure it is still there.

fish & chips

this batter is a bit like the japanese furai (“fry”) preparation..

but result was good, nice fresh fish fillet & i like the batter. though i still like the usual fish & chips batter with lots of vinegar & salt more…not that i am hot on fish & chips..

st bernard wit beer

the friends shared a german beer…

beer signage decor

the owner is son of the host’s friend, and co-incidentally a relative of the other birthday boy present. small world la!

on the wall, there’s many old USA carplates as decor…our friend (the restaurant owner) was living in seattle & like all americans do, drove a lot while living there. 🙂


i did not select the steak as i didn’t these places offer good cuts or great cooking for steaks..not at these prices to be fair…


i tasted the steaks. as i expected, very mediocre…bland in taste & doneness i didn’t see medium rare..but i was still harbouring a flu so my tastebuds a bit off.

the corn chips were interesting, could taste the corn flavours.

2 birthday cakes

we had a great evening, lots of fun & laughter together…old friends & many old memories & stories to reminiscent…it’s a good way too..another friend present did this dinner previously, so we can follow the tradition of january birthday dinners in subsequent years..

one thing to commend about the place..the owner very friendly, especially with friend & relative among us diners this evening…but he looks like a friendly & chill kind of bloke in any case.

the manager joshua gave really good service & very obliging. we troubled him again & again with group photos with so many cameras..i did not want to add my camera..so got some group & birthday photos from shared whatsapp photos. haha!

food wise, so so not much to comment…

c.h.e.f andy



Dark Sauce Braised Chicken with Taupok – 50th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 12Jan2018

braised chicken with taupok

made dark sauce braised chicken with taupok for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 12.1.2018.^^

this my 49th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

braised chicken 

i bought 2kg boneless chicken thighs + 1kg wingsticks, and prepared the dish the evening before.

just fried 1-2 cinnamon stocks, 4 start anise, 4 cloves, 1 bulb of garlic cloves in 2 tbsp oil. fried till fragrant.

then added the cut chicken thigh pieces & wingstick (enough for one each for 130pax residents), and fried.

Tai Hua chicken marinate (大华鲁鸡汁)

then added tai hua chicken braising sauce, coat the chicken pieces. added 1 heap tbsp sugar (3kg chicken pieces) covered & cooked for like 8 mins. simple & quick. i did not add water as chicken had a lot of liquids. of course this needed watching over & add water if required.

braised chicken

the braised chicken was delicious, very tasty & meat were tender, not overcooked.


next morning, i heat up removed the chicken pieces, and added 20 taupok cut into 4 strips each, so 80 piees.


the taupok soaked up the sauces, and diluted the taste, so i added another 1/3cup tai hua braising sauce & some water.

braised chicken with taupok 

covered over low fire simmering & cooked taupok till soft & well infused with the braise.

braised chicken with taupok

the mixed with the chicken pieces & placed in the aluminium tray & brought to teban gardens.

next week i will do this dish with button mushrooms instead of taupok.

c.h.e.f andy

Wife made Chirashi-don 海鲜丼 on 4Jan2018

chirashi don 海鲜丼

wife made chirashi don 海鲜丼 again this evening on 4.1.2018. ^^

we had hotate, tako, amaebi, salmon & tamago…

chirashi don 海鲜丼

a very good chirashi don!

hokkaido scallops

hotate that wife brought back from hokkaido were delicious, very sweet, plump, frresh.

hokkaido scallops

so good with the sushi rice.

my own tamago

this evening i made 2 tamago rolls.

my own tamago

very simple – 3 eggs, 1 tbsp mirin, 1.5tbsp tsuyu2tsp sugar, 3 tbsp water.

soak kitchen towel in oil & wipe non-stick pan & cook layer by layer…

salmon mayo sushi

wife also bought some salmon may sushi.

very quick & simple meal at home with family…today we did not want to eat too heavy a meal, so it was light & simple.

c.h.e.f andy

Rong Cheng (now Sin Ming Road) Bakuteh Still Good on 4Jan201

sin ming road bakuteh (formerly rong cheng) S$7

send car for servicing to joel motor edgevantage at sin min auto city recommended by my RI bro YKK 👍

need >1.5hrs (send car in about 10.45am collected car 12.15pm+)

sin ming road bakuteh (formerly rong cheng)

came to sin ming road bkt (rong cheng) at blk22 to kill time, and took $7 one large one small t-rex rib

still like the ribs, fatty, flavourful..soup 👎🏼my own better la 🤣

coffeeshop not much traffic at 11.30am

huo seng braised duck closed on thursday.

coffeeshop not much traffic at 11.30am.

kopi c gosong tilok very good – thick & flavourful

coffee = kopi c gosong tilok very good – thick & flavourful  👍👍

curry chicken noodles – not edible

walked over to the coffeeshop at the opposite end of blk 22 (there are 4 coffeeshops along this block 22).

the chicken rice stall also sells curry chicken noodles. unfortunately it was quite unedible…i guess the chicken breast were like a tender, somewhat tasteless breast of a mediocre chicken rice stall. the curry, not edible la…

teochew char kuay teow

the teochew char kuay teow quite ok, but nothing special. even the adam road char kuay teow is better than this. quite many customers though, and though seated i had to wait like 15mins.

rong cheng bkt (sin ming road) still a bakuteh stall that i don’t mind having bakuteh.

c.h.e.f andy

Son Bought Ah Heng Curry Chicken Noodles on 2Jan2018

ah heng curry chicken noodles 


this a real short post!

favourite son bought favourite curry chicken noodles, so cough can wait..makan fun first la!

ah heng curry chicken noodles 

i have been here back & again lately with RI bro, wife & now son..still managing a cough (& flu the last few weeks).

but son buying…and this was just so good la!

we came about 1.45pm…no queue (though there was one after we got ours), and the gravy was tastier wethink than if we come at 10.30am.

c.h.e.f andy


8pax Family + Friend Home Kaisen Don + Pasta + Steak on 31Dec2017

kaisen don

wife & son back from skiing in hokkaido today on new year eve 31.12.2017. ^^

& brought back uni, ikura, hotate, ika, tako etc.

wife said “make tamago” so i made tamago… ^^

happy new year!

a happy new year eve family gathering…

we were 7pax…aunty bes not yet returned from philippines…son brought a friend..

kaisen don

the hotate were so good…..so sweet, tasty, succulent!

& wife made nice vinegared sushi rice…

kaisen don

kaisen don

& uni…so good, so fresh & sweet!

my tamago too, good stuff!


& there’s ika…very nice with the scallion vinegar sauce provided.


& tako…

i always like ika better than tako though..


tamago was easy to make..3eggs, 1tbsp mirin, 1.5tbsp tsuyu, 2/3tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp water or stock.

then soaked kitchen towel in oil, wipe the non-stick pan, and layer…one layer…next layer..

chorizo prawns linguine

kaisen don not enuf for greedy bunch.

so i made 2 pasta.

first, chorizo prawn linguine…browned garlic, fried chorizo in olive oil with chilli padi & sweet basil, added white wine & tasty stock, then tossed linguine…

chorizo prawns linguine

very tasty pasta, and chilli padi gave the kick.

but chorizo flavours did not stand out, maybe need to add more sliced chorizo, maybe should add prawn stock to chicken stock…

chorizo prawns linguine

still, a very tasty pasta by any other reference…

seafood fiduea

they all liked the seafood fiduea..

eldest daughter tried this dish for the first time…of course i did not have fiduea, just using cut angelhair as proxy…

seafood fiduea

it’s a bigger portion for 8pax, so harder to manage the amount of stock vs pasta to maintain the infused flavours & keep the pasta cooked & al dente…so not as tasty as my previous smaller servings…

the angel hair took quite a bit longer to cook than when it was small serving…prawns were precooked 70% & added at the end so pretty well managed…still managed to get the al dente & cooked, stock infused angel hair.

son flamed usda prime steak

son tested out the sous vide machine…2 hrs at 54.5degC, then flamed.

somehow it was more than medium rare? maybe needed to have a thicker cut…

not as good as the same usda prime steak i made recently just simply pan-grilled.

son flamed usda prime steak

still a good tagliata di manzo presentation…we had a second steak w/o the salad base..

my flamed lamb chop

my flamed lamb chop

& to complete the sous vide experimentation, i threw in a lamb chop, same 54.5degC for 2hrs & flamed…

turned out to be a very nice lamb, with no gamey taste…

a very fun & memorable new year eve family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

Daughter Bought 2pax Lunch @ Sun with Moon

chirashi don S$35.80

daughter bought 2pax lunch at sun with moon today. ^^

she started working some months back, so this was her treat.

i had not been to sun with moon for a while.

the most recent which i blogged was when they had 30% promotion on 11.9.2016, more than a year ago!

teriyaki salmon belly

anyway, i always like their chirashi & bara chirashi don.

it’s not really more expensive than many of the new joints say at orchard central or wisma japan food town…

at S$35.80 (& i had 10% member’s discounts & another 5% equivalent redeemable points), the chirashi don came with a side, a grilled salmon belly (my daughter chose a niku nabe – pork hotpot), and a coffee/drink…which would cost like $10..

chirashi don set S$35.80

chirashi don had good cuts like chu toro, but this time disappointing, no amaebi but a cooked prawn.

maybe i would go for the cheaper bara chirashi don next time la…

c.h.e.f andy


Sun with Moon (Wheelock)


501 Orchard Road, #03-15 Wheelock Place, Wheelock Place, 238880

Wonderful 6pax Birthday Dinner @ Silk SICC Island on 23Dec2017

cold crab dish

a very close friend bought birthday dinner for my wife & another friend today on 23.12.2017. ^^

they arranged for 6pax dinner, 3 couples, at silk restaurant, sicc island. 🙂

several dishes i had not tried before…the cold crab was good, firm, sweet, good roe..

chinese ham & cucumbers

the chinese ham & cucumbers appetiser was good.

salted egg fried fish skin

the salted egg deep-fried fish skin good too..

though these 2 starters not really up there in my list..

peking duck

the peking duck here is competent, always good, if not quite kai garden variety…

crispy perch

the crispy perch was among the best dishes.

crispy & light batter, sweet & tender fish , and very nice light thai sweet sauce dip…

i later returned for a dinner with my children & they all loved this crispy perch dish..

braised tofu dish

this braised tofu dish with homemade tofu, golden mushrooms & spinach was ok.

braised tofu dish

the tofu looked impressive but not well infused, so not that tasty.

on my subsequent visit with my children, we ordered this tofu with the minced meat sauce, and that was quite delightful. everyone liked it.

minced duck with cabbage

the complimentary second eat for the duck was a minced duck cabbage wrap.

minced duck with cabbage

it was pretty good, but i liked their shredded duck crispy noodles best.

this time since we had a separate noodle dish, the host arranged for the cabbage wrap.

braised prawn beehoon 鲜虾焖米粉

the last dish of prawns beehoon was quite excellent too. prawns very fresh & sweet, and beehoon well infused with the flavourful stock. the menu item is kuay teow, but the host made an excellent choice of braised beehoon.

we had a great time together, a really wonderful evening. food was good. this friend is very busy, so i meet him twice a year, once during chinese new year & the other time in recent years, when i organised a birthday dinner for him. this year, we met 3 times. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Silk Restaurant
Singapore Island Country Club, 180 Island Club Road, 578774, (Thomson)

Operating Hours:

Weekdays (Lunch) 11:30am – 2:30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 11:00am – 2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 10:00pm daily

Restaurant is closed on Mondays except on the eves of public holidays and public holidays.

Dress Code (Lunch): Casual – Round-neck shirt and bermudas allowed (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)
Dress Code (Dinner): Smart Casual – Collared T-shirt/shirt with long trousers and covered shoes (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)

Excellent 4pax Birthday Lunch for my Godsis & Bros @ Kai Gardens on 21Dec2017

birthday cake from swissbake

meimei, my god-sis, and her hubby, WEH’s birthday this month & my RI bro & jogging partner birthday early jan.

last year, we had a homecooked everyone’s birthday on 28.12.2016.

this time i arranged a 4pax lunch at kai gardens on 21.12.2017. ^^

Kai Garden 4pax set lunch menu

it is a top-value 4pax 6-course set lunch menu. ^^

vinegared cloud fungus & mushroom fritters

appetizers consist of vinegared cloud fungus & mushroom fritters

vinegared cloud fungus

cloud fungus was excellent, lightly vinegared with 镇江醋, very fragrant, crunchy & tasty.

this maybe i can try to make myself.

mushroom fritters

the mushroom fritters were very good too. i can probably do this too.

xiaolongbao 小笼包

xiaolongbao 小笼包 was good standard, thin skin, very sweet broth & inlaid meat, and held easily from the thicker top.


the deepfried dimsum item was very good too. can’t remember what it was. 🙂

五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck

the star of the show was 五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck, served with 5-colour pancake skin & 5-colour sauce.

normal price was S$88 just for the duck, and i think like S$18 for second eat. so this S$98 6-course deal which included the second eat, was really special deal.

五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck

and they were not just sitting pretty.

the different coloured skin and the sauces were both top material.

五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck

great crispy peking duck skin, made about 20cuts, so we had 5 servings each.

nicely flavoured pancake skin & sauce. one of the best peking ducks anywhere!

garoupa fillet

the garoupa fillet was forgettable.

shredded duck meat noodles

shredded duck meat noodles

the duck noodles were very tasty as well..

osmanthus jelly

i am no fan of osmanthus jelly.

still, it was fragrant, and nicely done. somehow i felt the ones at timhowan shamshuipo hong kong were softer & much better!

birthday cake from swissbake

service here very good. the server who attended to us throughout lunch very experienced, competent & friendly. we had a cake. 3 staff gathered to sing birthday song. ^^

we had a great lunch together – good food, great service & wonderful company…. WEH gave me a hug after lunch. ^^

well as long as they have good-value sets like this here & for dinner as well, i will come again!

c.h.e.f andy


Kai Garden 嘉苑


Occasionally, some of your visi

5pax Dinner for KH & LL, our long-time Friends on 20Dec2017

5pax dinner dishes

we have a friend couple KH & LL who helped us a lot when we were younger, long time friend since 1990.

recently we connected up again, and they came by for a quiet dinner, just 4 of us & my son joined in dinner so 5pax.

i made the simple & nice dishes – claypot rice, tofu prawns, steamed minced pork, wine chicken & HK steamed red garoupa & a fried vegetable.

claypot chicken rice

claypot chicken rice was the usual very flavourful, well smoked, very tender chicken, flavourful pork & liver sausages from hong kong…a very delicious claypot rice dish.

claypot chicken rice

my friends really enjoyed this claypot rice.

i made my usual steamed minced pork with light soy sauce.

this evening though, my light soy sauce was not the best grade. it was darker, and flavour made a difference.

anyway still a smooth, very tasty dish. just that a top grade light soy sauce would have made quite a big difference in flavour.

my tofu prawns had very tasty stock, nicely infused tofu & succulent prawns.

i stirred in the egg a bit early. so the look was less attractive w/o the drawn out egg after reheating when friends arrived for dinner. have to do this when just about to serve the dish…

tofu prawns

otherwise, it was still a very tasty dish.

i made the usual wine chicken – recipe here – which everyone liked.

chicken very tender & tasty & stock was marvellous.

i also had a hk steamed red garoupa. didn’t take phot as it was served later during the dinner.

had really great evening with our friends, sharing & memories. will do this again soon. ^^

c.h.e.f andy

3pax Family Dinner = Experimental Dishes Tapas & Fiduea on 10Dec2017

tapas + fiduea

i experimented some tapas dishes & a fiduea this evening on 10.12.2017. ^^

what i prepared for 3pax family dinner –

  • chorizo prawns
  • ika sugatayaki (jap fusion)
  • seafood fiduea

i made my own fiduea😜cannot find in cold storage..so just cut up angelhair 😂

chorizo prawns very flavourful dish…

i had something similar recently at –

  1. gambas al pil pil at sabio on 5.11.2017 – a prawn in alio olio dish
  2. chorizo prawn liguine at porta on 8.11.2017

enuf of inspirations to do my own..lol! 🙂

i bought an expensive spicy chorizo from cold storage, like S$18 for 300g, anyway can cook many times so ok la…

& i experimented chorizo prawns first time on 9.11.2017 – recipe here! 

so this evening i just repeated that..very tasty, plump, succulent prawns, with excellent chorizo & alio olio flavours..

ika sugatayaki 

& this evening i did my most successful ika sugatayaki..

previously i used the oven. but there is the great difficulty of getting a dry enough squid w/o overcooking it. very difficult. 

ika sugatayaki 

so i decided to switch to flaming with a torch.

a flaming not enuf to cook the sotong, i steamed the sotong first about 70% cooked, then put in the fridge & dried with kitchen towels.

when about to cook, i added sea salt, 1 tbsp olive oil, then drizzle honey (or agave nectar) on the squid, on a metal tray. then i flamed it.

ika sugatayaki 

it was a delightful, delicious dish. superb chow tar (BBQ) flavours, just the right texture, tender & tasty…

seafood fiduea

& my very first experiment with my own “fiduea” concoction a big success haha! by my own standard only la!

so the key of any pasta is the stock. i had very intense tasty chicken stock. can also add prawn stock if have.

as angelhair cooks in 2 mins & the small squid pieces cooked quickly & so would the prawns, it is tricky getting the quite amount of stock so that it would infuse the angelhair while reducing, and all the angelgair, squid & prawns would be cooked right.

seafood fiduea 

i first have the stock ready – browned one whole bulb of garlic cloves, added chilli padi, sweet basil, then off fire, and added 1 cup chicken stock, & 1/4 cup white wine, and reduced by 1/2 i think, all agaklogy..then i added the prawns (seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper) & cooked like 70%, and removed.

when cooking the dish, i added the cut angelhair first & covered for a minute, then added the squid & stirred thoroughly & covered for another minute.

anyway all by looking & tasting. when pasta about ready, added some butter & the prawns, stirred & covered for 1/2min.

seafood fiduea 

the dish turned out superbly this evening.

& i have repeated it for couple dinners with friends with different amount of pasta & they worked out quite well.

seafood fiduea 

angelhair was al dente, so while looked like bee hoon texture was different from the softer, clumpier, stick-together beehoon.

the squid & prawns were dne just right so bouncy & plump and tasty.

a very good dish considering that it was make-shift using angelhair & not the real fiduea.

c.h.e.f andy

OK Mee Rebus at Rahim Muslim Food on 18Dec2017

mee rebus at rahim muslim food

6 of us RI bros  (JLKY, JT, YKK, NCL & me) met up at rahim muslim food at  721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 for mee rebus. TCH joined us later.

rahim muslim food queue

rahim muslim food queue 

a queue formed up as the stall opened at 11.30am. my friends queued for quite a while actually, maybe c15mins even for a short queue.

they have this S$3 mee rebus that had been featured i news articles. top up S$1 for chicken. my friends bought 5 bowls all with chicken, S$4 each.

the bowls were topped with satay sauce, added a nutty flavour but i thought a bit sweet. some friends thought it was better w/o the sauce.

mee rebus not really my favourite, so i was not hot about the dish..

just OK! edible & good taste, not something i would come just to eat.


afters we visited OCH at ang mo kio – thys hua kwan hospital..

c.h.e.f andy

5pax Family Dinner at Our Favourite Yakiniku @ Aburiya on 15Dec2017

wagyu sashimi S$18

had 5pax family dinner at our favourite yakiniku restaurant aburiya this evenin gon 15.12.2017. ^^

really shiok better than buying & cooking wagyu ourselves la! 🙂

this a place we come regularly. the last time i made a blog post on aburiya was on 3.6.2017. 🙂

we took the wagyu sashimi. very sweet. some parts have small bits of residue, but bascially a very good beef sashimi.

kurobuta platter

we ordered the kurobuta platter.

it was good but perhaps next time we would try individual cuts like secreto…

wagyu karubi

we had wagyu karubi (ribs)…

aburiya yakiniku

aburiya yakiniku

the open hearth was smokeless, with good ventilation.

wagyu jo karubi

& 2 orders of wagyu jo karubi (prime ribs)…

wagyu jo karubi

we added another 2 orders of wagyu jo karubi..

kimchi chigae

the other dishes we like here were kimchi chigae (stew), bibimen (cold noodles) and bibimbap.

the kimchi chigae here is the best i had any place, better than some of the kimchi hotpot..very very tasty soup with lots of oomph!


& we all like the bibimen. it had lots of vege & also some meat, also among the best korean cold noodles i had..



bibimbap also very good here…better than many other places in singapore.

we came for the meat, but balance of dishes very important, so it was quite perfect that we get good bbq meats here and also all these favourite cooked dishes to match.

c.h.e.f andy


7pax Hotpot Home Dinner 海底捞火锅 with OPS Buddies on 14Dec2017

7pax home 海底捞火锅 with OPS buddies

had 7pax home 海底捞火锅 with my OPS buddies this evening on 14.12.2017. ^^

followed by MSW durians from ah seng@ghim moh…


this time it was quite easy, a breeze, having learned from my last one with my RI friends.

steamboat is easy as only need to prepare stock & ingredients, no cooking required.

last time i spent too much effort cooking individual bowls of soup & noodles. this time i just let everybody do their own as in usual hotpot meals.

海底捞火锅 ikan bilis + yellow bean soup base

i used ikan bilis & yellow beans as stock base..

so the stock was clear & sweet…


i had meats, seafood, of course vegetables & mushrooms..

meats, fish, prawn & sotong + cheese & egg beancurd

2 types of pork – iberico at 300g for S$14.95, very ex…ordinary pork collar just 500g for S$4.30!

the iberico was good of course but the pork collar was pretty good too!

meats, fish, prawn & sotong + cheese & egg beancurd

i had also seafood – prawn, sotong & fish fillet, cheese & eff tofu & also a sheet tofu..

meats, fish, prawn & sotong

& i made a very nice sauce, combining 沙茶酱 & mala sauce. everyone loved the sauce. it was like the sauce at 海底捞..i had not been to one in singapore but the one at shanghai was good!

i also had the goma – roast sesame sauce, which was also very good especially with the meat.

mushroom, lettuce & beancurd skin

and i had lots of mushrooms – shitake, abalone mushrroms & shimeji, enoki mushrooms.

steamboat not really my favourite..but it is a very communal dining & popular in singapore, HK & china, i guess many places.

i don’t mind it, and it was a great occasion to gather the friends & shared a hotpot together.

ah seng MSW durians at ghim moh

i pre-ordered some MSW & D13 from ah seng & this time i was able to collect in good time w/o too long queue.

we really enjoyed the MSW. i think this recent season MSW very creamy & flavourful & small seeds, and some with bitter flavours. D13 was good but the more expensive MSW much more satisfying & maybe more worth the money.

c.h.e.f andy

4pax RI Bros Home Lunch on 13Dec2017

4pax RI bro lunch

JLKY, LKH, TCH came by for lunch..

We had-

1 HK styled claypot rice 
2 steamed minced pork with lifgt soy sauce
3 white braised belly pork
4 scallions baked salmon fish head 葱焖三文鱼头
5 fried romaine lettuce 油麦菜

HK claypot rice 香港沙煲饭

i cooked the HK claypot rice 香港沙煲饭 as it is easier than claypot chicken rice – no chicken to prepare, just add pork & hong kong liver sausage..

an important addition for this is the drizzling sauce. this the sauce they used at dimsum places to add to steamed rice like 凤爪排骨饭 or 粉肠. i did not have recipe but i gazak something similar which i had used many times.

just 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 6 tbsp water… 

while claypot chicken rice would be much tastier by comparison, the pork & especially liver sausage flavours stood out in this simple HK claypot rice 香港沙煲饭 , very “pang” ie fragrant…

white belly pork 白腩肉

i got the texture right, but flavours so so, as i did not braise in the sauce & only added the sauce afterwards..limited taste..

minced pork

steamed minced pork with light soy sauce

steamed minced pork with light soy sauce a very simple, and really tasty dish, the fragrance of top quality light soy sauce…

salmon fish head

i got the salmon fish head for just S$3 at sheng shiong.

it was a good opportunity to test the scallion baked fish head, like the very good 葱焖鸦片鱼头 at老吉士in shanghai.

scallions baked salmon fish head

i added light soy sauce, olive oil & mirin (the last i shouldn’t have), then added the scallions & pinned them down with bamboo skewers, and baked in the 250degC oven for 15mins.

scallions baked salmon fish head

scallions baked salmon fish head

the result was ok. it’s like any good tasting fish head, nothing special, not quite the result i was looking for.

i think my recent scallion baked seabass experiment was better!

looking at the photos, perhaps today’s was too wet, so did not achieve the baked but instead more like steamed fish head…so maybe no mirin & drier if i would experiment again.

after lunch we set off for amk again. i bought the bosch vaccum hose this time. after went for coffee at teck huat amk.

c.h.e.f andy

Good Friend Called, We Went Out for Kopi @ Teck Huat on 11Dec2017

my RI bro JLKY came by..

i cooked a spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头 (above photo)..

..didn’t eat myself..not feeling so great & didn’t want to eat..

the looked delicious..i know it is delicious! haha! the thickened sauce was just right..it’s a small fish head..so no problem for my friend 1pax to finish..

teck huat kopi


teck huat kopi

after that i needed to get flexible hose & hepa filter from bosch in amk so we went together..

then had coffee at teck huat, as good as 五十年代Chinatown … 


also bought persimmon, dole pineapples, envy apples

later in the afternoon, nespresso delivered the capsules & free gift = 4 cups cappuccino & expresso cups + saucers

dinner was fried romaine lettuce & fruits…bot eating much today..

c.h.e.f andy

10pax Homecooked Dinner for RI Makan Group on 6Nov2017

had 10pax homecooked dinner with RI makan kakis…i made 8 dishes –

#1 白斩鸡 chicken rice chicken 

#2 lor arh -braised duck

#3 braised hock 元蹄

#4 족발酱猪蹄chilled trotters

#5 (sio bak – JLKY brought)

#6 (big & small intestines – doc brought)

#7 steamed minced pork with light soy sauce

#8 chinese herbal mutton soup

#9 spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head 松鱼头, topped with crispy lard

#10 fried cuttlefish & kang kong in gimson nonya sauce


this the second time i cooked for this group of RI makan kakis.

the last eat together we had was 8.9.2017 when WCM was visiting from london

it was a very enjoyable evening & camaraderie

DP returned to bangkok & GCG could not attend..

JLKY brought sio bak he made himself 👍 CCG foodtasted 1/4 of of it..or was it 1/3?

doc brought very nice big & small intestines perfect texture & good taste..

LCM brought his first champagne dessert..

HK & other friends brought veuve cliquot champagne, red wine & grapes

sadly, one who was with us during the last dinner & subsequently at hong lim hawker food tour is now in hospital…

i made 白斩鸡poached chicken with chicken rice & chilli etc…

very smooth & tasty & chilli was good.

rice was very fragrant, fried with chicken fat, ginger, shallots & cooked with intense chicken stock.

braised duck & 白斩鸡

this time i made a braised duck also.

this was easy to make using tai hua braising sauce, adding cinnamon bark, star anise, cloves, and whole bulb of garlic cloves.

duck was braised & steamed for 1hr 10mins, to get the flavourful braise infused in the duck & a moist, tender texture.

a flavourful, tender duck.

kept a drumstick quarter for wife

wife not joining dinner this evening, so i kept a drumstick quarter for her.

i made braised hock 元蹄 (upper part) and trotters (lower part).

actually i just used the braise for the duck. lol!^^

it was very tasty. just the right gelatinous skin texture & the lean meat was tender, moist and not old. that is important as if over-braised the lean parts become old & not tender or moist.

#4 족발酱猪蹄chilled trotters

i experimented with jogbal 족발, the korean chilled trotters which is sold all over shenzhen & shanghai also.

#4 족발酱猪蹄chilled trotters

i thought it was quite the correct texture. it was a more crunchy bite c/w with gelatinous braised hock 元蹄 texture… so by comparison not as laku as the latter. 🙂

#5 JLKY brought sio bak

JLKY brought the sio bak he made himself, so deserving highlight.

he brought twice before to my makans. those were made by the helper.

anyway CCG attested to the good taste, as we were left with a much shrunken portion at the dinner table after his food tasting.

#6 doc brought big & small intestines

doc brought very good big &small intestines. did not get the name of the shop. ask him next time. quite perfect both texture & taste, and no smell…

the steamed minced pork with light soy sauce was a dish i recreate after a daipaidong meal during my previous hong kong trip, at minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室 on 23.2.2017.

with top quality light soy sauce, this simple dish was quite delicious, smooth minced pork (with cornflour  & olive oil added), and superb light soy sauce fragrance.

this the second time i made chinese herbal mutton soup , and it was as good as my first time.

only that this time i did not have the longer 2.5″ ribs, only 1.5″ ribs. made a difference for me. i like the longer ribs.

CL was going to donate the ribs in his bowl. he generally avoided mutton becos of the smell.

this one though, he discovered no smell got flavour and quite perfect tenderness (6hrs in 95degC oven). the soup, which was just tai seng kong bkt soup sacket base added large red dates, lots of thin julienned ginger, whole bulb of garlic cloves & coriander, with wolfberries at the very last, was very smooth, tasty & flavourful.

i prepared 2 fish dishes.

first was a spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head 松鱼头.

lar pok – crispy lard for song fish head 松鱼头

this reproduced my favourite prepartion (by hk street chun kee clumpy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头) at commonwealth crescent food centre. & i topped the dish with lar pok – crispy lard.

LYF took apart the entire head.

as there were enough food, with the addition of JLKY’s sio bak & doc’s big & small intestines, the guys said no need to go ahead with the HK steamed garoupa, which was ready for the steamer.

#10 fried cuttlefish & kang kong in gimson nonya sauce

the final dish was  fried cuttlefish & kang kong in gimson nonya sauce.

everyone liked the nonya sauce special flavours, as with the last dinner where GCG commented. HK had the dish right in front of him & that was his first & last & favourite dish for the evening.

for myself it was my chinese herbal mutton soup.


champagne jelly

the friends brought the grapes, red wine & HK the veuve cliquot widow special brew….

must highlight tai kor LCM’s effort to make the champagne jelly for the first time…texture was a bit firm..LYF made an interesting comment & finished the jelly, so tai kor was mightily impressed. we all knew who didn’t finish…lol! ^^

great fun, even as i looked back & relished the memories as i blogged. one among us in hospital. just yesterday i received another bad news….we know what is important to us at this time in our life journey…having such great time together & treasuring our friendship & fond memories.

c.h.e.f andy

Curry Chicken with Potatoes – 49th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 5Jan2018

curry chicken with potatoes 

made curry chicken with potatoes for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 5.1.2018.^^

this my 49th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

curry chicken

i cut 2kg boneless chicken thigh, cleaned with salt & placed on colander in fridge to dry yesterday.

curry chicken 

this morning i got up at 7am.

fried 1 cut yellow onions, 1.5 twig of curry leaves in 2 tbsp oil.

heng’s chicken curry sauce

added the heng’s nonya curry paste & fried.

then added the cut chicken, well coated with the curry, & added 200ml coconut milk.

chicken has lots of water so add water sparingly..covered & cooked 6-8mins. do not overcook the chicken.

curry chicken

a very tasty curry chicken dish.


meanwhile i peeled & cut 5-6 medium potatoes. about 100-120 pieces.

removed the chicken & added the potatoes. cooked for 10mins. potatoes is cooked when it breaks when pressed. do not overcook.

curry chicken with potatoes 

then i added back the chicken. added fish sauce & salt to taste. (or marinate chicken with fish sauce before cooking).

curry chicken with potatoes 

a delicious dish of curry chicken with potatoes.

curry chicken with potatoes

the residents were very pleased with the dish. looked great & tasted marvellous.

c.h.e.f andy