Staycation at Andaz, a Concept by Hyatt @ Duo Tower 2 on 9Nov2020

son bought wife a staycation at andaz hotel duo tower

checked into andaz hotel on 9.11.2020.^^

level 1 check in area & 25 floor hotel lobby & outlets & swimming pool

hotel from level 25 upwards.

nice view of south beach, raffles city, padang, esplanade, suntec, MBS, marina barrage & viaduct from room

and mr stork level 39 rooftop bar.

c.h.e.f Andy


Andaz Singapore – a concept by Hyatt


5 Fraser St, DUO Tower, Singapore 189354



Family Birthdays Home Gourmet Dinner on 8Nov2020

did a multi course jap theme dinner for quak family 5 birthdays (if include mine 2 weeks before this then 6 birthdays 😀) on 8.11.2020.^^


  1. tamago (jap egg roll)
  2. miso glazed grilled eggplant
  3. kabocha no nimono (simmered pumpkin)
  4. sautéed button & king oyster mushrooms
  5. miso salmon belly
  6. ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)
  7. (akira back) pangrilled sous vide chicken breast on cauliflower puree
  8. (akira back) pangrilled halibut with soy butter sauce
  9. pork softbones nikujaga with daikon10 shabu beef shortplate yakiniku & chashu donburi (on sushi rice)

wife bought oysters from evergreen & got a burnt cheese cake gift.

PT bought a huge kagoshima wagyu striploin from foodie mart ..& wife made an excellent mirin steak👍

the sous vide chicken breast stands out today of all the excellent dishes…perfect texture and taste!

we got an excellent huge cheese platter & dessert platter from WS..thank you!🙏

c.h.e.f Andy

New Year Resolution 2021 on 3Jan2021

looked back at my 2020 new year resolution.

basically still very much the same.

2020 was very disruptive becos of covid-19. i am still unable to restart cooking for teban gardens community service centre.

i have though continued cooking 2 times a month for HCA Hospice Care in 2020, except for the 3mths CB (circuit breaker) starting 3.4.2020 till phase 1 where i sponsored some lunches…and restarted in aug2020 for reduced number of patients from 45pax to 25pax.

for 2021 i want to –

  1. continue my cooking for HCA and for teban gardens
  2. continue diligently my daily self care routine = morning walks (wednesday run with LCH) and exercises and taiji practice and weekly taiji class, and 10- target 30mins meditation.
  3. and i am starting vegetarian with RI friend THK every 初一十五 (i am certain i will continue this)
  4. start a small herbs patch and tidy up the place

one important activity i started in 2020 courtesy of covid-19 and CB is i started “cook and deliver” once weekly for my brother family, and in return my brother also did that for us. i started with ordering couple times takeaway during CB for my brother but not suiting their palate…so homecooked food it is!

i know my brother think it is very meaningful and so do i, so it’s something we will continue doing in 2021. 🙂

i know my resolutions are underwhelming, not at all ambitious, but it is something i can do, want to do, will do, so they are good for me la!

intended results of self care routine would include –

  1. weight management
  2. monitoring the 三高=blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol (so only target is to bring down cholesterol to 200, the other 2 are normal for now)

the vegetarian part helps in this target as well and also a very small part in sustainable living.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Delicious 重庆烤鱼 on 6Nov2020


tried 重庆烤鱼this evening on 6.11.2020.^^.

very tasty very nice!

did for brother 2 weeks back using halibut..

today used leftover seabass head..


  1. fry the fish
  2. boil bamboo shoots for 1 hr till tender, succulent water reduced, set aside
  3. fry ginger onions, garlic, spring onions, coriander, add bamboo shoots
  4. add 4 tbsp 老干妈 mala chilli sauce, 1 tsp sugar. add 150ml chicken stock.
  5. boil, add back fish, cover & cook for 6-10mins depending on size of fish till cook & sauce reduced

very enjoyable delicious 重庆烤鱼, not the standards of restaurants for sure..still very enjoyable!^^

c.h.e.f andy

Collected Nice Homely Dinner from Brother on 5Nov2020

collected brother’s homecooked dinner for my family


also had small leather jacket – tek kia fish, and spicy minced pork ladyfingers.

nice homely dinner thanks to brother.

c.h.e.f andy

Made & Delivered Kimchi Chigae and Kimchi Fried Rice to Brother Family on 5Nov2020

kimchi chigae
belly pork kimchi fried rice
fried baby spinach

delivered homecooked dinner to brother this evening on 5.11.2020.^^

  1. kimchi chigae (soup)
  2. spicy korean chicken
  3. kimchi fried rice
  4. fried baby spinach

i have tender soft belly pork that was boiled for 50mins, put in cold water and nicely sliced.

made for a tasty fried rice dish and also more savoury tasty kimchi chigae.

c.h.e.f andy

Nice 5pax Lunch @ Putian on 5Nov2020

松子鱼 sweet sour fish
椒盐猪手deepfried trotters

my close friend and bro bought 5pax lunch @putian ion orchards on 5.11.2020.

food quite average, nothing special.. the bun quite nice actually, tasty..nice filling..

药材虾competent..prawn fresh, soup light, nice herb flavours,smooth

salt pepper trotters competent too, nice gelatinous inside..

3 eggs spinach was good..more intense & tasty than many others

heng hua beehoon was competent not special

松子鱼was good standard..not quite my preferred preparation also seabass not ideal for this.

food here ok just not my preferred dishes and preparation..

c.h.e.f andy


Putian Ion Orchard


2 Orchard Turn, #04-12 Ion Orchard, Singapore 238801



Opening Hours-


15th HCA 4 Dishes 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 5Nov2020

made & delivered HCA Hospice Care 25pax lunch today on 5.11.2020. ^^

  1. chicken curry & potatoes
  2. black bean sauce pork ribs & softbones
  3. garlic steamed dory
  4. carrots & cabbage

curry chicken a favourite among the HCA folks. 🙂

pork soft bones too, very tender and tasty.

c.h.e.f andy

Yummy RI Meta Bros Tapao Dinner on 4Nov2020

metamorphosis bros tapao food to celerate biden victory & blue wave on 4.11.2020^^

but is was not to be…not yet anyway..

so need another celebration!

thanks to all meta brothers for lovely evening, wonderful fun company & time together

& taikor LCM for organising..

CCG brought adam road kambing soup-super shiok! also french loaf & baguette

KWL brought flavourful 当归roast duck roast pork & braised eggs..also msw ice cream

beng san brought yam basket..also fruits which he cut & presented impressive platter

tai kor brought soon heng rojak from tpy & umeshu from his jap friend, & disposables

NCL brought coffee ribs & veg.

after makan, tai kor presented his top quality RI coffeetable book..akan datang

& beng san brought the walnut birthday cake.

a lovely, yummy dinner with my RI meta bros. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Slurplicious Dry Chilli HK Noodles with Prawns on 2Nov2020

dry chilli hk noodles with prawns

made 1pax dry chilli HK noodles this evening on 2.11.2020.^^

simple, quick and very shiok.

1tsp fish sauce, 1tsp oyster sauce, 2tsp black vinegar, 1 tsp tomato sauce, 2tsp oil and 2tsp crispy chilli.

& poached prawns in boiling water.


c.h.e.f andy

Nice 4pax Family Lunch @ Bukit Cafe on 31Oct2020

had 4pax family lunch with wife, son & PT @ bukit cafe today on 31.10.2020.^^

dishes very good today.

satay was excellent, tasty, moist and nice peanut sauce, sometimes satay can be dry.

char kuay teow & ngoh hiang always good here.

and the indian dishes always good. today the butter chicken and bharta very good.

lovely lunch. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


SICC Bukit Cafe


240 Sime Rd, Singapore 288303

Opening Hours:


Lovely, Yummy Dinner at A & KC Place on 30Oct2020

black bean sauce fish head with bittergourd

A & KC hosted 6pax dinner at home on 30.10.2020. ^^..

their helper irene made excellent oven roasted pork ribs and bittergourd fish head ..

that was the best oven baked prime ribs i have taken. KC bought the expensive ribs from huber dempsey, and & trial tested the dish with irene, essence of a good chef…ribs were very meaty and fork tender and because it was very good ribs with good marbling it was not chunky but very tasty..excellent marinade…

the fish head also excellent, very meaty and tasty and flavourful, excellent dish.

plus 2 nice vegetable dishes – prawn chap chye and prawn asparagus.

I contributed a wine chicken dish. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Great Dinner with Bros Family @ Silk on 29Oct2020

had 5pax dinner with brother, sil & chuan @ silk sicc on 29.10.2020.

food here always good, yum yum.

peking duck was competent.

and the complimentary second dish braised duck beehoon was excellent, very tasty. reason i ordered peking duck.

1/2 crispy roast duck was one of the best in town.

beef cubes in foie gras sauce was excellent, & truffle beancurd very good.

asparagus with huai san was good.

ordered couple of dessert. hasma was good, mango aloe vera so so, guilinggao was good. dessert here average.

brother and family enjoyed the food.

c.h.e.f andy


Silk Restaurant


Singapore Island Country Club, 180 Island Club Road, 578774, (Thomson)Contact:6431 8426

Operating Hours:

Weekdays (Lunch)11:30am – 2:30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays11:00am – 2:30pm
Dinner6:00pm – 10:00pm daily

Restaurant is closed on Mondays except on the eves of public holidays and public holidays.

Dress Code (Lunch): Casual – Round-neck shirt and bermudas allowed (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)
Dress Code (Dinner): Smart Casual – Collared T-shirt/shirt with long trousers and covered shoes (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)

Underwhelming Dishes Good Service @ Oso on 28Oct2020

dinner dishes
sophia loren

daughter bought dinner @ oso on 28.10.2020.^^

nice decor and ambience..

focaccia bread soft & nice beef carpaccio was good, sweet.

we ordered 3 pastas.

lobster pasta below average..lobster meat not done well, so not the standard of super tender, sweet, fresh delivery…pasta tomato sauce ok average…

sakura ebi tagliolini was tasty flavourful..

squidink risotto was cheesy, tasty ok just not enough squidink flavours…

colour not black enough..did not have the creamy black texture most good pasta restaurants produce..basically like when i did not have enough squidink to cook my pasta or risotto.

belly pork was good serving also steep price at S$35..texture ok flavours good too…

service was good & they offered a slice birthday cake 👍

overall quite average food kind of underwhelming than expected for a good class restaurant like oso.

c.h.e.f andy


OSO Ristorante


100 Peck Seah St, 27th Floor Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore 079333

Located in: Oasia Hotel Downtown

Opening Hours:


Delicious 6pax RI Bros Homecooked Dinner on 27Oct2020

made 6pax west coast RI bros dinner on 27.10.2020.^^

  1. sausage claypot rice 腊味饭
  2. wine chicken 黄焖鸡
  3. blackbean paste pork softbones
  4. ahyat style garlic steamed red garoupa 蒜蓉蒸红斑
  5. sambal spinach

LCH brought a wine aerator birthday gift. ^^

Jeff brought his homemade brandy/whiskey umeshu

the guys brought a nice birthday cake.

had a wonderful dinner, delicious dishes and wonderful brotherhood fellowship time together.

c.h.e.f andy

Friend Couple Bought Delicious Steamed Crab Dinner @ Hua Yu Yee on 25Oct2020

steamed sri lankan crabs 2x1kg
风沙鸡special roast chicken
steamed sri lankan crabs 2x1kg

our close friend couple bought 4pax dinner @ hua yu yee on 25.10.2020. ^^

have not been here for a good 15+yrs.

food was good still & always good.

tofu smooth & light, tasty too.

风沙鸡roast chicken a specialty here..quite nice

flavourful drunken prawns competent. plump, fresh prawns & tasty soup.

steamed crab the best dish sweet & enjoyable.

hor fun good wok hae.

I prefer the broad horfun though to this kuay tiao.

very enjoyable evening and delicious food thanks to our good friends celebrating our birthdays.

c.h.e.f andy