2 Crabs for S$30 Promotion (PK Bought 4pax Lunch) on 22May2018

2 x干香 crabs for $30 promotion

my OPS buddy PK bought 4pax lunch today at diamond kitchen on 22.5.2018. ^^

there was a crab promotion 2 crabs for S$30 he ordered the 干香 style. 🙂

fish head curry

there was also another promotion like 4 dishes including fish head curry for S$76.

PK ordered that too.

fish head curry was good, though i thought the one at sum kee we had last friday on 18.5.2018 was better!

breaded chicken

the breaded chicken quite good too. chicken was tender tasty, breadcrumbs good too, not oily & nice sauce…


lala also good…plain but fresh & plump & sweet. 🙂

fried veg

vegetables were ordinary…

2 x干香 crabs for $30 promotion

the best deal had to be the 2 crabs promotion = 2x500g crabs for S$30.

干香 style not very flavourful though & not spicy. PK went back again & had pepper crab…he said that was better.

i think lunch would be like S$125..the crab was good deal…the S$76 set so so i think…maybe order ala carte the fish head curry & some other dishes.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

Great Laksa, Good Chendol, So So MSW on 20May2018


my OPS bro WT went to sin kian choon & bought 3 msw for me…today cheapest at S$12/kg

I went to meet him at bukit merah view food centre..

we had S$3 laksa & chendol.

bukit merah view fish ball minced meat noodles

the laksa was good, nice lemak savoury gravy, and quite good serving of plump cockles, better than i expected from a fishball noodles stall.

not weiyi laksa, but i didn’t mind it, will do for me la… 🙂


the chendol was pretty good too!

coconut milk was thick, no kidney beans just ordinary red beans & gula melaka not thick enough but otherwise ok.

i took ice kachang here last couple times but this standard of chendol ok for me.

3 msw $54

sin kian choon msw $12 per kg

durian was S$12, so the $54 would be like 3.5kg.

i brought to my brother’s home next day but actually it was not that great. still nice msw flavours, not near the best, and large seeds also not so many pieces for 3 durians c/w with the 2 durians we shared for 4pax last friday.

c.h.e.f andy

8pax Family Mother’s Day Dinner @ Silk SICC on 19May2018

crispy eel

had a 3rd mother’s day 8pax family dinner @ silk sicc island on 19.5.2018. ^^

i did a first on 12.5.2018, just a simple home hotpot dinner for 3pax inc SL.

then SL bought 5pax tapas dinner at sabio on 13.5.2018.

SM & JH were not available both times so we had again this evening 8pax mother’s day dinner. 🙂

deepfried eggplant

i ordered the crispy eel (S$8) & deepfried eggplants with pork floss (S$6).everyone like the appetisers, more the eggplants as the eel was slightly sweet. for me both were ok, good. 🙂

tea infused roast duck S$52

the tea infused roast duck was excellent. so flavourful & tasty. the best dish this evening & a dish wife & i like a lot here. 🙂

crispy perch in thai sauce

crispy perch in thai sauce 4x$13.90

crispy perch in thai sauce another lovely dish everyone enjoyed.

i ordered 4 portions to share among 8 & the restaurant cut for us before deepfrying with batter so effectively we had 8 pieces, perfect!

a really lovely dish – great batter, a good tasty perch, and a bit tangy thai sauce.

braised belly pork 3x$6

also ordered the braised belly pork. ordered 3 pieces for 8pax, and quite enough.

this a really nice dish – excellent pork, great veg & sauce & buns as well. 🙂

truffle minced pork tofu S$16

i ordered the truffle minced pork tofu, another wonderful dish with very nice deepfried tofu & truffle minced pork sauce.

in fact all the dishes here, except the dessert which was pedestrian, were really great..

claypot frog legs S$24

i ordered a medium claypot frog leg, very good too.

claypot frog legs

tender, delicious & great scallion, ginger sauce.

spinach in 3 eggs

and a spinach in 3 eggs…SL love it, me too, but not particularly wife’s favourite.

braised prawn meepok S$27

braised prawn meepok

i ordered a medium prawn meepok. we usually take beehoon but decided to try meepok as that was the original menu dish

the braise was very tasty as usual. meepok was done well, al dente ie qq & not mushy. still beehoon infused/absorbed the braise far better so beehoon still the better dish.

guilinggao 龟苓膏

i ordered 6 dessert, a guilinggao 龟苓膏 & 5 bowls of mango sago…very average dessert.

dinner for 8pax was about S$290, quite ok & very good food that all enjoyed.

c.h.e.f andy


Silk Restaurant
Singapore Island Country Club, 180 Island Club Road, 578774, (Thomson)

Operating Hours:

Weekdays (Lunch) 11:30am – 2:30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 11:00am – 2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 10:00pm daily

Restaurant is closed on Mondays except on the eves of public holidays and public holidays.

Dress Code (Lunch): Casual – Round-neck shirt and bermudas allowed (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)
Dress Code (Dinner): Smart Casual – Collared T-shirt/shirt with long trousers and covered shoes (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)

Great Fish Head Curry (WT Bought 3pax OPS Bros Lunch) @ Sum Kee on 18May2018

curry fish head S$26 

WT bought nice 3pax lunch today at sum kee, telok blangah street 31 on 18.5.2018. ^^

sum kee 

the place quite filled up at lunch time. parking is free.

curry fish head S$26 

fish head curry was good, both lemak & savoury.

i like the fish head curry here…drank up most of the curry…not the best i had but it would do…

S$26 not cheap, also not ex..S$25 the going rate most zi char places though one can certainly find cheaper ones & promotion prices etc…

spanish ribs S$28

the spanish ribs was to me quite ex for zi char place, but then these days many zi char more ex than restaurants, so just need to look out for deals…

this a half rack maybe 6 ribs, and more ex than tony romas (just checked $26.90 for babyback 1/2 rack and S$24.90 for st louis 1/2 rack).

spanish ribs S$28 

ribs were well done fork tender. no better than tony romas or anybeach cafe or roasters i guess.

bbq ribs are not particularly my favourite though i don’t ind also. spanish ribs in fact a bit chinese style with sticky too much honey kind of sauce. i prefer the st louis kind more savoury meaty sauce & bbq flavours…my friends loved it though.

金龙菜 S$15

金龙菜 was good but a bit ridiculously price at S$15 for small. most other veg on the menu are S$8 or S$10 for small. and as i remembered & had it shortly the week after, the one sold at benson duck was just S$3.

S$78 for 3pax

S$78 for 3pax for 3 dishes & drinks, a bit high side for me for the place & food.

the place was crowded at lunch time, so most people i guess finds it ok.

msw $12 per kg at sin kian choon

msw $12 per kg at sin kian choon

msw $12 per kg at sin kian choon

we decided to go sin kian choon in one after lunch & bought msw at S$12/kg.

then we stopped over at telok blangah & another OPS buddy PK joined us for durians.

after that we returned to our parked cars at sum kee.

a wonderful lunch & durians afterwards.

c.h.e.f andy



Sutchi Fillet with Leeks – 59th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 18May2018

sutchi fillet with leek

made sutchi fillet with leeks for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 18.5.2018.^^

this my 58th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

sutchi fillet 

i bought 2x1kg sutchi fillet from sheng shiong.

each packet has 6 pieces so 12pieces. i estimated about 10-12 good size pieces per fillet, so >120 servings ok…

preparation the usual –

  1. defrost, cleaned with salt & dried overnight in fridge.
  2. in the morning, fried 3cm sliced ginger, 3 cut chilli padi, 1 lagre sliced red onions, then added chopped garlic, the the fillet in 2tbsp olive oil. added 3tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp mirin.
  3. high fire & turned over fillet several times to ensure all 12 pieces cooked uniformly. no need to add water as lots of moisture in the fillet.
  4. covered & in total about 5-6mins.
  5. placed fillet in aluminium carrier, then fried leek & added back the gravy from the fish & cooked the leeks.



the leeks very tasty in the tasty gravy which cooked the leeks as it reduced.

sutchi fillet

then added back all to the sutchi fillet in the aluminium carrier.

usually i prepare the dish such that it is ready 1/2hr before i leave the house for teban gardens, so i placed the dish in 45degC oven to keep warm.

when leaving for teban gardens, i covered with aluminium foil & placed in a styrofoam box for transport.

c.h.e.f andy

S$13.80 3-course Lunch Always Good @ Toptable on 17May2018

mushroom cannelloni

LK bought 5pax lunch @ toptable on 17.5.2018. ^^

we came here many times liao…always good standard here.

S$13.80 3-course menu

the chief waiter (these are all hospitality diploma students) was really good, very knowledgeable & could answer all the questions.

he was able to explain almost all menu items. i think he only got one question wrong. iasked if the barramundi was pangrilled, then crusted & baked, he said it was pangrilled, then crusted. 🙂

we all ordered the mushroom cannelloni. it was good! a nice pasta with good mushroom flavours & pasta texture & nice taste of pineapples.

gremolatta crusted barramundi

the crusted barramundi was clearly baked.

this also the first time i think a dish here is below par. the fish was overcooked & powdery, not firm…

seabass do tend to have powdery texture, so pangrilled & baking would have helped to make it firmer if it was not overcooked.

earl grey & lychee mousse cake

the earl grey & lychee mousse cake, so no surprises there!

overall a good value 3-course lunch for S$13.80, and good standard too.

c.h.e.f andy


Top Table @ Temasek Polytechnic


Opening Hours (for a short period where the program is putting out actual lunches by students):

Fatty Laksa Passable @ Holland Village Hawker Centre on 16May2018

fatty hollandv $3.50 laksa

running some errands at hollandv.

saw the laksa stall & decided to try.

fatty hollandv laksa 

the guys was on his phone & preparing my laksa at the same time.

i said thick beehoon mee 2 times but he was oblivious.

fatty hollandv $3.50 laksa

i ended up with just thick beehoon, anyway didn’t want to bother also & not that i mind just thick beehoon…and didn’t think much of what i would be getting alos.

as it turned out, it was better than my low expectations.

no weiyi laksa for sure,

but cockles were good & plump and good serving. gravy was lemak & savoury, quite edible afterall. not a stall i would go to have laksa but otherwise passable.

c.h.e.f andy

S$98 Best Value 4pax Lunch Set @ Kai Gardens on 16May2018

2 starters – fish skin & cloud fungus

our OPS carpe diem (seize the day) yolo (you only live once) gang arranged to have 4pax lunch at kai gardens on 16.5.2018. ^^

(blogging about carper diem yolo made me think we should do something more in this group than just dining…)

another bro not available so we visited him after lunch. 🙂

kai garden S$98 peking duck set lunch menu for pax

this a top value set 6-course including peking duck at $98++ for 4pax..

the peking duck 五彩缤纷鸭 alone ala carte cost S$88, and the second eat would cost another S$18.

the 2 appetisers were very good standard = deepfried fish skin & a vinegared cloud fungus.

deepfried spring rolls

dimusm 潮州粉果

dimusm 潮州粉果

the 2 dimsum we had today = spring rolls & 潮州粉果. very good standard i would say. the simple spring rolls were crispy outside, not oily, & tasty inside. 潮州粉果 was good!

i would prefer the xiaolongbao 小笼包which they served ladt time though…

peking duck 五彩缤纷鸭

peking duck 五彩缤纷鸭 is their signature dish here.

5 colored wraps for peking duck

served with 5 wraps (beetroot, spinach, pumpkin, charcoal & normal) and 5 sauces (seafood, pepper, wasabi, sweet sauce & normal).

peking duck

duck was sliced very well & there were like 20pieces or more enuf for each person takng each of the 5 wraps.

peking duck

another unique ingredient not seen in other peking duck dishes is the crispy item. it added a special texture & mild sweetness to the dish. a very important ingredient.

stir-fried garoupa

the stir-fried fillet was ok i guess, if pedestrian for this standard of restaurant.

shredded duck braised beehoon

the shredded braised beehoon was very tasty.

it was no more tastier though than say silk restaurant @ sicc.

osmanthus jelly

osmanthus jelly was good (M liked it). quite a simple low value dessert though to make up the set.

after lunch, we went to visit our buddy HC, and had a cuppa at starbucks.

c.h.e.f andy


Silk Restaurant
Singapore Island Country Club, 180 Island Club Road, 578774, (Thomson)

Operating Hours:

Weekdays (Lunch) 11:30am – 2:30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 11:00am – 2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 10:00pm daily


S$118 Suckling Pig for Aunty Bes Early Birthday Dinner (6pax Family) on 15May2018

half suckling pig S$118

daughter organised a 6pax family early birthday dinner for my helper aunty Bes on 15.5.2018. ^^


she & wife chose rubato at greenwood. i have not try this place before. 🙂




quite a large seating restaurant, with alfresco dining as well. nice ambience.

half suckling pig S$118

we were attracted by the 1/2 suckling pig, an excellent dish for A$118. ^^

half suckling pig S$118

must say this the two best non-chinese suckling pig i had.

the other one that was really good, equally good i had was at one ninety resutaurant at four seasons hotel 5yrs ago on 30.5.2013.

i don’t see that any more.



burrata was quite excellent, among the best!

light & flavourful, the proscuitto was very good too.

as good as valentino, the restaurant we want avoid..

seafood linguine in a bag

wife read that seafood in a bag was good, and it was too.

to the extent that a baked pasta can be, this would really be the best, very tasty, aldente, just like any normal good pasta dish.

squidink pasta

squidink was very good too, think flavourful squidink. oved it!

pizza marinara

parma ham pizza

the 2 pizzas – seafood & parma ham were competent, like any other pizza, nothing great but ok…

bill S$422 for 6pax inc wine

 bill for 6pax inc wine was S$422, less wine would be S$322 for 6pax. not too bad considering 1/2 suckling pig & S$48 burrata.

half suckling pig S$118


10million Photo Views on Googlemap on 17May2018

googlemap 10m views

received googlemap email notifications this morning that my Andy Quak googlemap photo views passed 10million views on 17.5.2018. ^^

good that folks are finding my photos on googlemap & hopefully the reviews useful. 🙂

was sharing with my friends that this blog is for my own enjoyment & to reminisce & relish the moments & experiences shared with my family & friends (why I blog?)..

& googlemap post are by the way mostly cut & paste from the blog entries…

still, it is a good feeling that folks are viewing the photos & reviews…

c.h.e.f andy

Wonderful Croatian Dinner for RI Buddies & Spouses (6pax) on 14May2018

croatian brodet – fish stew (like french bouillabaise)

Made a 6pax Croatian dinner for my RI friends & spouses this evening on 14.5.2018.^^

  1. croatian grilled fish (sailfish steak, treadfin tail, tiger garoupa)
  2. croatian brodet (Croatian style bouillabaisse) fish stew (treadfin head, whole seabream, prawns, littleneck clams aka la la)
  3. 16th century Dubrovnik honey orange capon (castrated rooster) – i used the sheng shiong variety😜
  4. grilled veg (red & yellow peppers, zucchini, pumpkin, jap sweet potatoes)
  5. seafood tagliatelle

KF & wife A are traveling to croatia in aug2018. CH & wife SW may also go in future so they were interested in the food & to look at our recent croatia trip photos. 🙂

the croatian brodet was the best dish of the evening, everyone’s favourite!

i fried red onions, chopped scallions, sliced ginger, whole coriander till fragrant then added chopped garlic. i used intense chicken stock, so broth was very tasty. the fish i cooked for about 4-5mins. when serving i heat up covered, added the prawns & the littleneck clams (la la) to cook, then served.

grilled fish – tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, sailfish loin

i used tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, & sailfish loin for the grilled fish dish. 🙂

sailfish akin to tuna & swordfish in texture (firm), and lighter in flavour. bought it from phoon huat delicatessen. for the sailfish steak, i seasoned with sea salt & pepper & charred over high heat on all sides first before over grill.

stuffed with sliced ginger, chopped scallions & garlic, a bit of salt and some coriander, oven grilled at 250degC for 9mins with 2-3tbsp light soy sauce & 2 tbsp olive oil. then drizzle 1 tbsp lemon juice.

the sailfish steak was excellent in falvour & texture!.

dish was very tasty, fish was fresh ok, treadfin was good, though tiger garoupa not quite comparable to the seabass & seabream we had in croatia.

honey orange chicken

we had a nice capon dish at kapun in dubrovnik during our recent croatia tour.

capon is a castrated rooster, the use seemed to date back to as early as 162BC. apparently castrated rooster double in size, have small crown & tender meat. the honey orange capon we had in dubrovnik claimed a 16th century recipe.

anyway i used the sheng shion variety & fashioned my own sauce.

basically just deboned 1/2 chicken, cut into 2 – breast & thigh pieces, seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper & fried skin down to brown the skin for 3-4mins, then turned over added fresh orange juice & honey, covered, cooked chicken while reducing to a thickened sauce. chicken must not be overcooked, so i thickened the sauce further separately.

i think my chicken was more tender, moist & tasty standalone than what we had in dubrovnik actually, the sauce though could not replicate the unique taste & of course the kapun dish was served with barley risotto, and overall experience was quite different.

grilled vege-red pepper,yellow pepper,zucchini, portobello mushrooms

grilled vege – pumpkin, sweet corn, jap sweet potatoes

the grilled vegetables were very good this evening. ^^

i pan seared the red pepper,yellow pepper,zucchini, portobello mushrooms in little oil, sprinkling sea salt.

for the pumpkin (drizzle of honey), jap sweet potato & sweet corn (coated with gourmet butter), i added olive oil & sea salt & roasted 20mins in 250degC oven…pumpkin & sweet corn were especially tasty.

seafood tagliatelle

for the seafood tagliatelle, i browned garlic cloves in olive oil, added red & yellow pepper, then white wine & a tasty chicken stock, and reduced to a very tasty stock.

when serving i added the prawns & littleneck clams, then squid & covered, the added tagliatelle & tossed. wife felt that the tagliatelle was not al dente enough. otherwise the pasta was tasty & prawns & squid & clams were just right, not overcooked..

fishes for brodet & croatian grilled fish

only 6pax, so i used only 1 small seabream, 1 small garoupa, 1 large treadfin cut in 2 for the 2 dishes – brodet & grilled fish.

sailfish loin

sailfish loin

the sailfish loin was my first try, and it was quite excellent!

grilled fish – tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, sailfish loin

grilled fish – tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, sailfish loin

the grilled fish was pretty good, not as good as the seabass & seabream in croatia, and not as good as the brodet dish this evening, which was quite perfect…

deboned half chicken

i used 1/2 deboned chicken, seasoned with fish sauce & pepper & pan-grilled.

honey orange chicken

then cooked with orange juice & honey, and thickened to a drizzle sauce.

grilled vege-red pepper,yellow pepper,zucchini, portobello mushrroms

the grilled vegetables were in fact the second favourite dish for this evening after brodet.



i prepared fresh prawns (for both brodet & pasta) & squid.

seafood tagliatelle

seafood tagliatelle

made a nice pasta.

fruits – cut pineapples, rock melons, cherries & blueberries

fruits – cut pineapples, rock melons, cherries & blueberries

CH brought very sweet cherries & cut pineapples & rock melons..& KF brought a red wine.

we viewed our recent crotian photos after dinner..the sceneries & food…haha!

a great evening with good friends & nice food.

c.h.e.f andy



Mother’s Day 5pax Tapas Dinner @ Sabio at Duxtion on 13May2018

mother’s day card

youngest daughter bought mother’s day 5pax family dinner this evening on 13.5.2018. ^^

we don’t go to places that charged double the price, are overcrowded & giving bad service on such occasions, so daughter made sure sabio served the usual menu.

mother’s day card

the children bought the flowers & made the cards too.

sabio @ duxton

daughter picked sabio @ duxton.

we had a great family dinner here once before 6 months ago on 5.11.2017. 🙂

sabio @ duxton

nice place, good food but not much business.

chorizo ham croquette & tortilla

we ordered their 8 tapas for S$88 deal.

chorizo ham croquette was good but we agreed those at foc were better.

tortilla aka spanish omelette

tortilla aka spanish omelette was ok, better than mine, but this evening a bit dry..

squid ala plancha

squid ala plancha was good, tasty gravy…

mussels in white wine sauce

mussels in white wine sauce less good, nothing special & broth not that tasty…


the octopus & sauce were good.


came with the potatoes.

ceviche gambas with tacos chip

ceviche gambas with tacos chip was excellent!

ceviche gambas with tacos chip

we wanted at first to order a second tiem & increase to 12 tapas for S$128 but we were too full already..

pan fry prawns

the panfried prawns was another excellent dish.

this was what inspired me to fashion my own chorizo prawn dish.


churros was also one of our fabourites here. not too sweet, very crispy & flavourful!

mixed spanish fried rice

mixta spanish fried rice

the server said they don’t serve pasta & paella any more.

it has to do with not having the oven for paella, so they called it a spanish fried rice. rice was overcooked & not aldente. overall flavours were pretty good.

all in all a very enjoyable evening by the effort of daughter SL.

c.h.e.f andy




Good Wanton Noodles @ Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee (詠記麺家) on 12May2018

wanton noodles

daughter messaged to have early lunch at empress road food centre on 13.5.2018. ^^

Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee (詠記麺家)

she found the stall she wanted = Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee (詠記麺家).

it is at one end at the back of the food centre (if you are coming from the carpark direction).

dumpling soup 水饺汤

JH ordered additional dumpling soup 水饺汤.

dumpling noodles 水饺面

daughter took the dumpling noodles 水饺面.

i had my usual kopi c gosong tilok.

wanton noodles was quite good. noodles were qq & chilli was good. char siew good too.

so was the dumpling.

there was a queue at 11am+ on a saturday…

this daughter always organised the family gatherings, and asked to have lunch with me a few times. i always joined & have a coffee.




WM Bought 4pax OPS Bro Dinner @ Ming Chung on 10May2018

4pax dinner @ ming chung

4pax dinner @ ming chung

WM bought 4pax OPS bros dinner at ming chung restuarant, 67 maude road on 10.5.2018. ^^

ming chung

we were talking about heng hwa food on one of the chat so decided to try here.

heng hwa dishes

food was quite average, not really that great..

but good enough & bros had a great time together. afterwards we walked over to chye seng huat for a good cuppa

WM ordered 6 populr dishes here.

heng hwa lor mee

heng hwa lor mee

heng hwa lor mee is a must have here. different from the hokkien dark gluey sauce, this came with pork, veg, seafood & clams in a broth.

heng hwa lor mee

quite tasty, and altogether a nice dish to have.

fried batang fish

the fried batang fish is one of their signature here.

this though was below my expectation. it was plain & quite tasteless.  it’s a simple dish to do & i think WT & I can do better.

hae chor

the hae chor didn’t quite look like hae chor in good teochew restaurants. taste wise they were pretty ok.

oyster egg

oyster egg was non descript, ok too i guess.


tofu dish ok with a tasty broth with seaweed.

cuttlefish kang kong

cuttlefish kang kong was below par to me.

this a common zichar dish & i think many zichar would do better than this.

4pax dinner = S$79

dinner was S$79 for 4pax, quite ok.

CSH cafe

CSH cafe

after dinner we walked over to chye seng huat cafe for a cuppa.

a nice evening together.




6pax OPS Reminisce Sakura Trip Donburi Dinner on 8May2018

donburi dishes 

5 of us OPS buddies had a wonderful sakura trip 5-13.4.2018.^^ will blog on that later. 🙂

this evening we gathered to reminisce our sakura food adventures. FM could not attend. WT & WM’s wife J joined for 6pax dinner.

I made-
1 pan seared hokkaido scallops
2 kakuni – jap braised belly pork
3 flamed miso belly pork
4 ika sugatayaki (flamed whole squid)
5 tamago – jap rolled egg
6 teriyaki red garoupa
7 usda prime ribeye
8 grilled veg
9 yakisoba

donburi dishes

all the donburi dishes + yakisoba. didn’t bother about okonomiyaki, anyway enough carbs liao.



i cooked just 1.25cups sushi rice for 6pax. added 2tbsp sushi vinegar & 1tbsp mirin.

rice was nice, and enuogh!

grilled scallops

grilled scallops 

i made some pan-seared scallops.

as shared with J during dinner chat, key was scallops must be bone dry, not too much butter (or oil) & a good non stick pan..the crust have to formed immediately on high heat. otherwise pretty straight forward.



made 2 tamago rolls, good as usual. 🙂

flamed miso belly pork

flamed miso belly pork

and flamed miso belly pork.

i boiled/cleaned belly pork to remove scum, cut away the skin, then marinated in miso overnight, then 6hrs in 95degC oven, so fat mostly rendered out & belly pork was flavourful with miso & fat. then flamed when serving. ^^

kakuni – jap braised pork belly

kakuni – jap braised pork belly 

i did another belly pork dish, the jap kakuni…

it was perfect at the time of cooking, very tender & flavourful. but since it was done a few hrs before dinner, th epork would dry out & toughen.

so i did 40mins steaming before serving..it was pretty good, but still a tack tough c/w the flamed miso belly pork.

ika sugatayaki

ika sugatayaki

i did a ika sugatayaki. i bought the japan squid (supposedly sashimi quality but i dared not use as sashimi, from donki at B2 orchard central).

it was quite lovely, and everyone loved this dish, except HC who coud not take sotong.

grilled vege

the grilled veg was good too.

teriyaki red garoupa

teriyaki red garoupa

i did teriyaki red garoupa, 2 small ones.

fried to crisp the skin on both sides. then same condiments as HK steamed actually=2tbsp mirin, 2-3tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp olive oil, and reduced to cook fish & to produce thick sticky sauce.



the yakisoba was a bit overcooked. it was at first ok. but i added 2 eggs late & heated a bit more, then became a bit overcooked. 🙂

usda prime ribeye

usda prime ribeye 

my usda prime ribeye was consistently good.

this even though, i was worried the guys may not take medium rare, so after cutting to see the doneness, i cooked a bit more, and ended up overcooking it. a mistake! must trust my instincts more & just take the first go…



goldilocks brownie

M made excellent madeleines, not too sweet. ^^

WT brought mangoes & soursop

WM & j brought groundnuts &

Hak Chong brought red wine

we had a really good time, food was good & company & friendship best!

we had karaoke afterwards & friends left near to 11pm…


Birthday Dinner for JH – 6pax Family Dinner @ Aburiya Robertson Quay on 4May2018

wagyu jo karubi (prime ribs)

had a belated birthday dinner for JH at aburiya @ robertson quay on 4.5.2018. ^^

this our usual haunt. for me the best yakiniku in singapore. 🙂

the wagyu jo karubi (prime ribs) very good, always are.


tried lamb this evening. ok…

pork & some beef

we ordered secreto, “secret” prized cut from the shoulder…

it was ok. everybody preferred the wagyu jo karubi though.

sweet corn

 first time having sweet corn here. nice! 🙂

kimchi chigae

kimchi chigae always perfect, not too salty & very tasty.



& we all love the bibimen & the bibimbap too.

& the folks consumed a bottle of sake.

a very enjoyable family outing, as always! 🙂



4pax Home Hotpot 火锅 for Meimei, Sis and BIL on 4May2018

hotpot 火锅

having lunch with meimei, my godsis today on 4.5.2018. ^^

my sis & bil are joining lunch. my sis loves hotpot 火锅, and hotpot about the easiest thing to do, no effort so i decided to just make hotpot 火锅 for lunch. 🙂

hotpot 火锅

i got the mushrooms (enoki, shitake & abalone mushrooms), and chinese cabbage & spinach from sheng shion.

hotpot 火锅

i had some leftover chicken stock so boiled 1/2 the chinese cabbage in the stock for 3hrs.

added 1/2 the beef balls & teochew fishcakes (also from sheng shiong)..

beef, pork & prawns

i used 1.2 of the 500g first choice USDA shabu beef from qbfoods, and the other day i bought japanese white pork from donki.

japanese white pork (bought from donki)

the white pork was for sukiyaki so thicker cut than shabu, but ok for me.

this pork was ok but not the same quality as iberico pork, not as tender & sweet, but still quite ok.

USDA first choice shabu beef

the USDA first choice shabu beef  was quite super. sweet beef very thinly sliced, so very tender & sweet. first choice indeed.

mushrooms & vege

& mushrooms & vege always good complements for hotpot & made the soup very sweet, balanced sweetness from the meat & the vege.

teochew fishcake & bean curd skin

the beancurd skin always very good.

hotpot 火锅

we cleaned up the food. i left the table earlier so meimei had a good chat with my sis & bil.

after lunch my sis made 功夫茶, and we ate some ground nuts.

a very enjoyable lunch & time together.

c.h.e.f andy

Wine Chicken 黄焖鸡 – 58th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 4May2018

wine chicken 黄焖鸡

made wine chicken 黄焖鸡 for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 4.5.2018.^^

this my 58th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

wine chicken 黄焖鸡

i was on an absentee mode because of my OPS sakura kyoto trip 5-13.4.2018, and the recent croatia trip with wife & daughter 19-30.4.2018.

so i made sure i do this today! haha! 🙂

i had my usual 2kg frozen boneless chicken thighs from sheng shiong. added another 3 pieces so nearly 2.8kg. cooking for 140pax a bit hard to have a piece for everyone. my wok has a limited size also.

wine chicken 黄焖鸡

i defrosted, cleaned with salt & drained the chicken & marinate the evening before – 3 tbsp fish sauce, 3 tbsp shao xing wine, 2 tbsp each of corn flour, sesame oil, and oyster sauce.

wine chicken 黄焖鸡

next morning just fried with 3cm cut ginger, added 5tsp chopped garlic in 1 tbsp oil.

there was a lot of chicken so fried a while to make sure all pieces were cooked evenly, then covered and cooked low fire for 5mins.

the important thing about cooking chicken is not to overcook it so it is tender, juicy. usually braised chicken in zi char places are overcooked & old…

wine chicken 黄焖鸡

i then removed the chicken & cooked the sliced potatoes about 5mins. tested to see potatoes were just cooked (breaks when pressed with chopsticks or spoon).

then added back the chicken.

wine chicken 黄焖鸡

then transferred to aluminim container for transport.

a delicious, tender, juicy, tasty chicken dish. and the potatoes lagi best, very tasty la…

c.h.e.f andy

WT Bought 4pax Lunch @ Shu Jiang Grilled Fish IMM Building on 3May2018

fragrant spicy grilled seabass 香辣考金目鲈

WT bought 4pax OPS buddies lunch at sujiang grilled fish at IMM building on 3.5.2018. ^^

WT fetched me from my place, then fetched M & CH met us at sujiang. 🙂

fragrant spicy grilled seabass 香辣考金目鲈

there was a lunch promo S$38.80 for while grilled seabass plus 2 sides dishes.

WT ordered that plus 2 more side dishes- so we had enoki (golden mushrooms), niang gao (like the korean dok), a bean curd skin 百叶, and another item. 🙂

the fish & the dish was very good in general. taste wise though good, i much prefer the taste at 重庆烤鱼 Chong Qing Grilled Fish (WT also bought dinner that time) 

somehow this fragrant spicy 香辣 flavour here NOT fragrant as i expected for  genuine mala dish…maybe the flavour was adjusted, not the one i expected or thought was genuine mala fragrant spicy 香辣 flavour!

saliva chicken 口水鸡

saliva chicken 口水鸡

the saliva chicken 口水鸡 for me was a failure. looked quite nice but does not have the fragrant mala taste of saliva chicken 口水鸡, more like an adulterated sweet sesame taste, or maybe my tastebuds off today. haha! 🙂

my idea of a good saliva chicken 口水鸡 is that at crystal jade or

at the really excellent lunch at shenzhen on 13.9.2017. 🙂

any case WT & i can make much better saliva chicken 口水鸡!

deepfried eggplant

the deepfried eggplant was good, very competent.

fried long beans

the fried long beans with mince pork was good too.

actually both dishes were really of good standard, though many other restaurants can do the same.

chendol at red ginger level 1 IMM

after lunch we adjourned to red ginger at level 1 of IMM.

CH bought chendol. nice kidney beans & good, thick coconut milk & gula melaka..

it was a pretty good chendol, better than all the hawker centres, better than amoy chendol at chinatown & still better than island penang kitchen also.

we maybe partial but four seasons chendol at toa payoh lor 8 still better la…

c.h.e.f andy



Foie Gras Beef Don @ Tanuki Raw on 2May2018

had 2pax dinner with my OPS bro WT @ tanuki raw at level 4 orchard central on 2.5.2018. ^^

WT was away for 2months+, back to shanghai 2 days after our OPS CNY makan & chill at CH2 house on 24.2.2018. 

so catching up with him this evening after my recent trips – OPS sakura trip to kyoto 5-12.4.2018, then my croatia tripw ith wife & daughter 19-30.4.2018.

WT had the foie gras & steak don. he still prefers non sashimi after lots of shanghai japanese ala carte buffet training, lol!

the foie gras & steak don looked really good, maybe i should have ordered that too.

the chirashi don today was not great. i guess all depends on the freshness & cut on the day, but if it is inconsistent, means the retsurant not that great!

(i did not take photo this time so using recycled photos from my last makan here).

afterwards i went to donki at B2 to buy some kagoshima kurobuta & white pork etc

then WT bought coffee at yakun.

i forgot to redeem S$4.80 parking after going donki B2 then yakun ay L5. next time must redeem parking right away la!

c.h.e.f andy