Simple HomeDelish Dinner for Lisa’s Friend Couples on 11Mar2022

made 6pax homedelish dinner for lisa friends couple- Angie KC Janet WY …on 11.3.2022.^^

  1. char siew
  2. drunken chicken
  3. slow roast aussie prime ribs
  4. 金银蒜蒸鳕鱼steamed cod
  5. poached broccoli with scallops
  6. sausage claypot rice

nice fun dinner get together 👍🏻


Thank u for the delicious carefully curated dinner tonight SK n YK for your hospitality😋🥰

c.h.e.f andy

Below Par Dimsum @ Swatow Restaurant on 13Mar2022

had 2pax dimsum breakfast with wai sing @ swatow restaurant on 13.3.2022.^^

mediocre below par food also not costly $43nett for 6 items

cheong fun so so far from hk standard or imperial treasure etc

chicken wing very poor dish

hargao & 小笼包(forgot photo) both poor..

teochew dumpling average not standard of 潮州粉果say imperial treasure

overall not great place for dimsum even if inexpensive

c.h.e.f andy


Swatow Seafood


181 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, #02-602, Singapore 310181




Opening hours:


So So Song Fa Bakuteh @ Velocity on 13Mar2022

went to wen yu place, had gourmet coffee, then

the went to song fa bkt at velocity on 13.3.2022.^^

4pax family lunch..

mediocre bkt..good yutiao and ngoh hiang

$10 bkt 4 spare ribs quite ok soup was good not the best

pork ribs average pork trotters also average..

both bkt & trotters old street bkt better but that was expensive

yutiao freshly made crispy nice garlic chicken nondescript for me

tofu & chai buay good

c.h.e.f andy


Song Fa Ba Kut Teh Novena Square (Velocity)


238 Thomson Rd, #01 – 56 / 57 / 58, Singapore 307683


Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs11am–9pm
Fri – Sat11am–9:30pm

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 10Mar2022

delivered homecooked dinner to brother family on 10.3.2022.^^


1 白斩鸡(1 kampung chicken)

2 鸡饭

3 spicy black bean sauce leather jacket

4 炒油麦菜

c.h.e.f andy

2ScA Gang Dinner Gathering at LWS Home – Delectable Dishes form GuMaJia on 7Mar2022

LWS invited 2ScA gang for dinner at his place..on 7.3.2022.^^

we had a introduction to his feathery friends….

food from 姑妈家very good, many delectable dishes…

the assam fish head especially a huge portion very good tasty👍🏻

lala beehoon good too..and the oyster was the prawn paste chicken

hae chor, 排骨王etc quite ok

& prices reasonable …so about hk street Chun Kee standard and prices maybe cheaper even…

this 姑妈家 must go often 😎

excellent evening especially catching up with hoonie, and MF, BC etc who I have not met for like 10 yrs liao….

c.h.e.f andy


Gu Ma Jia


45 Tai Thong Cres, Sennett Estate, Singapore 347866


Place Order Here


Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri11am–2:15pm5:30–9:30pm
Sat – Sun11am–9:30pm

Sumptuous HomeDelish Family Dinner on 3Mar2022

made 5pax family dinner – with wenyu PT sulin ervin on 3.3.2022.^^

wife having dinner out with lin tin

  1. lobster squidink pasta
  2. lobster mock safron sauce fusili
  3. pangrilled cod with spicy tomato sauce
  4. pangrilled taiwanese long stem cauliflower (by aunty bes)

lobster squid ink pasta modeled after 8picure I well perfected, of course frozen lobster limit by quality.

the mock saffron sauce is modelled after curate..and very good standard now.

likewise the spicy tomato sauce…

whether western of asian, the stock, broth, sauce are key elements that make a dish perfect….

c.h.e.f andy

Very Good Yakiniku Dinner @ Wagyu Express by Aburiya on 2Mar2022

lisa bought nice 4pax family dinner @ wagyu express by aburiya on 2.3.2022^^

aburiya oya favourite yakiniku and goto makan..

yukke $15 good sweet can be taken raw or lightly grilled

wagyu platter $23 one portion a bit tough overall quite worth it

kurobuta pork collar $15 good but we all beef eater by preference

jo karubi $15 ok

Best was the steak $49 they said 150g…that was the best cut worth the price..

c.h.e.f andy




108 Tg Pagar Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088526



Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri11:30am–2:30pm6–10:30pm
Sat – Sun6–10:30pm

Cycling & Good Tanjong Rhu Prawn Noodles on 27Feb2022

went cycling with Lisa on 27.2.2022.^^

satay by the bay to Tanjong Rhu

had Tg Rhu prawn noodles

chilli was good, soup intense and flavourful, noodles just right & my pigtail perfect texture..

quite enjoyable

c.h.e.f andy


Tanjong Rhu Prawn Noodles


7 Jln Batu, Singapore 431007



Opening hours:

daily (closed wed)7am–1pm

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 24feb2022

delivered homecooked dinner to brother family on 24.2.2022.^^


1 腊味沙煲饭 sausage claypot rice

2 fried leatherjacket fillet

3 叁峇大虾 sambal king prawns

4 炒菜 fried vegetables

c.h.e.f andy

44th HCA 30pax Lunch at Oasis @ Outram HCA Hospice Care on 24feb2022 

made/delivered 30pax lunch to oasis @ outram HCA Hospice Care this morning on 24.2.2022.^^

today HCA menu

1 wine sauce chicken

2 spicy black bean sauce dory fillet

3 braised minced pork tanhoon

4 fried carrots and cabbage

c.h.e.f andy

Simple HomeDelish Family Dinner with Ervin Family on 23Feb2022

we had Sunil, Linda & Chevaun joined sulin & ervin for homecooked dinner this evening on 23.2.2022.^^

Linda brought her delectable gula melaka chiffon cake & and something new puteri ayu.. I had several, more than I should. lol!

I made-

1 叉烧

2 pencai 盆菜

3白斩鸡 & chicken rice

4 金银蒜蒸鳕鱼steamed cod ah yat style

5 蒜泥白肉 mala shabu pork belly

6 poached broccoli with scallops

really fun enjoyable family evening and time together…

c.h.e.f andy

43rd HCA 30pax Lunch at Oasis @ Outram HCA Hospice Care on 17Feb2022 

delivered homecooked 30pax lunch to oasis@Outram HCA Hospice Care today..Jocelyn collected on 17feb2022

1 curry chicken & potatoes

2 braised belly pork braised egg

3 spicy black bean sauce dory fillet

4 fried carrots and cabbage

c.h.e.f andy

Uni Gang 5pax Homecooked Dinner on 16Feb2022

made 5pax dinner with my uni gang -Jeff, LCH, LWS, hoonie on 16.2.2022.^^

(missing SYL & TCS)

  1. 白斩鸡 and chicken rice
  2. 叉烧char siew
  3. 金银蒜蒸鳕鱼steamed cod Ah yat style
  4. claypot tanhoon prawns
  5. poached broccoli with scallops


Wow, you guys must be having a fantastic time! The food looks awesome!


Thank you Chief Chef Quak for the sumptuous and delicious awesome dinner.


Thanks for the wonderful dinner. Always good to catch up with friends.

actually this uni gang haven’t met for the longest time, though Jeff, LCH and myself meet often…TCH I haven’t met since uni days..and hoodie for very long, even LWA like decades….only recently we started to organise lunch and this dinner is the second time we gather…

had a really great evening with old pals and nice dinner…

c.h.e.f andy