Beef Noodles @ Thai Noodle House on 6Oct2013

beef soup noodles

beef soup noodles S$8

update = had cheap, nice thai food at le wu cafe (乐屋) on 10.12.2013. it is near to thai noodle house & a good alternative. 🙂

wanted a quick bite, and crystal jade la mian xiaolongbao was full, so went to thai noodle house near coronation plaza on 6.10.2013. we all like the beef noodle soup there so it was a place we go sometimes when ran out of dining ideas & tired to go far. 🙂

Thai Noodle House

Thai Noodle House

beef soup S$10

beef soup S$10

fried rice with prawns S$9

fried rice with prawns S$9

green curry chicken

green curry chicken S$8

the place was quite full, but turnover was quick too so we got our table for 3pax quickly. we ordered 1 beef soup w/o noodles to cut down the carbo. daughter wanted to try the fried rice & green curry chicken, so we skipped our usual favourite – the stir-fried basil beef & sweet potato leaves.

the beef soup noodles were good as usual. the braised beef briskets were excellent, beef balls, sliced beef & soup were great. though it was still not authentic like in bangkok, it was still the best we had (we tried e-sarn sometime back & though ambience was great, the beef noodle taste were poorer). i didn’t think much of the fried rice & green curry chicken. it was like food court stuff, & a S$3 or S$4 fried rice from old holland road coffeeshop would be better. overall S$37 was rather ex for the quality of food we had whether c/w coffeeshop or hawker food (even club food at sicc). still, it was just because i didn’t like the food we ordered except for the beef noodles. it would be ok if it were the usual basil beef, sweet potato leaves, & deep-fried beancurd, so it depends on food orders & preferences.

c.h.e.f andy


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