Drunken (or Drunkard) Fried Rice @ Siam Central Charlotte Street on 27Aug2014

basil fried rice with beef,

basil fried rice with beef

there is this drunken fried rice that every singaporean student must have taken at siam central charlotte street london.

my son brought me after the college ceremony on 27.8.2014.

i ordered the fried rice with beef, & my son ordered fried rice with pork & tom yam seafood soup.

basically, it was a spicy fried rice with egg, fresh chilli and thai holy basil. there was no wine in the rice so i wondered why drunken. it was later that i found out that a pad kee mao dish = “drunken stir-fry” dish (pad = stir-fry, kee mao = drunkard) it referred to the more intense, piquant taste of the dish, saltier and spicier etc, favoured by a drunkard (with dulled tastebuds?? haha)

tom yam talay

tom yam seafood

i did not try the tom yam seafood. my son described it as between the very good tom yam talay at patara & the so-so one at thai noodle house.

basil fried rice with pork

basil fried rice with pork

the fried rice was indeed intense & flavourful & a bit oily, and the serving of beef & pork was quite large.

i was having an almost full-blown flu & my tastebuds would have been dulled, perhaps even more than drunkards. anyhow i did not find the fried rice too “exceptional”. i told my son (& of course he did not agree) that the fried rice was like the old holland road stall or any good zi char stall. i guess perhaps it was better. 🙂

for sure, it was not to be compared to crystal jade spicy seafood fried rice (which is my gold standard). i actually think my own seafood fried rice is also better. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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