Kaya (Coconut Jam)

kaya toast

kaya toast

this truly a 10 minute kaya (coconut jam)! 🙂

i decided to try after watching this video by kitchen tigress. the same recipe was repeated in many other blogpost. i kind of got inspired after having a scrumptious lunch at a friend’s house on 30.5.2014 & brought home some of his homemade kaya to go with the kee chang he made for us. 🙂

kaya (coconut jam)

kaya (coconut jam)

kaya (coconut jam)

kaya (coconut jam)

kaya (coconut jam)

kaya (coconut jam)

it’s so easy to make, just like in the video. i just added 200ml coconut milk (i used packet ones), added 45g palm sugar (gula melaka), 3 flat tablespoon white sugar (it was supposed to be 45g white sugar but i preferred it less sweet) & 4 pandan leaves. i put under low heat & stirred till the sugar melt & the liquid just began to boil.

i beat 4 egg yolks & added 1/2 the liquid into the egg yolk & stirred continuously. then i added the mixture back to the remaining liquid & stirred & reduced over low heat (as in the video) till i got the right viscosity & texture. it really tasted good. i think much better than kaya you get in the stalls. 🙂

i wonder what you can do with kaya apart from kaya toast & recently i discovered kee chang. perhaps i will try it with cheese! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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