FAR Card 50% Discount for up to 5pax @ Mikuni on 28Jul2013

lobster uni yaki

lobster uni yaki

a very short update on Mikuni. 🙂

had family dinner at Mikuni on 28.7.2013, a belated birthday for my youngest now that her 2 elder siblings are back Singapore. 🙂 we used the 50% discount for 5pax (only on Monday except Mikuni which also allows Sunday) with the new FAR (Feed At Raffles) card. 🙂

in addition to the usual Andy’s Kaiseki (in jest only la!), we ordered the S$45 lobster miso yaki..wow this was really good! 🙂 i can do with this the next time as a shared item for 2pax OR to replace the botan ebi (S$42) or the sous vide tako tempura (S$30).

negitoro maki

negitoro maki

we also had negitoro maki.  wouldn’t say that it was better than the UN Futomaki, but it was equally good. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


3 thoughts on “FAR Card 50% Discount for up to 5pax @ Mikuni on 28Jul2013

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