10,000 Hits in <4 Months

my blog past 10,000 hits on 1Jul2013, less than 4 months from start. 🙂

today, exactly 4 months from 4mar2013, there were 10,308 hits, of which 7,878 (76.4%) were from Singapore, and the rest from 65 other countries.

i started chefquak as a food blog to relish, record and share my fun moments & joy in cooking, eating out & get-togethers with family & close friends & of course occasional musings on Perspectives on living, eating, cooking & on Fundonate (later i added also my travelogue including travel destinations & eats). 🙂 this will continue to be my single focus & motivation.

the internet & youtube have empowered & liberated so many, & i have learned to cook several decent dishes in a short time entirely by checking out internet & video recipes & learning from the experiences of friends & mostly strangers who shared their knowledge & skills on the internet & sometimes from great eating out places. likewise for travel destinations & eats.

so it will be great if my own experiments & mistakes are also of some use to others who may visit my blog as i have gained in learning from others’ experiences. 🙂

so thanks again everyone for stopping by my blog, and if you should enjoy my blog, please do visit & “Like” my Chef=cookhangouteatfun Facebook Page as well. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy