S$12 Thai Lunch Set by Students @ Toptable CIA (Culinary Institute of America) at Temasek Poly on 17Jul2013

S$12 thai basil squid lunch set

S$12 thai basil squid lunch set

a friend organised a lunch at Temasek Poly where another former RI friend was teaching. 🙂

we took the self-service S$12 Thai lunch set prepared by students of a Bachelor in Professional Studies in Culinary Arts Management at CIA (Culinary Institute of America) at Temasek Poly campus, a degree course by CIA & SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology). they also had the full restaurant service at Top Table but we didn’t make reservations.

this is, i guess, still a best kept secret – though i was pleasantly surprised to find Toptable already featured in hungrygowhere 🙂 i tried Toptable before & it was a rather good 3-course western set for the price. this time we had the S$12 self-service lunch set. they served lunch on alternate days with different menus and for today we had Thai. 🙂

20130717_121606 20130717_121622

they served a coconut prawn fritter in thai chilli sauce before the set.  The tomyam kung was quite ok – prawn was good tomyam not flavourful enough…the satay was ok not the best, pickles ok the crab cake or fish cake quite good. 🙂

basil squid + fried rice

basil squid + fried rice

the basil squid was good…rice too with nice egg netting decoration. 🙂

S$12 green curry pork set

S$12 green curry pork set

S$12 chicken rice lunch set

S$12 chicken rice lunch set

the other friends took the chicken rice set & green curry pork set..each set came with the same tomyam soup, and satay etc side dish.

20130717_124056 20130717_124104

for the dessert, the sticky rice was bad – overcooked & marshy not fragrant. the other was not worth mentioning. they might want to consider practising a proper red ruby or thai chendol dessert..

overall it was of course an excellent value lunch for S$12nett. quite enjoyable for us and a very good learning experience for the students.

c.h.e.f andy


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