Very Good Big Prawn Noodles @ Why Eat Har on 6Mar2015

4 halves large anka prawns

4 halves large angka prawns

my close friend’s brother started a prawn noodle stall. he is much into cooking & did a very good chilli crab for my homecooked dinner previously.

the opening was on 5.3.2015. so many of us dropped by to give it a try on 6.3.2015.^^

Why Eat Har5

Why Eat Har

“Why Eat Har” is located at Thye Hwa Heng Canteen, Blk 29 Eunos Avenue 6

“Why Eat Har” is located at ThyeHwa Heng Canteen, Blk 29 Eunos Avenue 6

the chinese name literally means “greedy prawns”, which has a good spin to it as it means the prawn noodles & the stall makes you greedy & want to eat more & come back for more.^^

the english version makes use of the similar sounding words “why” (english) and “har” (cantonese) & string them together as Why Eat Har. this can mean why eat prawns as in why eat this prawn noodles? or singlish why eat har? (answer = it’s good of course!).^^

the name was a good start, generating interest & buzz, and according to a close friend (not close enough to know that he is an expert in branding until now….hahaha!) an immensely brandable one (talking about franchising).^^

S$5 beehoon mee dry

S$5 beehoon mee dry

well, the defining thing for hawker fare is still the taste. singaporeans will tolerate nazi chefs and travel to far corners of the island just for good food.

& believe me, this prawn noodles is good! 🙂

the noodles & beehoon were cooked just right with a good bite. tau gays still crunchy. most of us though thought the quantity of noodles were a bit much. maybe it suits the canteen location, a good hearty meal to warm up to. but still i finished all the noodles, and usually i am a “low carb” guy, and 1/2 the amount of noodles would be too much for me already.

the soup was flavourful & fairly intense. & one of the best things was the chilli. this really not easy to get right starting from scratch. but this a very good chilli (also the consensus among 10+ diners), 1 of the best i had.

for me, the only place i had chilli better than this (& the soup was also more intense) was at wah kee at pek kio food centre, cambridge road. that again is subjective as some friends find wah kee’s soup a bit oily.

stall proprietors & friend

stall proprietors & friend

"Why Eat Har" is located at Thye Hwa Heng Canteen, Blk 29 Eunos Avenue 6

“Why Eat Har” is located at Thye Hwa Heng Canteen, Blk 29 Eunos Avenue 6

i have not taken much of prawn noodles in the last many years, so i may not be the best person to talk about prawn noodles.

in the early days i liked the 人人 peoples’ prawn noodles at pasir panjang (i think it’s now in geylang but i have not tried that yet). then there is hoe nam at tai thong crescent which i also liked a while back. something a bit more recent (like 5 years back), i liked the noo cheng adam road prawn noodles at zion road food centre (not sure if it is still there). the noo cheng adam road prawn noodles at adam road food centre i find so-so. & there is the beach road prawn noodles everyone talked about( i thought at first that i had not tried it before but i think i had actually taken once >10 years back & it was quite good).

but during all these time my favourite was wah kee big prawn noodles at pek kio food centre at cambridge road. 🙂

S$5 prawn noodle soup

S$5 prawn noodle soup

4 halves large anka prawns

4 halves large anka prawns

S$5 prawn noodle dry

S$5 prawn noodle dry

back to Why Eat Har.

the prawns also was very good! they were large & fresh & sweet. there were 2 large prawns (4 halves) for S$5.^^

overall it was very enjoyable meal for S$5, and i must say among the best prawn noodles i have taken.

i will go back & try again after a few weeks. let things settle down a bit.

for myself, i find it a very formidable challenge to attempt this hawker stall thingy. first, it is such an incredible effort & time commitment. so much to do everyday from marketing, preparing the stock & other ingredients like pork rib, fish cake etc, cleaning up etc, & of course all the other issues in running a business. & you are competing with the best which are in business for 30 years, 50years.

i cook a bit myself. just 2 days back i had friends over for a 9pax lunch & one of the dishes i cooked was a “hong lim FC curry chicken noodles”.

it was pretty good already but still it was not quite ah heng’s curry chicken noodles standard & to cook for 80 or 100 bowls a day? that’s really something else. so i was sharing with my friends how difficult i think it was to be able to produce what Why Eat Har did. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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