Decent Food @ Balestier Food Centre on 28Jul2015

chicken rice

chicken rice

went with some close friends to watch the movie “ant-man”. quite enjoyed the movie. quite entertaining.

after the movie we went over to balaestier food centre for some dinner makan on 28.7.2015. 🙂

poached chicken feet

poached chicken feet

there were 4 of us. we ordered our separate dishes.

one friend ordered chicken rice, with chicken breast, liver & some chicken feet. i tried some it was ok.


ah hui laksa

i decided to try the laksa stall. the stall, ah hui fishball noodles, seemed to be also owned by ah hui prawn noodles.


ah hui laksa

bad choice. it was mediocre. can eat la..but not really worth eating.

got the ingredients. but flavour-wise simply no comparison with weiyi laksa at tanglin halt food centre.

nor the laksa at teck hin fishball noodles stall at the food loft at clementi.

猪杂汤 pig inards soup

猪杂汤 pig organ soup

another friend had the 猪杂汤 pig organ soup. he said it was good. i guess must be competent enough.

prawn noodles

ah hui prawn noodles

another friend took the ah hui prawn noodles. i had the S$5 few months back & it was not bad.

but it’s a matter of comparison. my friend ordered the large one S$8 i think & she didn’t think it was all that good. and we both agreed that c/w “why eat har”, the soup base did not have the same flavours, smoothness & intensity.

c.h.e.f andy


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