Hawker Food @ Food Republic Vivocity on 6Aug2015

thye hong fried hokkien noodles

thye hong fried hokkien noodles

went with son to watch MI5 – mission impossible (rogue nation) at vivocity on 6.8.2015.

we were early & collected the tickets about 6.20pm for a 7pm show. walked around a bit but nothing to shop. decided to go 1 floor up to the food republic at the roof top.

son took the fried hokkien noodles, think it was thye hong hokkien noodles. expensive leh S$5 for a small serving! guess i don’t go food court often and only reference hawker centre prices which are quite a bit lower.

the flavours was good though, very good wok hae!

chinese mutton ribs soup 羊排汤

chinese mutton ribs soup 羊排汤

i thought of having bakchormee, but somehow could not find a bakchormee stall. there was a stall selling some noodles with different variations that might include bakchormee.

(P.S. later i found out that there is supposed to be a lao da hua 老大华 stall there)

anyway i decided to take the chinese mutton soup. did not pay attention, i think it was chinatown beef noodles stall (they sell mainly beef noodles but also has mutton soup).

the girl told me they only serve mutton ribs, so i should call it 羊排汤. it was expensive too, at S$8 & what looked like a few pieces of meat floating around.

my favoruite is chai chuan tou 柴船头羊肉汤 at bukit merah view food centre & it’s only S$6 for the large serving.

the soup was good but when i first tasted it, i thought it confirmed my suspicion as the soup was not so good c/w chai chuan tou 柴船头羊肉汤.

but the mutton ribs, i think it was 崩沙腩,was really good, excellent in fact! ^^

it was very meaty, and still came with the collagen bits just like the very good beef briskets 牛腩i had in hong kong, except that this was mutton. & the texture was perfect tender but not sinewy. chai chuan tou 柴船头羊肉汤‘s mutton also like this but this ones here were a lot thicker & meatier. this is something i really like, so S$8 was quite worth it!

c.h.e.f andy