Why Eat Har Prawn Noodles – Good As Always on 10Sep2015

why eat har prawn noodles

why eat har S$5 prawn noodles

7 of us old RI friends decided to go for a uniquely Singapore “cooling-off” morning walk at pulau ubin on 10.9.2015. ^^

we gathered at 7am at changi food centre & had mizzy corner nasi lemak. i forgot to take a photo of the nasi lemak so will not do a post on mizzy corner this time. suffice to say it was just ok & nowhere as good as selara rasa at adam road. rice not as fragrant, chilli not as tasty.

after ubin, we prior arranged to visit our close friend’s brother’s prawn noodle stall, why eat har located at Thye Hwa Heng Canteen, Blk 29 Eunos Avenue 6. another 4 friends joined us there, so we had 11. 🙂

why eat har prawn noodles

why eat har S$6 prawn bakut noodles

the prawns were smaller today so the stall charged S$5 instead of S$6.

i had my usual prawn noodles dry. some friends ordered the prawn bakut noodles. i had tried the bakut here & it was very good, fork tender but good bite not sinewy &  falling apart & good pork rib taste. 2 pieces for just $1 more definitely more than worth it. for this day though, for myself, i just wanted to eat the prawn noodles.

why eat har prawn noodles

why eat har S$5 prawn noodles

the proprietor, our good friend’s brother, chong loong came by & chatted. i told him the noodles, chilli & soup were now very consistent – QQ noodles, very fragrant, tasty chilli not too oily, and intense flavourful soup. very good in fact!

this the 3rd time i had the prawn noodles here, and unlike (say) ah hui @ balestier food centre which was good one time & so so the next, it is good here every time!

the stall is now only open on even days only ie tuesdays, thursday & saturdays. this is really not an easy commitment, but it is really admirable that chong loong has the passion to continue to dish out such wonderful food.

c.h.e.f andy

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