OPS Bros S$98 Peking Duck Set Lunch 4pax @ Kai Garden 嘉苑 17May2017

peking duck

i organised a 4pax OPS bros lunch today at kai garden on 17.5.2017! ^^

last time i came here was on 15.4.2017..

one of the famous dishes and a very pretty looking one is the five colour peking duck 五彩缤纷鸭. it comes with 5 colour wraps & 5 sauces, not that i can remember them all.

peking duck

normally the peking duck cost S$88++, and that does not include the second eat, which they charged S$28 to make a duck beehoon!

so basically kai garden is expensive, or very expensive!

kai garden S$98 peking duck set lunch menu for pax

for this lunch set, they offer the peking duck + the second eat beehoon, and also appetizers, dimsums, garoupa fillet & dessert – all for S$98 for 4pax!

kai garden 4pax set lunch

it is quite big place & the tables were quite well taken up.

marinated cloud fungus

the2 small eats – appetizers were e marinated cloud fungus. this was very good.

deepfried fish skin

& deep-fried fish skin also very good.

skin were very crispy 脆 & not salty, very well done dish…


the 2 dimsums were the xiaolongbao (i forgot to take photo) and the fried prawn dumplings.

prawn dumplings very good…xiaolongbao good standard no better than other places like crystal jade & imperial treasure.

peking duck

what is special about this peking duck is the 5 colour wraps – original, spinach, pumpkin, beetroot & squidink.

& the 5 colour sauce – original, chef sweet sauce, sesame, pepper, seafood.

oh, so i do remember, for now anyway…

another special item is the corn crisp. it added a special texture & bite to the whole wrap.

peking duck

duck skin was sliced very well, very thin & large pieces.

peking duck – 5 colour wraps

of the sauces, my preference still the original & the chef sauces which were the sweeter ones.

the seafood more savoury, and the sesame & pepper were both good.

the wraps, i couldn’t distinguish the taste of one from the others.

peking duck – pumpkin wrap

peking duck – pumpkin wrap

anyway the overall dining experience, taking this peking duck – very good la!

peking duck – beetrootwrap

peking duck – squidink wrap

whichever wrap we tried, all were nice.

& there was about 4 or 5 pieces for each of us, and with duck skin to spare.

garoupa fillet

the garoupa fillet was more of the ordinary stuff.

garoupa fillet

ok, competent, not much more…

duck beehoon

the duck beehoon was very good!

this the 炆 braised method-the best to produce a tasty beehoon. just have the right amount of reduced very tasty stock, add the beehoon & let the stock reduce further & the beehoon infused with the flavours. very easy to make. & such wonderful flavours. almost want to finish my whole bowl.

osmanthus jelly

the osmanthus jelly was good but ordinary. our OPS friend can make them too…

i picked 黄金桂 for our tea. it was S$3.20pax. that is like a cover charge & included the starter appetizer.

tea has a range of prices, so in this kind of places must be careful what order so we would’t be paying 1/2 the price of lunch for tea.

anyhow, the restaurant forgot to charge tea=4xS$3.20++. i pointed out to the lady who brought the bill. she said nevermind she would waive it. later we got her calling card & realised she was the GM…anyway i told her since she did not charge the tea i would give a tip & she said it’s ok just to put on the credit card, so i added about S$15 tip, for a total S$130nett. that’s lower than what we should have paid for tea anyway.

very good lunch. all my OPS bros enjoyed it.

c.h.e.f andy


Kai Garden 嘉苑


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