Good Rojak So-so Chilli @ Habib’s Rojak Stall 68 on 18May2017

habib’s stall 68 indian rojak

my RI bro organised indian rojak at ayer rajah food centre this morning on 18.5.2017. ^^

habib’s stall 68 indian rojak

they decided to car-pool & drop by my place at 10am. so we had a round of brewed coffee & good chat at my place.

we left in one car, 5pax (a good green practice) by 11am & was at the indian rojak stalls by 11.15am.

habib’s stall 68 indian rojak

rojak was not open yet. a few men looked like preparing to open the stall.

from the last makan we had here on 25.2.2016, we thought that salam rojak stall 73 offered a better deal.

the stall said it would be ready in 20mins. we ended up waiting for about 50mins & it didn’t look like any progress.

i finally asked them whether they were opening the stall at all. it was then that they told me the stall was closed last 2 weeks & they were just returning today (could have told us earlier).

so we decided to go with habib’s rojak at stall 68 instead.

habib’s stall 68 indian rojak

we ordered almost all the items! not quite la..just the main ones, and included both the squid & the cuttlefish.

habib’s stall 68 indian rojak

it was rather a large plate, and the cost was S$29.

it looked like 2x the size of what we ordered previously which was the about S$23.

so maybe habib’s was a good a deal as salam rojak, stall 73…our only grouse was that the chilli was not great. that was for me a significant item…maybe got to look for better indian rojak elsewhere la…

c.h.e.f andy


Habib’s Rojak



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