Interesting 7-course Tasting Menu – 4pax OPS Buddies @ Marble Bistro on 29Mar2017

#4 fish & chips

#4 fish & chips – manu price S$8

our OPS friend organised & bought 4pax dinner @ marble bistro this evening on 29.3.2017.

it was also a birthday treat for our friend who had his birthday last week.

marble bistro

marble bistro is an interesting boutique place located at everton park.

simple, nice ambience, neat, clean lines. restaurant can seat about 30+ pax including at counter seats.

marble bistro

seems that some of the young folks here were from Culinary institute of America (CIA).

we took the 7-course tasting menu, which cost S$38nett.

it was a good menu & good standard dishes at this price, but not ready to be considered degustation.

the tasting menu was a good intro to the signature dishes. having looked at the menu, I would order ala carte the next time I visit.

#1 mushroom macchiato – menu price S$6

the mushroom macchiato was very good.

the truffle foam was excellent! the mushroom consommé was very good standard. some fod bloggers said it was not intense enough. for me, it was ok, and it combined quite perfectly with the excellent truffle foam.

our birthday boy said it reminded him of chicken essence, luckily he did not say marmite…not sure whether chicken essence is a compliment for truffle foam mushroom macchiato la…

no comparison at all with Jaan’s cepes mushroom tea amuse bouche. but of course we are not comparing, not apple for apple so no meaningful comparison…

#2 sour dough

the sour dough was a good bread (it’s considered the second course)…

#2 sour dough

the konbu butter & bacon chutney quite good too. I had better seaweed butter elsewhere, but this was good standard.

#3 deviled eggs – menu price $7

deviled eggs were a smoked quail egg & yoke mouse pesto cone.

#3 deviled eggs

urrrrh… for me this much ado about nothing.

the dish was ok overall, not bad, but I would miss nothing without it. I would not order this alacarte..

egg cone-deviled eggs

the cone was better of the 2 & quite a good snack I guess.

smoked quail egg

the smoked quails egg for me more effort than results…

#4 fish & chips

#4 fish & chips

the fish & chips of course did not look anything like fish & chips.

it’s not a battered fish but aburi unagi topped with tobiko, atop a triple cooked potato.

#4 fish & chips

#4 fish & chips

a good “mouth-feel”, great dining experience and overall quite an impressive dish..

#5 prawn noodles

there was a choice of prawn noodles or crab porridge.

2 of us took prawn noodles (including me) & 2 crab porridge.

#5 prawn noodles – menu price S$7.50

prawn noodles was somen with onsen egg, chilled prawns, prawn broth & tsuyu sauce.

not bad if not quite the level of a good somen dish in a Japanese restaurant

(or a good chilled pasta eg at prime portico).

#5 crab barley risotto – menu price S$8

the crab barley risotto was good too. lots of blue swimmer crab & seaweed, great taste.

barley healthy though not my preferred texture, better real risotto for me. this a dish I would order ala carte.

#6 6hr sous vide flank steak

the 6hr sous vide medium flank steak was not a disappointment, but also not great. above average I guess.

steak was tender, no tendons, some sweetness (credit to the chef for a cheaper flank cut), but don’t really have the savoury, flavourful taste & feel of a truly good steak…

#6 6hr sous vide flank steak

unlike (say) salted & hung $100gourmet which uses also a cheaper flank cut (but it was a blackmore wagyu flank), & that produces a very flavourful steak…

#7 chocolate brownie

the chocolate brownie was good actually, not too sweet, a soft pliable texture, not hard. anyway I not so dessert person, so this just ok for me (in fact, I pass 1/2 the brownie & ice cream to our birthday boy).

overall I think this was a good 7-course dinner for S$38nett.

cost has to be factored in, so at this price this was really quite good.

(a chilled pasta alone is S$25 at prime portico & salted & hung’s sous vide blackmore wagyu flank was part of a $121nett 100gourmet dinner, so not intended for comparison here).

still, the ala carte price is very decent too, so I would just take ala carte dishes like mushroom macchiato, fish & chips, crab porridge (prawn noodles ok too) & a main, maybe the pork jowl..or maybe the flank steak ok don’t really mind it but no need to have…or just skip the main…ok to pay for the S$6.50 sour dough too..

c.h.e.f andy


Marble Bistro
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9795 7262
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Typically replies within an hour

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Hours 11:45AM – 5:00PM, 6:00PM – 9:00PM

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