Very Good Korean BBQ 3pax Lunch @ Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ Level 2 Plaza Singapura on 30Mar2017

Korean bbq – cabbage wrap

went with 2 RI buddies for lunch at seorae at level 2 of plaza singapura on 30.3.2017. ^^

we were meeting to discuss a trip the 3 of us are making together to UK in april. 🙂

banchan – korean bbq

seorae is traditional Korean bbq, that serves banchan 반찬 sides dishes.

wife & I always eat at aburiya, which we like a lot. that is yakiniku, the Japanese styled Korean bbq. so I am quite keen to find a good traditional Korean bbq.

seorae korean bbq

they have 3 S$10.90 lunch set. I found out though that bulgogi was S$26.90 as the portion was for 2pax, but that was the price anyway in the main menu, so not sure how it was a lunch special?

seorae korean bbq

seorae had a clean, neat, pleasant ambience, also commented by my friends, as some Korean eating places can be quite disorganised & messy.

seorae korean bbq

service also very good. my friend asked for banchan replenishment several times, no hassle.

beef belly UOB card 1 for 1 @ S$22.90

there was a UOB card 1 for 1 promotion for beef belly S$22.90 or pork belly S$17.90, can only order 1 promotion once for each table.

server advised that beef belly more popular, and indeed it was excellent! I like this, fatty but very tasty.

to qualify for the 1 for 1, you need to order 2 other meats.

pork skirt platter S$29.90 for 270g

so we ordered the pork skirt, which was a favourite here.

a normal serving is S$21.90 for 170 gram. we decided to order the platter which is S$29.90 for 270g. we picked the normal & another seasoned with garlic.

LA galbi (beef ribs) S$29.90

there was also the LA galbi (beef ribs) which other bloggers mentioned was good, so we ordered that as well.

korean bbq

the pork skirt was very good.

the garlic seasoned ones were somehow more tasty…

korean bbq

& we all liked the beef belly. it was really good. very flavourful.

Korean bbq

quite shiok actually, especially when it is S$22.90 & 1 for 1….

LA galbi (beef ribs) S$29.90

the LA galbi was a good meat too.

there were 3 pieces for S$29.90, a good was leaner than the belly…

LA galbi (beef ribs) S$29.90

one friend commented the bones got in the way.

I guess we all could get around that as long as meat was tasty…

complimentary egg custard

one interesting addition here was the complimentary egg.

it’s like a chawanmushi egg custard not steamed but baked by the conductive proximity heat…

complimentary egg custard

complimentary egg custard

it was tasty too, especially if you add some of the dips for the meat.

complimentary egg custard

complimentary egg custard

& the server came with a kettle containing more of the egg custard mixture to replenish the egg..

Korean bbq – cabbage wrap

the banchan 반찬 sides dishes were good on their own..

I also used the lettuce to wrap the bbq meat together with the banchan. it was nice too, but again the meat were nice just eaten on their own…

gangnam bingsu S$9.90

we decided to try their bingsu…

gangnam bingsu S$9.90

it was $9.90 c/w with like S$16 in other places, but it was a small 1/2 the size..

gangnam bingsu S$9.90

I wasn’t impressed with the bingsu…not the popcorn caramel…

green tea bingsu S$9.90

& not the green tea either..

gangnam bingsu & green tea bingsu S$9.90 each

I think quite poor in comparison (say) with ice shavings at-

(a) Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园甜品, OR

(b) jidechi 记得吃 

OR (say) a green tea parfait at sun with moon wheelock…

3pax lunch with 4 meat servings & 2 bingsu was S$120nett. I think pretty good.

I don’t consider it better than our favourite yakiniku restaurant aburiya,

but this is as good an alternative I guess.

ambience wise & also having banchan 반찬 sides dishes & egg custard constantly replenished, it is better. service, food-wise just as good & price quite good too especially with the UOB 1 for 1 promotion.

c.h.e.f andy


Seorae Korean BBQ


#02-01 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, 238839

+65 91812709
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 11:30 – 22:00
Fri – Sat: 11:30 – 23:00

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