Wonderful Durian Desserts @ 记得吃 Jidechi on 18Jul2016

durian mousse S$6.50

durian mousse dessert @ 记得吃 S$6.50

after a very satisfying dinner at at chong qing grilled fish 重庆烤鱼, we looked for some dessert & wandered into the stall across the street.

记得吃 dessert stall

记得吃 dessert stall

it’s called 记得吃 remember to eat.

we actually thought it was 吃得记 (chinese read from right to left) like a makan boleh good to eat place but intending to have a double meaning read backwards.

that until i google & found that the correct name is 记得吃.

记得吃 dessert stall

记得吃 dessert place

the dessert they serve almost same as the snow city dessert雪山飞糊 at ksl city in JB which we visited recently.

the durian mousse (top photo) was very good. durian was thick, intense & flavourful probably D24.

it’s actually quite similar to the durian pengat at ellenborough market cafe.

it’s a large helping & we decided to just share 1 among 5pax. it was quite enough, quite big even for 2pax, ok for 3 to 4pax.

durian ice shavings S$6.80

durian ice shavings S$6.80

the durian ice shavings almost replica of snow city dessert.

durian ice shavings S$6.80

durian ice shavings S$6.80

all ingredients the same.

it’s a very good dessert. again i think too big to have one alone, best shared by 2pax or 3.

osmanthus jelly 桂花糕

osmanthus jelly 桂花糕 

we also shared an osmanthus jelly 桂花糕. i think this the best osmanthus jelly i tried, so flavourful.

better than timhowan in hong kong i thought.

chendol ice shavings

chendol ice shavings

we were curious with the chendol so ordered 1 to share.

chendol ice shavings

chendol ice shavings

it was good enough i guess if you have not tasted the real thing like the four seasons chendol at toa payoh lor 8 food centre.

it may even be better than many hawker centre fares where the chendol is quite dilute & no kick.

here the ice itself was coconut milk flavoured i think & quite tasty like the durian ice. the gula melaka was not enough though & not as thick & flavourful like four seasons’.

i think this a very good place for dessert, something different from the usual fare & no need to go JB to have it. will come back again. i think my friend already went back the next day… lol. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Ji De Chi 记得吃


#01-03, Liang Seah Court, 8Liang Seah Street, 189029


+65 63399928
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11.00am – 11.00pm



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