Good Standard Roast Duck & Dimsum @ Crystal Jade Kitechen HollandV on 31Mar2017

half roast duck – S$27.80

wife had 20% discounts at crystal jade expiring today so we went dinner at crystal jade kitchen at hollandV on 31.3.2017. ^^

half roast duck – S$27.80 plus noodles S$3.80

we decided to order 1/2 roast duck for 2pax.

there was a good promotion S$39 for whole peking duck but that one quite expectedly did not qualify for 20% discounts.

half roast duck – S$27.80

anyway we both preferred roast duck.

it was very good, very flavourful, tasty & meat was tender, and it was quite perfect with the plum sauce & the chilli.

noodles S$3.80

we ordered the plain noodles S$3.80.

roast duck noodles

it went very well with the roast duck…

roast duck noodles

really shiok! writing about it I feel like eating it again la…


we ordered a few dimsum dishes..

har gao S$5.80

har gao here was good as always….Singapore dimsum standard quite good nowadays…

steamed chicken feet S$4.80

steamed chicken feet was also very good, and the sauce too.

we considered steamed pork ribs, but that I can do easily, whereas steamed chicken feet hard to do…need to deep-fry the chicken feet…

laksa yongtaufoo S$5.80

wife likes the laska yongtaufoo here…not really my favourite, but it was not too bad also la…

laksa yongtaufoo S$5.80

laksa gravy was lemak, not too thick, quite good taste…the steamed minced pork on tofu was ok, just not my favourite…

bill – S$47 after 20% discounts

dinner was S$47 nett after discounts. they charged S$0.60pax for water which was ok by me.

this a place we would come once a while when don’t feel like going other places, & today because the 20% discounts was expiring.

c.h.e.f andy


Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Hollandv
2 Lor Mambong, Holland Village, 277671

Opening Hours:

Daily 8:30AM–11PM

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