Delicious Food Fun Dinner with OPS Friends @ Beng Thin Hoon Kee on 31Oct2016


11pax makan dishes

had dinner with my OPS friends at beng thin hoon kee on 31.10.2016. ^^

we had 11pax. i ordered 8 dishes.

food was quite delicious. all my friends enjoyed the dishes. 🙂 i have not dined here for a while, and i was enjoying the food also. ^^


duck salad – S$35

i asked for large duck salad. the server who took orders said medium was enough. that was good service.

& indeed salad was enough for 11pax.


duck salad – S$35

this duck salad very refreshing & delicious. enjoyed it every time.

if you just looked at the ingredients – cucumber, melon, mango, a fed shreds of duck, it was very expensive at S$35 c/w say a far more substantive 4-appetizer starter at a teochew restaurant. but really what is enjoyable for the palate is all that counts. so i am very happy with this salad dish as starter.


fish maw soup – S$40

the fish maw soup is always good here, literally choke a block with ingredients.

a very tasty soup because of the stock & crabmeat, great texture & intense goodness.


oyster egg sheets – S$28

the price of the oyster egg is a bit off the charts! large is S$38! oyster egg for $38???

but eating here must order oyster egg leh. so i ordered medium S$28.

oysters were huge, fresh & tasty & quite good serving. the egg were like thin sheets, really well done. i guess i need to apply the duck salad psychology here. just that duck salad is uncommon & a delight, oyster egg is great here but not so special dish.

overall i must say it was a very good dish, even if it was S$28. 🙂


sea cucumber duck – S$80

sea cucumber duck is another excellent dish here at beng thin.

i ordered large, which had a whole duck.

this dish was superbly done. duck was excellent, tender & sweet, sea cucumber added great texture, gravy was tasty, natural.


sea cucumber duck – S$80

very enjoyable dish. ^^


cereal prawns – S$42

for me, the cereal prawns was below par.

it was passable i guess, not sure if could be considered competent.


cereal prawns – S$42

prawns were not the very fresh, or it was over-fried or was left out too long & the shell softened not so crispy.

a complete world of difference from the excellent cereal king prawns i had at ban heng harbourfront recently.

i thought that it was not as good as the cereal prawns by my friend’s son at his house on 6.6.2016.

garlic fried brocoli

brocoli – S$28

the worst dish though had to be the brocoli.

brocoli is always a nice vegetable dish to have, no thanks to the cooking.

but this was tasteless, no wok hae, & texture not crunchy enough. most likely blanched not garlic fried & imperfect timing.

garlic fried brocoli

brocoli – S$28

also, i was deciding between medium S$18 & large $24 & decided on large, so i am quite certain it was S$24 & not S$28. i did not notice till i got home.

at S$24 it was excessive for me. at S$28, it was like “rolling my eyes” la!


kong bak pao – S$30

kong bak pao was excellent! 🙂

server told me there were 12 slices, anyway enough for 11pax. my piece was very tasty, the broth was excellent, & went very well with the bun.

金瓜芋泥 pumpkin orh nee - $28 

金瓜芋泥 pumpkin orh nee – $28

the orh nee was i guess average.

not too sweet which was a plus, good texture & ok taste, just not “pang” enough. becos no lard? also no coconut milk on top.

金瓜芋泥 pumpkin orh nee - $28 

金瓜芋泥 pumpkin orh nee – $28

better than some, and not among the best la! 🙂

we had a great fun time together. food was delicious & very enjoyable overall. & as old friends we shared a lot of jokes & banters.

restaurant was empty, like 3 tables included our own. service was good actually, kept changing plates, new towels, filling up tea pot, taking photos. quite cheerful too. nothing to complain la…

cost of dinner was S$384 for 11pax. i think quite ok for the delicious dishes we had. a friend brought a red wine & they charged S$5 per bottle corkage. that was quite good too.

it has been a while. the last time i was here was 2+ yrs ago on 1.6.2014.

i will probably come back here with my family.

c.h.e.f andy



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