Very Satisfying Dinner @ Aburiya on 1Nov2016


dinner at aburiya, our favourite yakiniku restaurant 

went with wife to our favoruite yakiniku restaurant aburiya on 1.11.2016, again! haha! ^^

it’s our go to place when lazy to think where to dine & feeling like eating bbq. 🙂

this evening aburiya not so busy, just few tables.


sake sampler – S$18 

wife took the usual sake sampler, sweet to dry, very good.


smokeless grill 

they use the smokeless grill with powerful ventilation. i guess most places do now.


USA kurobuta platter (200g) – S$25 

we took the usual kurobuta platter – belly, collar, loin & skirt, something like that la…

all were good! ^^


USA kurobuta sampler plate (200g) – S$25 

200g quite a good serving for 2pax.


harami with negi (scallions) – S$10.95 

we took the cheap harami (skirt). sometimes they were quite good.

today wife didn’t like it much, not sweet & slightly tough, should have ordered the jo karubi (prime ribs).


smokeless bbq

in korea, japan, china etc, gathering around this “hearth” would be a pleasant dining experience in a cold evening. 🙂


kimchi chigae – S$12.95 

yakiniku 烧肉 basically a japanese styled korean bbq 日式韩国烤肉.

i feel it is better in quality to most korean bbq here. one key difference is they don’t serve free banchan 반찬 or side dishes, but you can order kimchi etc from menu.


kimchi chigae – S$12.95 

the kimchi chigae is excellent here.

very tasty, strong, has some belly pork, generally the dish a bit salty.


bibimen – S$11.95 

& wife likes the bibimen here which i came to like as well.

good serving of meat too.


bibimen – S$11.95 

& i like the ubiquitous gochujang 고추장 sauce, peppery, sweet, savoury.

nice dinner! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy