Mediocre Indian Curry Fish Head @ Banana Leaf Apolo Bistro on 4Nov2016


indian curry fish head lunch 

my good OPS primary school classmate bought indian curry fish head lunch @ banana leaf apolo bistro today on 4.11.2016. ^^

i turned into clive road & stopped at banana leaf at the corner at 1pm but already passed hastings road, where the carpark entrance was. anyway i was able to find parking on the street at campbell lane. was at banana leaf in good time & my friends duely arrived.

we ordered the fish head, mutton curry, chicken masala, the black ink squid, 3 white rice & 1 bryani rice.


indian curry fish head 

i have taken many curry fish heads this year, including cooking it several times.

but for indian curry fish head, looking up my blog, the last time i had was more than 3 years ago, on 29.8.2013! & that was also at banana leaf apolo, at the other outlet on race course road.


indian curry fish head 

today’s fish head though we all agreed, was quite mediocre or maybe below par.

the curry was very sour, and not sweet & tasty enough. fish meat was ok, quite fresh.


indian curry fish head 

for me, i can’t really remember how it should taste like, only had good memory of tasty indian curry fish head, a taste memory NOT met by this curry we had today.

maybe food standard have gone up so much, this indian curry fish head dish is NOT as appealing as it used to be.

but that really shouldn’t be also, as only 3 years ago, i recorded that the fish head curry was very tasty then.


chicken masala 

the masala chicken was ok, competent.

mutton curry

mutton curry 

curry mutton too. mutton was tender. curries strong in herbs but quite ok.

mutton curry

mutton curry

black in squid

black in squid 

in my memory, black ink squid was an excellent dish, especially at soon heng then in race course road in the 1990s. that was like 20yrs ago.

today this dish was quite poor. there was no distinctive squid ink flavours. squid dish was still nice, but squid did not appear to be very very fresh. meat though was not not tough so the cooking was pretty ok.

plain rice set with 2 veg items

plain rice set with 2 veg items 

we all remembered the good old days, when they served us plain rice on the banana leaf with some side dishes.

it is still the practice. there were 2 side dishes (though it was 3 previously) – cabbage, & what maybe a hal with some eggplants.


plain rice set with curry fish head

so the fish itself was pretty ok. only that the fish head gravy & the other meat curries were quite so so in taste.

the lunch was S$85, which my friend took the bill & refused to split (go dutch!). i guess lunch was not like overly expensive. yet it was below our expectation for an excellent taste curry la!

c.h.e.f andy


Teriyaki Fish Fillet – 21th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 4Nov2016


teriyaki sutchi fillet

did a teriyaki fish fillet for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 4.11.2016. ^^

this my 21th friday breakfast community meal at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.


used 2.5 packets x 1kg sutchi fillet from sheng shiong

wasn’t sure of breakfast schedule this week, went late to get 3 packets of sutchi fillet from sheng shiong the night before.

cut, dry with kitchen towels & put in fridge overnight to dry out further.


hotting up & flavouring the pan with chilli padi & ginger

fry chilli padi & ginger before adding garlic.


2.5kg sutchi fillet

then added cut sutchi fillet in 2 batches.

for each batch added 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp mirin.

did this teriyaki for teban gardens couple times before. first was on 29.4.2016.


teriyaki sutchi fillet

hastily put together, still quite a tasty dish la…i had to leave early after delivering the dish to teban gardens. my good friend feedback that the residents enjoyed the dish.

today also the centre manager, herself a very accomplished chef, made a mixed congee 艇子粥. it was very good, a very huge pot chokeful of ingredients. i took a small bowl to taste. it was so good la…hong kong standard congee in terms of 火候, totally smooth 滑& sweet & very good ingredients la! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Awesome Lunch Omakase @ Hachi on 3Nov2016


ohmi wagyu shabu

introduced my RI buddy to my favourite restaurant hachi today on 3.11.2016. ^^

this same friend organised an incredible 10pax birthday lunch for me at kai garden, and also did a coffee table book collage for me. simply fabulous! 🙂

so my turn to do a belated birthday lunch for him la… 🙂



hachi had good lunch crowd today.

it’s quite unpredictable, but maybe lunch mostly well taken up, dinner crowd a bit more uncertain.

i honestly didn’t think hachi’s ohmi wagyu omakase could get any better. it’s already so good.

and oh, wife & i just returned from a 5day stay at nikko, autumn hikes. one of the 3 ryokans we stayed this trip was shikisai, a quite good standard ryokan.

and on the first evening of our arrival at shikisai, we were looking forward to a delicious, wonderful kaiseki dinner but the dinner (on the first night) unfortunately was not even 1/2 as good as this hachi’s lunch omakase.

looked at the dishes, really quite far off actually!

Singapore’s food standard is now way up there la….


#1 uni kakiage

omakase started with uni kakiage.

it was a quite generous serving of uni. batter was very good. the other piece is a mushroom, and sitting on a bed of edamame mousse.

it’s a very good quality starter, though i always prefer uni served as sashimi or sushi.


#2 oyster with ponzu jelly

the oyster is huge, served in 2 cut pieces with ponzu jelly.

it’s quite a regular fixture in this omakase.


oyster with ponzu jelly

oyster very fresh, plump & sweet, & the ponzu jelly combined perfectly. 🙂


#3 ohmi wagyu nimono

the ohmi wagyu 近江和牛nimono (steamed dish) is a new dish.

the restaurant told me this replaces the sukinabe, and they asked me if i wanted to have back the sukinabe. i was quite happy to try out their new dish.


#3 ohmi wagyu nimono

very good dish anywhere. nice tender, smooth braised wagyu. with sweet potato.

here this was the first of 4 ohmi wagyu dishes, and 2 other wagyu dishes were just incredible la.


#4 sashimi moriawase = akami, kampachi, hirame, bonito

a good sashimi moriawase, with akami (lean toro), kampachi (amberjack), hirame (flounder) & bonito (tuna family).


#4 sashimi moriawase = akami, kampachi, hirame, bonito

lean toro very sweet & smooth, not as good as chutoro which they sometimes serve.

my friend commented the hirame very good. indeed no residue, usually hirame has some chewy part. kampachi & bonito all very sweet & tasty. a good standard sashimi.


#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak

the grilled A5 ohmi wagyu was fantastic, so flavourful, marbled, melt-in-your-mouth. ^^


grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak

everything else were excellent, the dried cuttlefish, tomato, & crackers.


#6 ohmi wagyu sushi

next was the wagyu sushi.

one with daikon, minced radish. the other topped with uni & caviar.


ohmi wagyu sushi

server specially highlighted that the preparation already incorproated sauce, so no ned to add wasabi or sauce. 🙂

really top quality sushi la…


#7 ohmi wagyu shabu

the best dish came in a grand ending. a young chef came to serve it himself.

it’s a ohmi wagy shabu, not the traditional shabu but with he said a chopped wagyu gravy/sauce.

in fact nothing like a shabu 涮, 8sec poaching la! the wagyu was thick cut like A5 steak quality not thin slices for shabu.


#7 ohmi wagyu shabu

so marbled, flavourful, awesome wagyu dish!

& after the wagyu, there was the onigiri & pickles, this dish serving as gohan dish to round off the excellent meal.


#8 yuzu sorbet

& for dessert, we had a yuzu sorbet.

very good, totally refreshing & had some yuzu pieces also in the sorbet, very nice la!


yuzu meringue from the patissier

i went to get a slice of a yuzu meringue from next door, the patissier.

they told me this (new) yuzu flavour less sweet than their signature passion fruit meringue.

hachi plated it nicely for my friend with the birthday candle…


yuzu meringue from the patissier

nice cake but i think i kind of went off patissier & the meringue cake a bit liao.

this lunch omakase was so good la…totally awesome! will come back again.

c.h.e.f andy




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