Sin-London by Qatar Air on 27apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

qatar economy airbus A350-900 – big screen

first time i took Qatar Airways!

according to skytrax world airline awards 2016 ranking, Qatar Airways (2nd) ranks below Emirates (1st) & above SIA (3rd) & Cathay Pacific (4th) for world’s best airline.

& Qatar Airways ranks second, above SIA (3rd) for world’s best economy airline, AND Qatar Airway ranks 1st, again above SIA (2nd) for world’s best business class airline.

so Qatar Airways ranks above SIA, generally! amazing!

the truth is i would have taken SIA economy if the pricing made sense.

there was no promotion price for SQ when i could confirm my period of travel. i checked both SIA & BA which i preferred as they were direct flights whereas for Qatar i have to stop-over at Doha, so 15hrs/16hrs c/w 13hrs+direct flight.

but SQ was like S$2,200 & BA S$1580 by economy return! made no sense when i can have Qatar economy return at S$1,035! so that’s what i did.

i usually travel light & do not check in luggage. however Qatar only allows 7kg carry on, so i checked in my luggage. fortunately the online check-in queue for bag drop was just 10mins.


so safely on board!

the leg room seemed better on this new Airbus A350-900 than my usual SQ experience (on the first sector Sin-Doha…on the second sector Doha-London, it was a Boeing 777-300ER, so maybe leg room about the same).

and a big screen for movies! (top photo)

flight meals menu 1st sector Sin-Doha – dinner & light snack

i felt though that the food & drinks were not as good as SQ, and the service too!

i press the attention light, and it was on for an inordinately long time i turned it off myself, and NO service response! (it was ok on the return flight, so many one-off!)

flight meal – dinner food tray

for dinner, i picked the roast chicken rice.

sautéed mushroom appetizer good

the sautéed mushroom appetizer was good! very tasty, flavourful..

chicken dry & tough..sauce tasty

the roast chicken though was dry & slightly tough.

luckily the sauce was tasty…

green tea cake was good

the green tea cake was good too!

i finished it, though not the subsequent second sector dessert & not on the return flight. in fact dessert on all the sectors were quite good.

light snack = chicken panini & sweet cake

the chicken panini was quite good.. (on the second sector i took vegetarian – that was poor!)

the sweet cake was nice! not overly sweet & nice crispy skin..


the plane landed like 1/2 hr late, and we had to be rushed & shepherded to board the transfer. anyway made it la!

second sector Doha – London = braised lamb tasty but tough

on the second sector Doha to London on Boeing 777-300ER, the previous standard bearer along with A380, leg rom was less, screen were small, food marginally poorer.

the appetizer salad was usual mediocre.

braised lamb tasty but tough

the lamb was tough, but the braise was good, tasty…

braised lamb tasty but tough

the mash was ok… i finished the lamb & veg.

So overall, from the flight & also the return flight, for me the food & service slightly poorer than SQ. but the ticket price was <50% = S$1,035 vs S$2,200.

SQ pricing just made n sense to me la!

c.h.e.f andy



2nd sector doha to london 737-300