Drink & Live Music at Timbre @ Gillman(good chill no vibes this evening) on 16May2017

supersonic band – timbre @ gillman

after the birthday dinner at da paolo pizza bar for aunty Bes, wife suggested we go to timbre @ gillman for some drinks & live music.

one daughter was busy, so wife, son, eldest daughter, aunty Bes & i – 5pax, went to timbre.

this was the little bali place i used to come around 2000-2002 i think when i was still doing some business.

timbre @ gillman

quite a nice place to chill PLUS live music.

crowd was thin this evening.

son said when he came with my wife, this supersonic?? music was very good. today though he said tonight it’s like 1/2 the band (3pax).

somehow this evening no energy no vibes (unlike the live lounge in cardiff i went with my 2 traveling companion in my recent wales trip), but it also had to do with audience interactions. it’s like a mutually enhancing dynamics.

the SMS music request NOT working so aunty Bes went to deliver her music request herself & they sang her couple birthday songs.

aunty Bes was the most into the groove person in the whole place, standing up & singing & clapping.

a very Happy Birthday to aunty Bes!

after that we went home & cut cake, sing birthday song & take photos.

c.h.e.f andy


Timbre @ Gillman


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