Our Helper Aunty Bes’ Birthday 6pax Family Dinner @ Da Paolo Pizza Bar on 16May2017

crab cake

today is our helper aunty Bes’ birthday.

my eldest daughter is the chief planner for the family (when wife not doing it…haha!). she arranged for 6pax family dinner at da paolo pizza bar @ jln merah saga on 16.5.2017. ^^

& daughter really knows here stuff. she was able to direct my car, and just as she anticipated, we were able to find parking lots. it was 7.30pm on tuesday perhaps not so bad…

da paolo pizza bar

ambience quite good, with alfresco sitting also.

da paolo pizza bar

we chose an inside table. 🙂

crab cake

daughter ordered the food.the crab cake was good. very well done.

crab cake

i attempted this some years back. maybe can revisit this item.

prawn salad

the prawn salad was good too, refreshing.

prawn salad

great prawn salad with avogado & croutons. good serving too.

crab spaghetti in pink sauce

the crab spaghetti was very good restaurant standard, creamy, good amount of crab meat, great shell fish flavour & maybe some cognac.

we ordered 2 portions for 6pax.

crab spaghetti in pink sauce

it’s similar to the pink sauce pasta at valentino.

not quite the same as wife & my pink sauce pasta. i am thinking how i can recreate this dish. i will try fresh crab & cognac i think.

quattro formaggi – 4 cheese pizza

we ordered 2 pizza.

thequattro formaggi – 4 cheese pizza turned out to be the better one. everyone liked it. but oddly the pizza in this pizza bar wasn’t great at all. maybe it’s me, not a pizza person. anyway we all left most of the thicker outer crust. neither great texture for this part nor flavour in the dough itself.

truffle mushrrom pizza

the truffle mushroom pizza was the poorer by comparison.

truffle mushrrom pizza

zero truffle taste basically, all overwhelmed by the mushroom..an ok mushroom pizza i guess.

overall i think it was like S$200net for 6pax.

we did not order that much food, but it was also enough.

not particularly hot on this place myself, but it is doable to come once in a while. in fact this my first time here!

c.h.e.f andy



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