RECIPE = Perfecto! Oven Sous Vide Reverse Sear Australian Pork Chop on 11Jul2021

after tasting the best ever super tender pork chop @ silk’s bistro blue mountains

I decided to make my own using atas S$38/kg pork chop from Cold Storage – more expensive than beef leh!

using the sous vide machine.

today lazy decided to use oven instead! on 12.7.2021.^^

super tender & tasty slow roast reverse sear aussie pork chop in tomato red wine saucethese best! – excellent texture & taste.


  1. brown garlic cloves, add 1 skinless chopped tomato & 1/2 red pepper (i use 1 chilli proxy..if got zucchini will be perfect!)
  2. add red wine & chicken stock & reduce
  3. place clean pork chop seasoned with seasalt & coarse black pepper in oven dish. pour ratatouille over pork chop.add slab of butter
  4. place in 90degC oven for 1 hour (meat temp about 65degC)
  5. add little butter & sear both side..


c.h.e.f andy


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