Excellent 九记潮州打冷餐馆 Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant Mongkok on 11Sep2017 (Day2 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

braised goose 潮州卤鹅

i had been to quite many daipaidong in hong kong, but never quite been to a teochew daipaidong.

i was reading about Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant 九记潮州打冷餐馆 at mongkok. i must admit i was quite thrilled & expectant to try it.

so this evening WM & I, and WT & wife GY, arranged to meet at kau kee at 7pm on 11.92017. ^^

九记潮州打冷餐馆 mongkok

九记潮州打冷餐馆 mongkok

九记潮州打冷餐馆 mongkok

WM & I went a bit early at 6.35pm, first time here. restaurant looked small (but actually they have upstairs) & empty. there were not many diners at the time, wasn’t sure what to expect but crowd started flowing in & place basically packed by 7pm+.

WT & GY were a bit loss so came a while after 7pm. and we saw during the time, a continuous stream of locals filling up the restaurant, that thye came to ask to share our table, but we said we had 2pax more on the way. 🙂

pig stomach soup

food was super! every dish was great!

we ordered a pig stomach soup, having had a very good one at lunch earlier at tao heung.

pig stomach soup

it looked not great but in fact it was very tasty, just like what we had at lunch.

braised goose 潮州卤鹅

i ordered the braised goose 潮州卤鹅. it was tender & tasty…, nice flavourful braise & meat was tender.

mix braises 卤味拼盘

the mix braises 卤味拼盘 like 8 different items …taste ok not the best dish for me.

mix braises 卤味拼盘

not really spectacular. in fact the single item braise goose was better. but it was interesting to try goose intestines, birth intestines etc.

oyster porridge

the oyster porridge was very good too, very tasty & many, many plump large fresh oysters.

oyster porridge

it was really good i think. 🙂

oyster porridge

such a simple dish & so very tasty…

fried beef with sotong & celery

the 2 fried dishes were excellent-best was the celery with squid & beef….小炒王also good..

the fried beef with sotong & celery was way above expectation…super wok hae so very flavourful!

and the beef, sotong & celery were all excellent.


the 小炒王 also very good, much better than the one at 容记小菜王 we had next day..

chicken blood 鸡红

we read about the chicken blood 鸡红 but forgot to order.

my friends saw many tables ordering it so added the dish.

it was super tasty, very smooth & very sweet.

chicken blood 鸡红

the stock was very tasty also..

minced squid & pork

we had salted fish minced pork often so decided to try the steamed minced pork with squid.

nice too, squid slight tough so this & braised combo were the 2 dishes that are less great for me

it was ok but not that great. salted fish minced pork would have been nicer.

minced squid & pork

the minced pork was not as smooth & tasty as the one i make.

bill HK$599

excellent dinner 4pax HK$599 👍👍👍 this place sure come back

service by the young girl very bad..the other middleage servers ok

c.h.e.f andy


九记潮州打冷餐馆 Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant Mongkok


G/F & M/F, 111 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong



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