SQ Flight, Cityflyer Bus A21 and Metropark Hotel (Day 1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

J made png kueh – nice

OPS bro visiting hong kong, shenzhen & guangzhou and going back to his ancestral village gulao 古劳. he asked us to join him during the HK part of the trip plus a day in SZ.

WM & I decided to join & we flew in to HK on 10.9.2017. ^^

SQ flight departure 7.30am. i hate these early flights but no choice cheaper airtickets. today my daughter send me to arrive changi T3 at 6am, otherwise taxi surcharge etc would be ex. T2 asia treasures lounge only open at 7am, and not really enough time to take sky train to T3 asia treasure lounge.

WM’s wife J bought us some png kueh, nice especially with the very spicy chili she made. shiok la!

the outbound flight was a really ancient SIA aircraft..never took such an old SIA plane before.I was thinking jetstar WT took next morning would be new than this. & it was!

no USB charger on board! & screen was maybe 6″ or felt more like 4″ real tiny.watched mommy (2017) & unblocked 1/2way…

SQfood – pork braised noodles ok edible

food on board passable. pork braised noodles ok edible. WM said the western meal – sausage & egg were bad though.

SQfood – pork braised noodles ok edible

well i had better SQ food to hong kong most other times…not great today!

tsingma bridge

tsingma bridge

we bought octopus & HK$88 sim card 1.5G for 5days.

later i found out that singtel now only charge S$20 for 1G for 1 month for like 19 countries. so next time will just do that!

then we took A21 cityflyer bus.

quite convenient just 5stops about 45mins  & stop directly at the entrance of metropark hotel.

we found out though that returning hotel to airport not as convenient. the option was to go walk to mongkok bus stop with luggage OR walk shorter distance to board the connecting bus to kowloon airport express station. we decided to just take the MTR from prince to tsing yi change at lai king, & then board the airport express at tsing yi.

metropark hotel room

metropark hotel room

check in metropark. S$474nett for 4nights.

room was not ready so we went for lunch to chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok to have lunch before checking in to our room.

this room we got the renovated wing. looks new but rooms are smaller.

c.h.e.f andy

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