The Best!!! Early Birthday Dinner for Brother & Sister 7pax @ Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant on 2Jun2017

bamboo clams with tanhoon 竹蚌蒜蓉蒸 S$5.50 each 

had the best seafood dinner =7pax early birthday dinner for brother & sister @ ah yat abalone forum restaurant at hotel grand central at victoria street on 2.6.2017. ^^

this was even better than the 5pax lunch i had here just last week with my OPS bros on 26.5.2017!

seafood promo @ ah yat abalone forum restaurant 

ah yat abalone is having this super offer of S$29.80 for each 500g live boston lobster. that explains why i chose ah yat again so soon for my brother & sister’s early birthday dinner..haha!

i had a prior arranged makan day out wuth my OPS bros but because this dinner was confirmed a bit late, i cut short my OPS makan & just joined the canton paradise dimsum tea. 🙂

the bamboo clams with tanhoon 竹蚌蒜蓉蒸 S$5.50 each (top photo) was among the best i had. wonder why it was better than lunch, like should be the same. maybe better chef for dinner?? the texture ie donesness was perfect & the garlic light soy sauce was really very fragrant..quite superb.

2xboston lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗 S$29.80 each 

the lobster was very good too. maybe still tastier than lunch but i guess less different from the lunch. i noticed that the plating was different from lunch. i like the dinner plating better. lunch used a nice plate but presentation looked squeezy.

steamed turbot 多宝鱼港蒸 1 kg S$48 

the steamed turbot 多宝鱼港蒸 1 kg S$48 was very good this evening.

wife, brother, sister, all like the fish..very幼 (light, tender texture) & sweet, much more fine than tiger garoupa.

steamed turbot 多宝鱼港蒸 1kg S$48 

and the 港蒸 light soy sauce very fragrant…really good!

crab tanhoon claypot螃蟹冬粉煲 S$70=1 kg crab @ S$98/kg less 30% 

brother ordered the crab tanhoon claypot螃蟹冬粉煲. it came to about S$70=1 kg crab @ S$98/kg less 30%.

we all thought it was a bit expensive c/w other ah yat items…eg ah yat grandstand has a S$38 claypot alaskan crab tanhoon which is very good. here alaskan crab is S$248/kg & this crab is S$98/kg.

but this is birthday & the other dishes were heavily discounted & restaurant need to make some money also quite happy to add the dishes.

turned out this was another truly excellent dish…the tanhoon so very tasty & crab wa very fresh & sweet..though we wonder afterwards for 1kg crab, we didn’t seem to see any of the 2 pincers..maybe someone ate & forgot haha!

but i would say i am happy to order this dish again at S$70. it was much bigger dish & overall even better tasting than the S$38 alaskan crab tanhoon at ah yat grandstand.

ginger fried kailan 姜炒芥蓝 S$27 = very good just far too ex 

the ginger fried kailan 姜炒芥蓝 was very good too. can taste the ginger sauce, didn’t know it flavours the vegetable so well, must try this at home next time.

this one of the times where everyone exclaimed how nice the vegetable was.

at S$27, it was just far too ex for a vegetable? like S$29.80 for lobster & S$27 for kai lan.

anyway for this dinner i was happy to order it as it complemented the other dishes very well and that’s what counted. sometimes you get through a meal every dish except 1 or 2 very good, whereas this was an occasion every single dish was good! so well worth it!

probably won’t order this when i come again..

seafood horfun 滑蛋海鲜河粉S$30 = wok hae superb +very good ingredients 

wife too busy to have lunch today wanted to add a horfun.

this seafood horfun 滑蛋海鲜河粉  was fantastic=wok hae superb +very good ingredients, large prawns, scallops, lots of sotong & also lots of fish.

i think the best horfun i had.

seafood horfun 滑蛋海鲜河粉S$30 = wok hae superb +very good ingredients 

again this another dish i don’t mind paying for S$30 when i come again.

only thing is that sometimes taste not always consistent & hopefull these dishes will be just as good when i come again.

dinner for 7pax with all these excellent dishes was S$341nett.

of course they charged S$2.50/head for tea=S$17.50.

and also 2xS$3.50 for peanuts & towel. if you don’t do this, you don’t get towels..haha!

the ala carte items were expensive but we were very happy with the overall dinner, that what counts! like i said, restaurant got to make some money, so give & take la…

had a wonderful early birthday dinner with my brother & sister. their son came along & thoroughly enjoyed it. so i joked with him to look forward to the next makan, outside or at my place haha!

c.h.e.f andy



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