Anniversary Homecooked Dinner & Anniversary Book 7pax Family on 31May2017

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

having 2pax anniversary dinner with wife on the actual date, so did an earlier anniversary dinner for the family so the children & also our helper can join 7pax dinner on 31.5.2017.

2 live lobsters = 1.25kg

poached lobster = 2 for S$75 at sheng shiong

i got 2 live lobsters from sheng shiong, poached them & then short braised with superior broth just before serving.

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

lobsters was tasty, all liked it. it was though a bit overcooked & not perfect like what i did recently for mother’s day when i did one single lobster for 3pax dinner on 14.5.2017. 🙂

prawn tofu similar to sek bao sin

i did prawn tofu which everyone likes. also son had not tried it before.

for this evening everyone liked this dish best. it was not my best delivery actually but still a very tasty dish. prawns were just right texture, sweet & fresh & deep-fried egg tofu soaked up the delicious stock with the smoothness of the egg.

golden deepfried egg tofu

for the prawn tofu dish, i made the deep-fried egg tofu. usually i will shallow fry this not to waste the oil.

this time i had 2 dinners then the teban garden preparation in succession, so managed to use the oil over 3 occasions.

prawn tofu similar to sek bao sin

the dish, though not quite my best, was still a very good, tasty & smooth (the egg) prawn tofu.

wok fried lala

the wok fried lala was a very tasty dish too, and the clams were well cleaned & done just right NOT overcooked. great as lala dish.

not quite as good as my really tasty manila clams of course.

i lazy to go chinatown & sheng shiong did not have manila clams when i went to get the 2 lobsters this morning.

claypot vegetables with siobak

the claypot vegetables were overcooked. stock was tasty. roast pork also overdone & a bit stronger porky taste.

ok dish but not quite good.

claypot vegetables with siobak

i was trying to recreate my excellent claypot fish head for my OPS bros & wives few days back but w/o the fish head.

unfortunately though the claypot vegetables looked good on photo, it was overcooked when served & roast pork was also overdone & a bit porky. this would count as failure la…

white beehoon WBH

the white beehoon WBH dish was ok, also not near my best preparation.

too many dishes requiring stock. got to do a dedicated WBH dish next time & use intense stock to get best results.

white beehoon WBH

i only used prawn head & shell stock & just little of the chicken stock as i was reserving the stock for lobster.

also it was difficult to juggle the amount of stock, amount of beehoon & cooking time to reduce the stock & infuse the beehoon. anyhow the prawns were overcooked (whereas the same prawns for the prawn tofu were quite excellent), and the beehoon alos a bit overcooked.

white beehoon WBH

there was also some timing problems as heavy downpour & daughter came back like 50mins after scheduled 7pm, and it was difficult to estimate the time to serve the several dishes.

anyhow the beehoon was still ok, just not among my best.

and when wife & i added the lobster stock to the beehoon, it was very tasty.

crispy lard – larpok

i made some larpok – crispy lard to top off the WBH.

very easy to make. bought like 70cts packet of already chopped fat from sheng shiong, washed & cooked low heat on non stick wokpan. love it!


to be honest, i was just a little deflated la!

doing the lobsters – buying them on the day, freeze, poach, cut, shell, make stock etc was quite tedious work (apart from being quite expensive at S$75 for 2 lobsters), so the result was quit below expectations.

the other dishes were not too difficult, but the claypot vegetables was an abject failure & the WBH also much below expectations, even though the prawn tofu & the lala were good. and it all still took a whole day’s work but not returning the satisfaction…a bit sian la…

anniversary book present

well, luckily there was still the anniversary book to rejoice.

this my RI bro who was one of 2 travelling companions for my recent london/wales trip took a lot of time & effort to co-ordinate for me to get the book done.

it was made of maple wood & presents a cover with photo, a back page & 2 pages of text inside. & it came with a rose wood case. excellent stuff! wife was suitable impressed. children took some photos for us.

c.h.e.f andy


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