Still the Best Teochew Muay @ Ye Shanghai 夜上海潮州糜 Blk 55 Lengkok Bahru on 3Jun2017

teochew muay dishes

sis called me said she on the way to the new ye shanghai place, whether i wanted to join her for lunch on saturday 3.6.2017.

ye shanghai reopened 2jun2017

ye shanghai reopened 2jun2017

she told me couple weeks back, & my OPS friend also, that ye shanghai had moved from bukit merah view to lengkok bahru.  i later checked with an employee clearing the tables & he said yes this the second day they reopen here.

constant queue at ye shanghai

i was not planning to have lunch but agreed to join her anyway, so i fetched her from commonwealth MRT, and 2 of us were at blk 55 lengkok bahru at 12.33pm. there was a queue of maybe 10pax took about 10-15mins.

one great thing was there’s lots of parking, unlike bukit merah view where it is quite hard to get parking next to the stall.

teochew chilled mullet 冻乌鱼

sis ordered a teochew chilled mullet 冻乌鱼 (S$9) and 6 vegetable dishes + one porridge for S$14.60.

compare this with the exact same fish at seng kee bakuteh, AMK ave 10 selling at S$18!!!

teochew chilled yellow croaker 冻小黄鱼

she then decided to order a second fish=teochew chilled yellow croaker 冻小黄鱼, also S$9.

these 2 fish were excellent, best i had outside=very sweet & tasty & fine texture.

didn’t think that chilled mullet & yellow croaker would be much better than what i made often at home, most recently for a 7pax homecooked teochew muayfamily breakfast after 清明on 14Apr2017. 

but they were!! and at this price, just as well to eat outside here at ye shanghai.


and all the simple small plate vegetable dishes were very good!

okra crunchy and tasty.


leeks sweet, not mushy, with ikan bilis & bit of cloud fungus.

hairy gourd毛瓜

hairy gourd毛瓜 sweet, great texture.

another gourd

another gourd, don’t know the english name (bottle gourd??) very sweet & tasty.

egg plant

egg plants, good!


and bittergourd, good too!

with 2 fish for S$18 and another 6 small plate vegetable & 1 porridge, total was S$23.60 for 2pax.

like i said, mullet & yellow croaker are not much cheaper from sheng shiong so just as well to eat here la..

c.h.e.f andy


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One thought on “Still the Best Teochew Muay @ Ye Shanghai 夜上海潮州糜 Blk 55 Lengkok Bahru on 3Jun2017

  1. Hi, Ye shang Hai has been relocate to new address.

    The new address is 107 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1826, Singapore 160107.
    Operation hours is Mon to Sunday 6AM to 3AM.

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