Super Lunch @ Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant on 26May2017

garlic steamed razor clam S$5.50 each

my OPS bro bought 5pax lunch at ah yat abalone forum restaurant today on 26.5.2017. ^^

seafood promo @ ah yat abalone forum restaurant

ah yat is having a seafood promotion. we ordered a razor clam each, 2 lobsters & a steamed turbot 1kg size. 🙂

har gao

my friend also ordered some dimsum to start. there was a 30% discount on dimsum. & i was pleasantly surprised that the dimsum were very good.

the har gao was better than what i had at canton paradise on 23.5.2017.

siew mai

siew mai were good too.

steamed pork ribs & steamed chicken feet

so were the steamed pork ribs & steamed chicken feet.

first time i had dimsum in ah yat. the dimsum here were really good standard.

our first seafood promo order was the garlic steamed razor clams蒜蓉蒸竹蚌. it was good as any other good seafood restaurant. they don’t do tanhoon here. the clams & the flavourful garlic & light soy sauce were excellent.

2x500g lobster with superior stock = S$29.80 wach lobster

we ordered 2 x500g lobsters! ^^

they were very good! very fresh, sweet lobster & excellent superior stock龙虾上汤焗.

though i feel the same dish still better at kai gardens…

HK steamed turbot 1kg=S$48

we decided to order the turbot HK steamed多宝鱼港蒸。

garoupa is a bit common, and tiger garoupa is a bit “chao chie”, mud taste.

anyway my friends said i was going to cook the >2kg garoupa he fished & gave me on monday 29.5.2017, so might as well get the turbot.

it was very good, the meat is more “yao”幼, much more fine than tiger garoupa.

i asked. they don’t do teochew style here.

by comparison, the steamed halibut at fragrant garden was still much better than this.

seems that fragrant garden misnamed their fish.

halibut is a large ocean fish. apparently the largest pacific halibut caught off the waters of Norway in July 2013 was a 515-pound 8.6 foot fish.

so fragrant garden dish should also be a turbot 多宝鱼!

mini egg tarts

we had the mini egg tarts. i did not try. but they looked ok & all the dimsums we ordered were good.

5pax lunch was S$221 nett, a super lunch for the dishes we had.

c.h.e.f andy



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