Good Nasi Lemak at Crave @ Tanjong Pagar on 22May2017

crave S$6.90 nasi lemak

my son loves selara rasa nasi lemak at adam road. everytime he is home, he will take this nasi lemak, for a period almost everyday.

this evening i actually already had my dinner. it was a tiny poron of experimental sauces pasta i was testing – this time with frozen shelled prawns, tiny shrimps at S$10/kg from QBfoods.

daughted called me. she was with son at Tanjong Pagar Centre. they asked if i like to tapao (take-out) crave nasi lemak..

this the adam road nasi lemak.couple years back i read in the papers that the mechanical engineer graduate from NTU gave up a possivle pilot career to rally his 22-member family to grow & run the business.

crave S$6.90 nasi lemak

you don’t refuse what your children ask to do for you, where possible.

anyhow i like adam road selara rasa nasi lemak, just not crazy about it.

i like kuning fish so asked daighter to add kuning fish.

the packet S$6.90, with 1 chicken wing, 1 ikan kuning, 1 egg, the usual ikan bilis, rice & chilli, was rather ex i thought.

the same i had at their next stall competitor, adam’s nasi lemak, was S$4.50 & came with 2 ikan kuning & peanuts & fishcake! that was 2 yrs ago though.

daughter bouga S$9.90 deepfried whole squid for JH. this was i guess their innovation! using the deepfried chicken better to do a squid.

& i think it was excellent. i would not mind having that for a change sometime, but overall i would have my staple nasi lemak, the usual fare la!

c.h.e.f andy


7 Wallich Street #B2-26/27
Singapore 078884
Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 4pm (Sat, Sun)




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