Good & Cheap Teochew Muay @ Block 216 Bedok North Street 1 Market & Food Centre on 9Apr2016

teeochew muay dishes

teochew muay dishes 

made nonya curry chicken for newgate learning lab bathesda community lunch at bedok north ave 3 today on 9.4.2016.

after the community lunch, & my friends had emptied the rubbish& cleaned up, we walked over to blk 216 bedok north street 1 market & food centre for some makan chat. ^^

there was a queue of 10+ at the more “famous” fish porridge stall. my friend said that was a short queue & worth queueing.

2 of us decided though to just go for the teochew muay stall in front where there was no queue.

stingray with bittergourd

stingray with bittergourd 

my friend ordered 4 dishes for 2pax. the other friend had eaten lunch & was just taking coffee.

the dishes were pretty good, and just S$12 for 4 dishes + 2 porridge. my friend thought the dishes were average but i though it was pretty good, for the few items we had.

the stingray with bittergourd was as good as any teochew muay stall like say ye shanghai, even zi char stalls.

teochew fishcake + belly pork

teochew fishcake + belly pork 

the teochew fishcake here was nice, unlike some places where they have too much flour(like shi le yuan). this was quite authentic.

the plain white belly pork was strange. i think this the first time i saw basically boiled belly pork instead of the usual braised ones like kong bak.

& it was good too, great texture & tasted good too (the bland type taste) with the chilli.



& cabbage also good.

i guess it was not exceptional, but many expensive teochew muay stalls give you much poorer food, so this was ok for me.

i am not sure how good the fish porridge was & i will try that but generally between the 2 i would actually prefer teochew muay dishes.

c.h.e.f andy


3 thoughts on “Good & Cheap Teochew Muay @ Block 216 Bedok North Street 1 Market & Food Centre on 9Apr2016

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