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Great Quality Lunch @ Tunglok Signature Orchard Parade on 6Appr2016

1/2 roast London duck - S$32

1/2 roast London duck – S$32

went with friend for lunch at tunglok signature @ orchard parade on 6.4.2016. ^^

just returned from london last evening. had an excellent family holiday in london, lisbon, porto with wife, son & daughter.

my OPS friend bought me an excellent G7 Sinma frog porridge lunch on 11.3.2016 before my trip.

so my turn to buy lunch. 🙂

garlic steamed razor clams - S$12.80

garlic steamed razor clams – S$12.80

we started with a steamed razor clam.

clam was smaller than what usually is served in say ah yat, jumbo, long beach etc. the sauce a bit gluey, but overall the taste was still very good. 🙂

i would order this again, also after 50% palate discounts for 2pax, this dish was only S$6.40++.

Lie tong 例汤 1/2 pot=S$16

lie tong 例汤 1/2 pot=S$16

we shared 1/2 pot lie tong 例汤 1/2 pot at S$16 (full pot S$28).

lie tong 例汤 always good here, and at others like imperial treasure etc. for me, a good lie tong 例汤 1/2 (they usually very good la) is better than taking sharksfin (politically incorrect) or even fishmaw soup.

1/2 roast London duck - S$32

1/2 roast London duck – S$32

& i wanted to let my friend try the roast london duck. ^^

they used irish duck which is fatter & more flavourful.

can’t it’s better than the tea smoked duck at xin cuisine,

but certainly it is better than the very good roast duck at canton paradise.

Rack of lamb - S$15

Rack of lamb – S$15

rack of lamb was good too, tender not too strong gamey taste. but chinese preparation is for me, never as good for this dish c/w with modern european.

we shared one order.

String beans - S$18

String beans – S$18

string beans was more ex, basically S$18 is a good restuarant kind of pricing for veg.

Garoupa fillet noodles soup - S$12

Garoupa fillet noodles soup – S$12

i had a zhajiangmian variation here with my wife recently.

this time, it was a garoupa fillet noodle soup.

it was good, soup very tasty, garoupa fillet fresh & sweet.

we shared one order.

Excellent 5pax Birthday Lunch @ Red House on 26Apr2016

spinach musroom dumpling

spinach mushroom dumpling

OPS friend celebrating wife’s birthday & invited us for lunch at red house princep street on 26.4.2016.

(we didn’t know. we asked but he didn’t say till afterwards).

i have never been to red house for the longest time.

they are having a 40% off dimsum promotion till 31.12.2016!

food was surprisingly good leh! ^^

the spinach mushroom dumpling looked alluring & tasted really good. very nice mushroom flavours, and so refine. 🙂

har gao虾饺

har gao虾饺

the simple har gao虾饺 also looked so refine, and tasted wonderful too. 🙂

fu pei quin 腐皮卷

fu pei quin 腐皮卷

fu pei quin 腐皮卷 not overly oily, very crispy & good fresh prawn fillings, a very well done dish. 🙂

steamed bamboo clams 圣子

steamed bamboo clams 圣子 – S$10 each

friend ordered the steamed bamboo clams 圣子. dish was ok.

this a bit small c/w say ah yat or jumbo or long beach, quite similar size to the recent ones we had at tunglok signature orchard parade, but tunglok’s minced garlic oil & tanhoon a lot tastier than this.

steamed razor clams with garlic (beautiful photo taken by Jeanette at 6.10.2012 homecooked dinner)

steamed razor clams with garlic (beautiful photo taken by Jeanette at 6.10.2012 homecooked dinner)

actually even my own preparation is tastier than this.

lemongrass chilli lobster 香茅辣椒龙虾

lemongrass chilli lobster 香茅辣椒龙虾 – S$88

the lemongrass chilli lobster 香茅辣椒龙虾 was excellent! ^^

lemongrass chilli lobster 香茅辣椒龙虾

lemongrass chilli lobster 香茅辣椒龙虾 – S$88

usually it is a waste to add chilli to a fresh & expensive lobster.

this one though was done very well. the chilli was very tasty, i thought a bit thai style.

lemongrass chilli lobster 香茅辣椒龙虾

lemongrass chilli lobster 香茅辣椒龙虾 – S$88

lobster very good, the chilli did not overwhelm the sweetness of the lobster meat. enhanced it la… 🙂

fragrant crispy duck 香酥鸭

1/2fragrant crispy duck 香酥鸭 – S$23

friend also ordered 1/2 fragrant crispy duck 香酥鸭.

it is a variation of the roast duck which we eat too often.

this was deep-fried & could taste the fragrance of the spices. they usually served it with some crepe so the server proceeded to destroy (tear up) the duck. we didn’t want the crepe. friend’s wife commented the presentation was not good. in shanghai/jiangsu they would cut the duck in slices & nicer presentation.

also the duck was a bit dry inside, not such a good preparation.

spinach tofu 三层楼

spinach tofu 三层楼 – S$14

the spinach tofu was excellent, very tasty very well done.

spinach tofu 三层楼

spinach tofu 三层楼

i first had this 三层楼 at tunglok group maybe >20years ago. this one though tasted better than tunglok.

sambal kang kong

sambal kang kong – S$12

sambal kang kong was good, more than competent.

seafood hor fun 杂锦河粉

seafood hor fun 杂锦河粉 – S$12

the seafood hor fun 杂锦河粉 was very good too. very nice wok hae (wok fragrance!)

seafood hor fun 杂锦河粉

seafood hor fun 杂锦河粉 = S$12

the dimsum dishes were quite refine & the main courses were also top draw.

overall it was an excellent lunch, much better than i expected from a seafood restaurant like red house (there are so many similar places like jumbo, long beach, no sign board etc).

sorbet lemongrass jelly

sorbet lemongrass jelly

the dessert were ok but did not really stand out.

i enjoyed my lemongrass jelly with sorbet.



the 杨枝甘露  looked average.

orh nee 芋泥

orh nee 芋泥

the orh nee 芋泥  didn’t looked right. maybe taste was ok?

lunch came to S$311 for 5pax, about S$62pax.

quite high for lunch. still i think a great place for a great lunch or dinner with good friends. must look a bit at the dishes to order, but i surely coming back again la! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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