OPS Friend Bought Nice 2pax Lunch @ Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char on 4Apr2017

steamed shark’s cartilage

my OPS friend came to fetch me for lunch at zai shun 载顺 toady on 4Apr2017. ^^

we were a bit late. we arrived at the carpark next to the zai shun 载顺 block at 12pm, and very lucky got a lot immediately.

later I googled & it was mentioned that zai shun 载顺 starts at 7am & by 11am many items are sold out.

zai shun 载顺 zi char

place was quite packed.

my friend went to queue. there was about 12pax in the queue.

zai shun 载顺 zi char

we shared a table, with a young & older man.

zai shun 载顺 zi char

the food took about 24mins = my friend queued at 12.08pm & food arrived 12.32pm.

zai shun 载顺 zi char

place was neat, bright & airy. ambience was quite good.

sour sop & water chestnut drinks

my friend went to get drinks as well.

I had sour sop (apparently the last order) & he took the water chestnut. 🙂

steamed shark’s cartilage

my friend ordered the steamed shark’s cartilage. the stall owner told him that’s among the last orders.

this was supremely good. soft bones & gelatinous & the steamed sauce was tasty & slight tangy, quite perfect la..

later we figured the dish might have cost like S$40…if so that was really expensive & didn’t really make sense.

but it was so good, that I am actually prepared to pay that if that indeed the price the next time I come.

this place famous for their steamed fish & fish heads. I saw many tables ordered the steamed garoupa etc including the 2 guys on my table with what looked like a 900g-1kg red garoupa…wonder what that cost?

anyway only 2 of us. told my friend not to order too much. we were very happy with the shark’s cartilage! ^^

fried bittergourd egg with salted egg white

one dish which other bloggers mentioned was the fried bittergourd with egg & also salted egg white!

my helper does this many times (not with salted egg white) & always good, but this was better even, quite exceptional.

the salted egg white made quite a difference. the dish was really flavourful/tasty.

this dish was monsterous in serving size. my friend said the stall owner said only 1 size?? don’t really made sense, but we were not complaining as the dish was exceptionally good!

cai buay – salted veg

we only ordered one more dish – the ubiquitous cai buay – salted veg.

a simple dish but this was very good. other places very salty or overly sweet. here just the right salty & not sugarly sweet but a nice gentle sweetness.

my friend said he paid S$54. we don’t really know the price, but I guess the huge plate of egg bittergourd was S$12 (it could be more) & the cai buay S$2, which leaves the shark’s cartilage like S$40. it could be S$36 too with the bittergourd S$16.

for me it was very enjoyable lunch thanks to my friend who bought lunch! ^^

I will definitely come back here again.

c.h.e.f andy


Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char


253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-205, Singapore 600253


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