Lobster Angel Hair Pasta, Prawn Yeemeen & Panfried Fish Fillet on 5Apr2017

lobster angel hair in pink sauce

lobster angel hair in pink sauce

wife is off with some friends tomorrow to catch sakura in seoul. this evening we had a 5pax family home dinner on 5.4.2017. ^^

I made lobster angel hair pasta.

2 x 350g lobster

I bought some frozen poached lobsters from phoon huat delicassen earlier.

I defrosted 2 lobsters & shelled them. they were between 350g and 375g. actually this part is more hard work. cooking the pasta is easy!

2 x 350g lobster

the shells I used to make stock.

2 x 350g lobster

I kept the tomalley with the shelled lobster tails & pincers.

lobster angel hair in pink sauce

I made the usual pink sauce, using 1/2 bottle (640ml bottle) prego traditional sauce, 1/2 canned whole tomatoes.

first I browned 1 whole bulb of garlic cloves in olive oil. I added 1 cut chilli padi & 12 leaves of thai sweet basil. then I off fire & added the prego sauce & whole tomatoes (cut with scissors). then I added the stock from lobster shell boiled in chicken stock & reduced. the I added 1/2 bottle (150ml) thickened cream.

lobster angel hair in pink sauce

then I added the shelled lobster tails, pincers & tomalley, & off fire so not to overcook the lobster. (before adding lobster meat, as the lobster would have lots of liquid, I drained that to the sauce to reduce).

the key is judging how much to reduce & thicken the sauce, so once lobster is added, no need to reduce further.

lobster angel hair in pink sauce

when ready to serve, I heat up the sauce, made sure lobster was cooked, then off fire, added the angel hair (near al dente) & tossed. then added more basil to garnish.


lobster pasta was beautiful this evening, taste was excellent. my angel hair though just slightly over, so I have to do more al dente minus next time…

wok-fried medium prawns

I also made a prawn yeemeen.

the yeemeen I made the first time for my wife on valentine’s day 14.2.2017 was the best.

so I wanted to make again for my daughters.

wok-fried medium prawns

for the medium prawns, I seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper.

then I added it to the garlic olive oil I prepared earlier browning garlic, added one cut chilli padi. and panfried over high heat. DO NOT COVER! the shell were slightly charred, the prawn texture just right. this dry frying (no condensation) produces the best result.

prawns yeemeen

then I braised the yeemeen in the thick chicken stock.

again judging how much to reduce to a very tasty stock is the key.

prawns yeemeen

so the yeemeen was moist, well infused with the stock & just nice texture, not mushy, overcooked.

then I topped the yeemeen with the prawns, & garnished with chopped scallions, and coriander.

pan-fried sea bream

the last dish I made was the panfried sea bream in green chilli & spinach sauce.

pan-fried sea bream

I seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, & fried in butter in a non-stick pan over high heat.

pan-fried sea bream

nicely charred, crisp skin.

green chilli spinach veloute

I made the green chilli veloute using 2 green chilli padi, a bunch of cut round spinach (i used 1/3 packe), 1 Japanese small cucumber, 1/2 green pepper, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp. mirin.

pan-fried sea bream in green chilli spinach veloute

the veloute tasted ok but a bit of raw veg taste, not perfect.

next time I will use more green pepper which is very sweet, and maybe not use the spinach.

pan-fried sea bream in green chilli spinach veloute

fish was good.

I didn’t mind the sauce, but it was not the best.

I was trying to recreate the excellent garoupa dish at tunglok signature.

pan-fried sea bream in green chilli spinach veloute

not quite there yet!

pan-fried sea bream in green chilli spinach veloute

it was a very enjoyable meal with family. lobster angel hair was great & everyone liked the prawn yeemeen too. the pan-fried seabream dish not there yet, need to improve on it la..

c.h.e.f andy


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