Really Good 4-course Lunch (UOB 1 for 1) = S$58++ for 2pax @ Domvs by Gabriel Fratini on 6Apr2017

excellent lamb fillet

had lunch with my godsis at domvs today on 6.4.2017. ^^

don’t know when the last time I came here? certainly >5yrs.

there was a UOB 1 for 1, so I emailed domvs for the menu. chef fratini himself replied, said he didn’t have a menu but will do an appetizer, a pasta, a meat/or fish & a dessert, and he confirmed it was $58++ for 2pax lunch, and S$128++ for 2pax dinner with UOB 1 for 1. ^^

so I went with meimei today…

domvs by gariel fratini @ level 1 sheration towers

domvs located at level 1 of Sheraton Towers.

we were there at 12pm, only 1 other table. then another 2 arrived with a toddler & took a table, and then was another group of 4 chaps. so for the entire lunch, there were like 4 tables.

nice insulated glass for warm water

godsis had warm water, I had iced water.

very good bread

the bread was very good. ciabatta was flavourful, and so was the other bread.

they provided a small triple tray with extra virgin olive oil & 2 dips, like a sundried tomato & a hummus. everything was good. mei mei especially liked the sundried tomato dip.

trio of appetizers

we had a trio of appetizers. this was quite impressive.


salad was refreshing.

pork rillettes & fish

and there was pork rilletes on a mash, and a fish with some fruit salsa??

I liked the rilette better. it was flavourful, but I had better rilletes (pork or duck) before…fish kind of non-descript, ok item….

truffle & spinach ravioli

the ravioli was very good!

a really tasty, top draw ravioli dish comparable to the best!


chef fratini came by earlier to take our orders, and see if we had any diet restrictions.

meimei doesn’t take lamb, so she went with the barramundi.

I of course take the lamb, though chef also offered beef, but a lamb fillet sounded great & it’s easier & more frequent I do a good steak at home, than trying to do lamb.

excellent lamb fillet

I think the lamb fillet was simply fabulous, so very good. very nice flavours & yet no gamey taste, and came with good vegetables sides, as did the barramundi.

excellent lamb fillet

I think if I come again I may still take lamb, though it’s tempting to see what beef chef produces.

panna cotta & tiramisu

dessert was a duo of panna cotta & tiramisu.

panna cotta was pedestrian for me, the average anywhere…tiramisu was very good – light & flavourful.

that’s all I took though, not that they were not good, but wife just called about my blood test results, not so thrilling la…

the head waiter/restaurant manager asked if we wanted coffee. meimei decided to go for the long black. i did not order any.

I knew it would cost like S$6 to S$8 but it was ok. I told meimei the restaurant needed to earn some money anyway, so just treat as a tip for the restaurant as long as we enjoy having it. I was quite happy overall with the price for this excellent lunch.

we had a good chat. for me this was a very enjoyable & relaxing lunch, nice ambience, excellent food.

the final bill came to S$78nett = as expeted we were charged S$8++ for one long black…

i asked the restaurant manager about parking. he replied that it was not part of the promotion. it was not what he said, but the manner that gave you the impression that why are you asking. anyway such things never bother me, we came here to spend money & enjoy, and i will always ask about parking if i do not have prior knowledge, and it does not matter how the reply was voiced, by restaurant manager or junior waiter. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Domvs by Gabriel Fratini


39 Scotts Rd, Sheraton Towers Singapore, Singapore 228230


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