The Best Sharks Cartilage & Salted Egg Bittergourd @ Zai Shun on 17Sep2017

3 dishes – sharks cartilage, bittergourd & 金针 lily stems

went with sis & bil to zai shun for lunch about 1130am on 17.9.2017. ^^

carpark was packed as usual. luckily we did not have to wait long & the carpark lot was just at the shop…turnover was quite fast.

there was a queue (about 7pax) & also waiting for tables. sis got a good table for 3 of us after 5mins wait.

steamed sharks cartilage in taujeon lime sauce

as i am having my 14-day vegetarian challenge ending 30.9.2017 with a good friend DP, i ordered for 2pax.

zai shun is famous for steam fish of course. but i not interested in steam fish as honestly, i can steam very nice red garoupa from chinatown etc at home & so easy to do i don’t really feel there is much difference la…

the 2 dishes here that are must order for me is the sharks cartilage & the salted egg bittergourd.

the steamed sharks cartilage in taujeon lime sauce is an outstanding dish here..the gelatinous sharks cartilage just fantastic & the sauce was perfect. i had taken this 2 times before though i not eating it today.

i also tried replicating the taujeon lime sauce. i did a pretty good one with a taujoen lime sauce angkorli fillet. never quite the same of course.

salted egg bittergourd

the salted egg bittergourd here literally has no peers la!

the nearest that came to this was what i had at restoran ah kaw in pelangi JB.

still it was not quite…

salted egg bittergourd

i took just a little, so it was a huge serving for 2pax but it was their standard size whatever pax.


i hardly ever take 金针…

this stir-fried lily stem dish quite unique really.

the lily stems have a special flavour, and overall it was a nice dish.


it’s not a must order dish for me.

other than cooked dishes, zai shun has like 8 cooked dishes mostly vegetables which they can serve on plates for varying sizes of order rightaway. a few like this lily stems are hot dishes (heated) so we ordered this today.

2pax lunch (good for 3pax) was like S$56. i think maybe sharks cartilage was S$40, salted egg bittergourd S$10 or S$12, and 金针 S$3 or S$5, and S$1 for 2 rice/porridge.

sis & bil enjoyed the lunch tremendously!

c.h.e.f andy


Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char


253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-205, Singapore 600253

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