Delicious Homecooked 8pax Dinner For My Friends on 24Apr2017

8pax homeooked dinner dishes

made 8 homecooked dishes for my friends, a 8pax dinner on 25.4.2017. ^^

not met up with these friend for a while.

wife joined dinner, & son is back from London, so he joined dinner also this evening. 🙂

it’s the same HK daipaidong dishes (and indeed JB & singapore zi char dishes) i made for my RI buddies 10pax dinner recently on 13.3.2017. ^^

(my friends brought nice shuu dessert puffs with 4 flavours-macha, coffe, black sesame, cream;  nonya kueh NOT cakes😜; wine, gimson sauce etc…)

8pax homeooked dinner dishes

the 8 dishes were –

1 Singapore claypot chicken rice
2 HK claypot rice 腊味煲仔饭
3 JB shoon huat claypot wine chicken
4 HK minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室 steamed minced pork in light soy sauce
5 steamed angkorli (seabream) fillet with Jeanette’s gimson sauce
6 steamed pork soft bones
7 zai shun’s egg bittegourd with minced salted egg
8 fried leek with onions

today’s claypot rice was still as good.

wife, son, all the friends liked it.

though as i told them i made a mistake & emptied the marinated wine chicken into the claypot by mistake & had to rescue a bit. haha! :-p

still very tasty, smokey, flavourful la!

the HK claypot rice 腊味煲仔饭 was also good. this time my friends thought the Singapore claypot rice was more flavourful, so 2 against one now, with my RI buddies going for the Singapore claypot rice & my OPS buddies the HK claypot rice.

the steamed minced pork in light soy sauce was again very good.

though i used more fatty minced pork, it was very smooth & very “pang” with top quality light soy sauce.

my friend who brought me again the gimson nonya sauce from JB, liked it especially.

the claypot wine chicken i overcooked a bit this evening, so the chicken breast was not perfect like last time. the thighs etc were still very tender & tasty. my friends liked this dish too.

certainly more tender than Shoon Huat’s & most other such dishes in restaurants which tended to be “old” & more tough.

the nonya steamed angkorli (sea bream) fillet  i used the gimson sauce my friend bought me.

it was more unique than the usual hong kong steamed preparation with the nonya flavour giving it a tangy, distinct flavour.

today though the pork soft bones were very far from perfect.

perfect last time as the meat was very tender from 1 hr 20mins steaming like the steamed pork ribs in any dimsum restaurants.

today though the pork soft bones were “soh”, has a very porky smell. friends said tasted like beef.

these were frozen ribs from QB Food, had always been good previously, and just taken out of the freezer.

the only step i missed was washing, cleaning with salt as my helper blanched it & i didn’t tell her to do this step before blanching.

today my minced salted egg with the egg bittergourd was almost perfect though.

the ast time i did for my brother i added 1/2 egg, and the flabour did not come out.

this time i added the whole salted egg, and the flavour was very good indeed.

this the second time i did this dish, so almost got it right now.

fried leeks & onions

fried leek & onions were ok, the usual, but this dish usually not so popular.

fried leeks & onions

leek something that teochew like my sis & me like, but my wife doesn;t like it & many people do not fancy it much.

nice shuu dessert puffs

nice shuu dessert puffs

nice shuu dessert puffs

nice shuu dessert puffs

a friend borught very nice shuu cream puffs.

there were  flavours – macha, black sesame, coffee & vanilla.

i liked the macha & coffee best…these were light puffs, quite pleasant.

nonya kueh

another friend who last minute could not joined dinner, brought some nonya cake & came after dinner. i missed the lapis sagu, but took couple of the others.

very fun dinner with this group of friends which i don’t meet often.

will do another dinner, a western dinner later when i back from my travel…

c.h.e.f andy


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