Delightful Dinner with Son @ La Brezza St Regis on 22Apr2017

lobster tagliolini S$63

son is back for a 6 weeks elective program.

wife has a get-together with some friends, so we sent her then went to labrezza @ st regis for some nice dinner on 22.4.2017. ^^

la brezza @ st regi

this evening the place was full, so they opened up the glass partition, and son & i sat outside at the poolside. 🙂

la brezza @ st regi

quite a delightful ambience.

extra virgin olive oil & balsamic

it is a new young chef, chef armando & a new menu since 3mar2017 or something.

but they are still keeping the excellent extra virgin olive oil & balsamic. seems that everyone like the balsamic, according to our friendly server jannie.

bread + extra virgin olive oil & balsamic

we had breadsticks (not for me), focaccia & baguette.

son asked for a second serving of focaccia. it was nice but cold. it is easy to just warm up the bread, wonder why la brezza does not do such a simple easy step!

angus striploin & lobster tagliolini

son did not want too much carbs & too much food.

so we just ordered the angus striploin & lobster tagliolini on the ala carte menu.

angus striploin S$58

i like the old menu better, especially the price. haha! 🙂

the previous 300g angus ribeye was just S$42. now a poorer cut striploin & it was S$58!

the striploin, recommended medium rare, was very good actually, but it’s always not going to be as good as a ribeye. the grilled green pepper, and some tomato salsa & soil were nice complement to the steak.

for comparison, this would now be inferior to prime portico USDA choice grain-fed ribeye, which is S$46 (same amex discounts).

lobster tagliolini S$63

the same lobster tagliolini was S$51 just 2 months back. 

now it is S$63!

lobster tagliolini S$63

the lobster tagliolini was good, very competent.

my daughters thought previously that the pasta was not as good as the crayfish pasta my wife made.

i do agree too, but still it was very good competent pasta dish, and of course the lobster was quite excellent.

a 600g live lobster cost me S$35 from sheng shiong so this was mighty ok la…

lobster tagliolini S$63

i asked the server to add coarse black pepper & also grated parmesan cheese.

i think it was still a very good, delightful pasta dish, though it was quite plain tasting & not intense.

dinner for 2pax for 2 dishes came to S$78nett after 50% amex lovedining discounts, quite ok la, even though like 20% higher price than 2 months before.

c.h.e.f andy



2 thoughts on “Delightful Dinner with Son @ La Brezza St Regis on 22Apr2017

  1. $63 for a plain tasting pasta is unacceptable. St Regis seems to have a problem keeping good chefs. Any time they are any good, they leave to set up their own! Can’t see any justification for the price increase! Thank you for your posts. Always enjoy reading them!

  2. Thanks for stopping by🙏

    Without the 50% discounts for 2pax from amex lovedining i would not pay S$63.
    $31.50 for a whole lobster pasta was ok for me😎 though i prefer if price remains at $51 for exacty same dish

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