Wife’s Fabulous Yong Tau Foo & Mined Pork Noodles on 19Apr2017

yong tau foo

my eldest daughter like yong tau foo. in recent times we get to eat more of this dish. wife buys yong tau foo from the first stall at the basement next to the lift at chinatown market, so we strated cooking ytf at home.

the ytf items are fresher & have more generous, plump fish meat filling, and generally are much better than most at ytf hawker stalls.

my helper uses yellow beans & ikan bilis to prepare the soup. so the soup standard also comparable with ytf hawker stalls outside.

minced pork noodle

my helper also does an awesome minced pork noodles.

this minced pork is done with some prawns & sliced mushrooms & oyster sauce, and she also has tau gay to add to the stringy hong kong noodles.

this minced pork is quite excellent taken on its own, and about perfect with the tasty ytf. ^^

yong tau foo

wife went to chinatown the day before, so we had quite a lot of yong tau foo for dinner this evening on 19.4.2017. ^^

yong tau foo 

they were all nice.

there was one we like with with pig skin covering the fish meat filling, and all the usual with tau pok & bean curd skin,

the fishballs though were not the best.

yong tau foo 

the piece at the bottom (above photo) had cabbage wrapped inside. quite interesting too ya. 🙂

minced pork noodle, with mushrooms, prawns 

the minced pork topping was very good.

uhakka’s minced pork noodles yong tau foo釀豆腐 

there are a few ytf stalls that do minced pork noodles.

so  far the best ytf  i had was at u hakka ytf at circuit road food centre, which a good friend brought us a year back on 24.2.2016. time flies!

that’s a stall i would like to go back.

noodles, with a dash of oyster sauce 

my helper’s noodles were quite perfect, totally qq & stringy, al dente.

minced pork noodle 

& the toppings were generous.

minced pork noodle 

i took a bit less noodles. with lots of tau gay….

minced pork noodle

& the combination made a very good noodle dish all by its own.

this evening i also bought some manila clams from sheng shiong earlier, so i made wok fried manila clams. lagi shiok la!

c.h.e.f andy


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