RI Buddies 10pax homecooked 9-course Hong Kong Daipaidong Dinner on 13Mar2017

did a 9-course hong kong daipaidong dinner for 10pax RI VSOP (very special old pals) today on 13.3.2017. ^^

1 HK claypot rice 腊味煲仔饭
2 Singapore claypot chicken rice
3 JB soon huat claypot wine chicken
4 Steamed Minced Pork with Light Soy Sauce 蒸肉饼
5 steamed pork soft bones
6 Teochew Light Braised Pork Trotters 潮州鲁猪手 & belly pork
7 Teochew Bittergourd Pork Rib Soup 苦瓜排骨汤
8 fried brocoli 清炒西兰花
9 fried romaine lettuce 清炒油麦菜 (last 2 by my helper)

was considering to postpone because not feeling well but manage to organise dinner quite smoothly anyway with help from my helper & minimum energy & effort…

thanks all my friends…dinner went very well & smoothly…very fun & happy for me…such moments, & thanks to our resident photographer, the wonderful photo & video memories are to be treasured.

thanks my helper for cooking too. Thanks my friends for the fruits. white wine, another a Riesling, magnum, red wine…Thanks to our pastor friend for saying grace & to all for our company. 🙏🙏

hong kong daipaidong dishes

must say it was really a wonderful meal…

most of the dishes I did last week for my OPS buddies on 7.3.2017.^^

I just made couple of changes to reduce the effort because I was unwell, and also got my helper to fry the 2 vegetable dishes. 🙂

the hong kong claypot 煲仔饭 looked great. very tasty too.

the steamed pork soft bones (very tender basically dimsum restaurant standard) was great & also the drizzle sauce I prepared was great with the rice. & of course the duck liver sausage I bought in hong kong was ever so fabulous.

but it was not as good as what I did last week. this time I cooked a bit more rice (2 cups instead of 1.5cups) & my timing was not too good, so had a lot more burnt parts at the bottom.

this time all my friends prefer the claypot chicken rice.

of course chicken was very tender, tasty & more substantial than the sausage & pork soft bones in flavours.

#3 steamed angkoli with cloud fungus

I added a steamed angkoli with cloud fungus. this a new dish I did not have last week for my OPS buddies.

inspiration came from the steamed grass carp dish we had at in hong kong.

this was another simple dish at the daipaidong where the main play was actually the excellent light soy sauce.

#3 steamed angkoli with cloud fungus

I bought a whole angkoli fish at sheng shiong at S$8.80/kg & fillet the meat for steaming & kept the head & bones.

I just steamed it with sliced ginger, cut chilli paddy in light soy sauce & cloud fungus.

#3 steamed angkoli with cloud fungus

it was so simple to prepare, and my friends all loved the dish.

the steamed minced pork with light soy sauce, after a few practices, I kind of quite perfected it.

so this time actually I think it was better than what I had for my OPS buddies last week. probably still cannot match minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室, but otherwise it was very good, and one friend commented that was his best dish for the evening.

#5 JB shoon huat wine chicken

the JB shoon huat wine chicken was an adjustment I made.

last week I did the hand tear chicken手撕鸡 for my OPS buddies. that required a bit more effort – have to poached chicken, quenched in ice water, kept in fridge, then deboned & tore the chicken.

for the wine chicken, my helper cut up 1/2 chicken for me, no need debone, so I only have to marinade & cook it. almost effortless la…

& this was also one dish which quite unanimously all my friends said was superb…very tender, tasty chicken, great Chinese wine flavours.

I think it was much better than shoon huat & better than most of the restaurant dishes. because my chicken texture was very tender whereas most restaurants (like JB shoon huat) would overcook their chicken.

I did the Teochew braised pig trotters & belly pork for my friends. I did not take any (because unwell).

the trotters very gelatinous, tasty braising sauce, texture a bit softer. my own preference is a firmer texture. however today I am not tasting my food when cooking just judging by timing & look & feel, so I err on the safe side let it cook a bit more.

& I made also quite perfect bittergourd pork rib soup 苦瓜排骨煲, better than last week. this time I boiled the bitter gourd a short while to remove the bitterness.

& my steamed pork soft bones (1/2 used for the hong kong claypot 煲仔饭 & 1/2 for this dish) was excellent & with intense chicken stock as base so overall the taste of this soup was excellent.

fried romaine lettuce 清炒油麦菜

fried broccoli 清炒西兰花

my helper cooked both vegetable dishes for me.

both were excellent, very tasty, superb vegetable dishes.

all cleared 风卷落叶

everything was wiped clean!


2 friends brought the fruits, very sweet Korean strawberries & grapes, the red ones sweeter.

we had a really wonderful diner & time together.

this evening the friends got ready to leave a bit earlier. they knew I was a bit tired. I was very happy though.

everything went perfectly & I did not exhaust myself or use too much energy in preparing the dishes, thanks to my helper.

still at this age my illness took the usual time to heal though this time I managed the symptoms pretty ok, so basically I did not leave the house for 2 weeks to let the body fully recover.

c.h.e.f andy

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