Great Tea Infused Roast Duck 2pax Lunch @ Xin Cuisine 新故乡 on 28Mar2017

tea smoked roast duck – S$32

my good OPS primary school friend had his birthday last Saturday. yesterday he was with 2 other OPS friends in JB. so we arranged to have lunch today on Tuesday 28.3.2017. ^^

I haven’t been to Xin Cuisine 新故乡 for a while. my last blog post was dinner on 17.4.2016.

tea smoked roast duck – S$32

the roast duck here was fabulous – the best. for me, this is better than-

  1. canton paradise,
  2. royal london duck at mandarin gallery,
  3. House of Roasted Duck 劉強烤鴨店 , &
  4. about on par or better than the royal London duck at tunglok signatures.

it had a light fragrant tea infused flavour, the skin was perfectly crisp. also great juice & peanuts, and plum sauce.

today though I needed my friend to tell me it was really flavourful…taste buds still not in gear yet…

sweet mustard leaves with wawa vegetables 甜梅菜和娃娃菜 – S$18

the 甜梅菜和娃娃菜 another excellent dish here.

I made my very good 梅菜扣肉 dish after I tried this 梅菜dish here.

so tender, & the 娃娃菜 & also the egg plant were really perfect, and the light soy sauce too.

I must try making this full dish.

lobster noodles – S$25

I ordered the lobster noodles for my friend.

big prawn noodles – S$15

& a big prawn crispy noodles for myself.

friend’s feedback was that the lobster was plump & fresh. the sauce superior stock 上汤 was NOT that superior & noodles too. it sure looked that way.

actually I made an excellent 上汤焗伊面 for my wife on valentine’s day, I think mine much more “superior” la..(not my lobster just the noodles)

my big prawn noodles was good standard. prawn was well done, the crispy noodles a bit soaked. my sauce looked the same but had scallions & ginger, so maybe the taste was better.

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM, 6:30–10:30PM

Best S$5 Weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre on 28Mar2017

weiyi laksa S$5

sent daughter to commonwealth MRT at 7.55am.

decided to drop by tanglin halt food centre. weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 was open. today Tuesday 28.3.2017. ^^

weiyi laksa long queue

there were 7 in the queue. joined the queue took about 10mins so pretty ok. the first women bought like 7 or 8 packets so took longest, the rest including myself mostly one or two.

weiyi laksa long queue

I ate a $5 bowl there & tapao one back for my helper.

weiyi laksa S$5

I bought the no 6 S$5 option = chicken + hum (cockles) + taupok & medium.

I like weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 because it is lemak but not very, and is more savoury, of course lots of ingrdients, and that’s why more savoury & satisfying.

weiyi laksa S$5

I think my taste bud a bit off today, as proven when I had lunch with my OPS friend later. so did not fully realised the enjoyment & taste. still it was good!

c.h.e.f andy


Weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre


#01-20,Tanglin Halt Food Centre, 48Tanglin Halt Road, 142048


+65 97821012

Opening Hours

5.30am – 2.00pm

(Closed on Mon & Fri)

Wonderful Evening 2pax Dinner with my close RI Friend @ Mikuni Fairmont on 27Mar2017

UN futomaki & botan ebi sashimi (S$45)

had a really wonderful evening, very enjoyable dinner with my close RI friend at mikuni on 27.3.2017. ^^

my friend had his birthday earlier in the month. he travels frequently, and I was indisposed for 2 weeks, so we arranged for this dinner at mikuni once I was well.

last post I made on mikuni was 2pax dinner with a OPS primary school friend on 31.8.2016.

botan ebi sashimi – S$45

I ordered botan ebi sashimi – S$45.

botan ebi sashimi – S$45

this a truly superb dish for the connoisseur. the tiny sweet prawns or amaebi is like 1/4 of th size of this monster. I love the fresh, gummy texture & very sweet fresh of prawn sashimi, and I guess if you like amaebi sashimi, this like multiply it 4 times.

deepfried prawn heads of botan ebi sashimi

& of course I got the heads deep-fried la!

this was so good. you like can eat everything….

deepfried prawn heads of botan ebi sashimi

my friend said this was so fragrant. he absolutely loved it too! 🙂

UN futomaki = united nations like 9 ingredients – S$26

we ordered the UN futomak. it is in true united nations fashion – like having 9 ingredients. it was a good maki, but I feel that the mikuni maki is still better.

Boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki – S$40

for today, a Tuesday, restaurant was fully booked, only seats at teppanyaki & robatayaki. I asked for robatayaki…we sat at the corner, very private & good space.

I ordered the boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki. this was very good!

sauce for Boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki

we each had a trio of sauces. I tried the mustard & also the ponzu sauce. they were good, and the kurobuta was good on its own too!

wagyu sukiyaki konabe – S$48

and of course I ordered the wagyu sukiyaki konabe – S$48.

wagyu sukiyaki konabe

this is always so good!

now they don’t put kagoshim wagyu on the menu. it tasted exactly the same as before.

really good stuff – 3 pieces of thick cut wagyu beef, so excellent sweet & marbled Japanese wagyu!

lobster uniyaki – S$48

I also ordered thelobster uniyaki – S$48.
lobster was small – maybe 350g to 400g. it was nicely done though, very good taste & nice uni sauce drizzled al over it.
we had a really enjoyable lunch chat, talked about our schoolmates, children etc.
lunch was S$127nett for 2pax after feed at raffles discounts.
c.h.e.f andy


Mikuni @ Fairmont Level 3


80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Hotel 3/L, Raffles City, Singapore 189560


6431 6156

Opening Hours:

Mon-Saturday: 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm (closed sunday)

Day 4 – Seoul SQ Lounge & SQ Inflight Food on Return Flight to Singapore on 14Nov2016

lontong @ SQ lounge

so for this hastily decided trip, we gotten SQ biz class redemption tickets taxes on short notice & taxes etc were S$404! but then economy tickets were like S$1800, S$2000!

wife booked one extra night on 13.11.2016, as our flight was 12.35am on 14.11.2016. this very important as we wanted to have a room to return to, to bathe etc before leaving for the airport around 9pm. the extra night just S$90/night, & with cleaning & admin charges total about S$495 for 4 nights.

so this evening, after our korean bbq dinner at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당, we went back to our airbnb & bathed, packed up & left for Incheon airport.

lontong @ SQ lounge

after check-in & immigration, we got to the SQ lounge.

they had lontong, and it was good! lontong was lemak & flavourful …

braised fish fillet @ SQ lounge

there was also a braised fish fillet, maybe garoupa…

braised fish fillet @ SQ lounge

it was pretty good too..

of course I have had better, but it was quite competent, especially at an ariport lounge.

cheese & buts

they also had cheese & nuts…

aloe vera drink

I took a canned aloe vera drink..

herb crusted lamb

on board I had book-the-cook..

I prior ordered the herb crusted lamb.

it was ok, not overly…

herb crusted lamb

again I should say just competent…lamb was tender but not flavourful, quite bland I would say..


also had a croissant..

fruit salad

& some fruits..

cannot complain much about the food on board. not the best by either flight standard but passable.

c.h.e.f andy

Day 4 – Newmaul Sikdang 새마을식당 on 13Nov2016 – Seoul 10-13Nov2016

 korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

after N Seoul Tower N서울타워, we were quite tired but decided to go for our last Korean bbq meal before returning to our airbnb apartment to pack up & leave for Incheon airport.

we had thought of trying another restaurant opposite newmaul sikdang 새마을식당, but it was full this evening.

we did not want to walk around just to find a place to eat, so went back to newmaul sikdang 새마을식당, where we dined the first evening, day 1.

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 - 9,000won

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 – 10,000won

newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 is a chain.

we ordered the same pork ribeye??? we had on day 1.

 korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

it was very good – sweet, juicy, flavourful.

 korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

we had quite an overdose the other evening with the excellent jeju blackpig bbq.

this evening we took more of the banchan (side dishes), or rather the salad to go with the bbq meat.

some mixed meat dish @ newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 - 6,000won

some mixed meat dish @ newmaulsikdang 새마을식당 – 6,000won

there was this minced meat dish that wife tried previously.

not sure if we ordered the correct one, but it was doable but not too great. I won’t order this again la…

rice came with mixed meat dish @ newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 - 6,000won

rice came with mixed meat dish @ newmaulsikdang 새마을식당 – 6,000won

it came with some rice, and that went quite well with the seaweed & the minced meat dish..

the salads, onions, pickles were at a salad bar (free). this evening we took a bit more of it to go with the bbq meats.

c.h.e.f andy

Newmaul Sikdang 새마을식당  

Address :

331-18, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul


▶Homepage : (Korean only)

▶Operating Hours :

Open 24/7