Day 4 – Seoul SQ Lounge & SQ Inflight Food on Return Flight to Singapore on 14Nov2016

lontong @ SQ lounge

so for this hastily decided trip, we gotten SQ biz class redemption tickets taxes on short notice & taxes etc were S$404! but then economy tickets were like S$1800, S$2000!

wife booked one extra night on 13.11.2016, as our flight was 12.35am on 14.11.2016. this very important as we wanted to have a room to return to, to bathe etc before leaving for the airport around 9pm. the extra night just S$90/night, & with cleaning & admin charges total about S$495 for 4 nights.

so this evening, after our korean bbq dinner at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당, we went back to our airbnb & bathed, packed up & left for Incheon airport.

lontong @ SQ lounge

after check-in & immigration, we got to the SQ lounge.

they had lontong, and it was good! lontong was lemak & flavourful …

braised fish fillet @ SQ lounge

there was also a braised fish fillet, maybe garoupa…

braised fish fillet @ SQ lounge

it was pretty good too..

of course I have had better, but it was quite competent, especially at an ariport lounge.

cheese & buts

they also had cheese & nuts…

aloe vera drink

I took a canned aloe vera drink..

herb crusted lamb

on board I had book-the-cook..

I prior ordered the herb crusted lamb.

it was ok, not overly…

herb crusted lamb

again I should say just competent…lamb was tender but not flavourful, quite bland I would say..


also had a croissant..

fruit salad

& some fruits..

cannot complain much about the food on board. not the best by either flight standard but passable.

c.h.e.f andy

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