Wife’s Early Birthday Dinner – 7pax Family @ Kai Garden 嘉苑 on 8Nov2016

peking duck

went back with the family for early birthday dinner for wife at kai garden 嘉苑 on 8nov2016. ^^

my first time here was my own birthday treat by my RI buddies on 28.10.2016.

soon after the dinner wife & I went for a short holiday in seoul 10-13.11.2016. so I had not made a blog post until now.

roast pork

this time I ordered ala carte.

there wan an ongoing promotion – free whole peking for >S$300 spend before service & GST. not too difficult. prices here are expensive!

roast pork

I ordered the roast pork. it was good but no better than other good restaurants like tung lok.

char siew

char siew was very good too.

char siew

very tender, and tasty.

xo fried carrot cake

daughter liked the xo fried carrot cake.

peking duck

everyone was very impressed with the peking duck.

peking duck

crispy skin.

some crisp for peking duck

a nice crisp to accompany. couldn’t remember what it was. seems like it was not tofu.

different skin wrappers for peking duck

the different sauces were good. & of course they had different skin wrappers too.

different skin wrappers for peking duck

I still prefer the traditional sweet sauce. but the pepper sauce also very good.

pig stomach soup

everyone liked the pig stomach soup. I think we ordered 3, maybe 4 orders.

sweet & sour soup

sweet & sour soup

& couple of sweet & sour soup, which was standard fare.

wasabi prawns

wasabi prawns were good. large, plump, nicely deepfried prawns, and just a light wasabi mayo with good wasabi flavour.

pomegranate dumpling

the pomegranate dumpling was just average, and expensive. we had enough food actually so didn’t really need this order.


the kurobuta dish was good, tender, tasty & came with great vegetable & mushroom sides.

braised garoupa

the braised garoupa fillet dish quite excellent.

braised garoupa

good helping of garoupa, a flavourful pot.

braised garoupa

on balance though, I thought the braised garoupa fillet dishes I had at tunglok were mostly better than this.

braised garoupa

still quite an enjoyable dish everyone liked. 🙂

curry crab

we had a curry crab dish. it was very good. I would order this again.

curry crab

crab was fresh & sweet. and the pot ingredients quite tasty – belly pork & all.

vegtable taupok dish

the vegetable was good too.

overall it was a very enjoyable dinner. everyone enjoyed the food, especially the peking duck.

I cannot recall now. I think dinner came to about S$450nett, thought the S$88 peking duck was free.

the last time during my birthday lunch the service was excellent. this time service was still professional, however the server was pushing us to order more & bigger dishes, which I felt was not necessary, like the pomegranate dumpling dish. I could do w/o the kurobuta also.

still overall we all enjoyed the food here.

c.h.e.f andy


Kai Garden 嘉苑