Great 4pax Dinner & MSW 猫山王 Durians Afterwards @ Aburiya on 28Feb2017

kurobuta platter – S$25

after a truly memorable time together during our recent hong kong eat & hike 20-24feb2017,we were chatting about going japan or korea.

so we gathered to enjoy some yakiniku 烧肉 – japan style korean bbq at my favourite aburiya on 28.2.2017. ^^

hokkaido wagyu platter – S$40

i ordered the usual kurobuta & hokkaido wagyu platter, my wife & my favourite. 🙂

kurobuta platter – S$25 

my friends all liked them too.

yakiniku desu 

i like all the cuts for the hokkaido wagyu & also kurobuta platter.

among them, the loin cut from the second plate of wagyu platter (we ordered another plate) was the best.

they meat cuts are not always consistent, but i found the platter as the most consistently good cuts.

yakiniku desu

it was quite fun too, chatting & bbq-ing the meats, that’s why my wife & family like to come here.

yakiniku desu 

of course in the cold seasons in japan & korea, the experience & the warmth of the bbq even better.

here the hearth is smokeless, there is an internal extraction fan system & also smokeless charcoal.

kimchi chigae 킴치치개 

i ordered the kimchi chigae 킴치치개 .

kimchi chigae 킴치치개

this evening it was very good, at times it could be a tad salty…they really should be more consistent la..

bibimbab 비빔밥 

and the bibimbab this evening was excellent.

i don’t eat this much here as wife likes bibimen so we always order bibimen for 2 of us, which i like too.

ㅑ키니쿠 & bibimbab 비빔밥

this evening the bibimbab was especially tasty & flavourful. ^^

bibimbab 비빔밥 

very shiok!

MSW 猫山王 

my friend bought MSW 猫山王  and D13. today he managed to get MSW 猫山王 from his favourite stall sin kian choon for S$15/kg, i think about 3kg.

so we had them after dinner.


and D13 at S$8/kg, about 5kg or more.

really shiok la…finally some good durians…did not eat durians for a while…december durians were very ex & poor in quality….i found out that usually price is inversely proportional to quality of MSW 猫山王 & durians in general…only when it is abundant & price is low can you be assured of good quality durians.

this was really enjoyable.

c.h.e.f amdy


Great 2pax Dinner with a dear Friend @ La Brezza on 26Feb2017

whole lobster tagli0lini – S$51

whole lobster tagliolini – S$51

i just returned singapore from a very enjoyable hong kong eat & hike trip with my OPS primary school mates on 24.2.2017.

my close dental surgeon friend had earlier arranged to have dinner at la brezza this evening on 26.2.2017. he insisted on buying dinner. ^^

i just had a superb early birthday dinner for my OPS friend here on 7.2.2017. i enjoyd the dishes that evening so i ordered the same dishes for my friend to try.

bread – focaccia & baguette

we had the focaccia & baguette with the very good extra virgin olive oil & especially the very flavourful balsamic.

whole lobster tagliolini – S$51

whole lobster tagliolini – S$51

the lobster tagliolini came, good as before.

fresh, sweet, bouncy lobster & nice pasta. the pasta was good.

but it’s something both my wife & i can make as well, wife & children said better actually. 🙂

duck ragout pasta

duck ragout pasta – S$35

i was quite enamoured with the duck ragout the last time. a very good pasta & it came with a panfried foie gras.

so much so i was inspired to make my own duck ragout for the first time. & mine turned out very good indeed. 

i commented to the lady server that the one i had recently had the duck rillete form of ragout whereas this one had diced meat pieces? this server though was not so good like the last & could not give a satisfactory explanation.

300g angus ribeye medium rare – S$42

300g angus ribeye medium rare – S$42

the tagliata is always good. really well done & a very good helping good enough for both to share, and the mesclun salad & grilled peppers were al excellent too.

the bill for 2pax after amex 50% lovedining discount for 2pax was S$87. great for this food & ambience.

c.h.e.f andy