Simply Superb 2pax Early Birthday Dinner for my OPS Friend @ LAbrezza St Regis Hotel on 7Feb2017

whole lobster tagliatelle

whole lobster tagli0lini – S$51

had a wonderful 2pax dinner with my OPS friend this evening at labreza @ sr regis this evening on 7.2.2017. ^^

his birthday next week. we decided to have an early birthday dinner for him.

labrezza @ st regis

labrezza @ st regis

this the second time i dined at labrezza.

the last time i dined with my wife here on 4.9.2016, i enjoyed the lobster pasta & the angus ribeye very much. ^^

so my plan was to order these 2 dishes la..

focaccia, baguette & breadstick

focaccia, baguette & breadstick

we had the bread platter of focaccia, baguette & breadstick.

i remembered the balsamic here was really good, & it was excellent, still! haha…

focaccia very good, baguette not that flavourful i had better but still ok. breadstick had good olive oil flavours not the texture of bread i prefer.

whole lobster tagliatelle

whole lobster tagliolini – S$51

the whole lobster tagliolini was a different interpretation from last time. no lobster shell.

they have a new chef de cuisine, armando aristarco, who is from napoli & hailed from a amalfi coast restaurant.

the server did say we could have the pasta with the lobster shell when i asked, but i told her we would have it as the chef would do it.

lobster was just as nice, not overcooked not rubbery, very fresh & tender & sweet. very good standard.

whole lobster tagliatelle

whole lobster tagliolini

the quantity of pasta was very much less than the last time, but was a good pasta serving size as any other top restaurants. (just that serving size was a lot more last time).

duck ragout pasta

duck ragout pasta – S$26

we thought we could have a 3rd dish to share.

chef armando came to our table & we had a good chat. we asked his recommendations between the duck ragout pasta & the signature veal & he recommended the duck ragout.

i think this really one the the very best pasta i had.

the toppest top draw!

foie gras was super, the smoked duck breast tender & flavourful, and the ragout with sweet pumpkin really made the most wonderful pasta!

duck ragout pasta

duck ragout pasta – S$26

i had asked for a main portion (S$35) to share, same as the lobster tagliolini. the chef said he would split for us.

so we each had the above portions ie 2 portions.

when the bill came, we were charged S$26 for the appetizer portion. i guess being friendly with the chef has its privileges la…

300g angus ribeye medium rare

300g angus ribeye medium rare – S$42

when the angus ribeye steak came, the chef split for us as well.

300g angus ribeye medium rare

300g angus ribeye medium rare – S$42

& the steak was excellent as before! very tender & sweet & nicely medium rare.

vegetables side

vegetables side

& the yellow peppers & mesclun salad were very too too.

300g angus ribeye medium rare

300g angus ribeye medium rare – S$42

so when the bill came, it was S$76.40 (after the usual 50% for 2pax amex lovedining discounts) for all these 3 excellent dishes & huge servings for 2pax.

i gave a good tip & rounded up to S$85. the server darmen pointed out to me on the bill that there was already a 10% service charge. i replied i knew but i want to give the tip.

i think that says everything about the service here. food came at a good pace, so we did not wait long. & darmen was very knowledgeable. the lady server was good too.

we had a really enjoyable dinner.

chef armando said he is creating a new menu & will launch the new menu end feb or starting mar. i am definitely coming back to try his new menu.

c.h.e.f andy


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