Another Fabulous Lunch Omakase @ Hachi on 2Feb2017

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak 

went with my OPS primary school buddies for 4pax lunch at hachi today on 2.2.2017, CNY Day 6. ^

this the best lunch omakase, or rather the best lunch PERIOD! for me la… 🙂



today good lunch crowd, hachi quite full, all tables taken up & 3 sushi counter seats too. 🙂

we took the 8-course ohmi wagyu lunch omakase S$92pax++, normal price is S$88pax++, server does not know if the price will be increased or just for today.

i had this awesome omakase for a friend’s birthday lunch here most recently on 3.11.2016.

most of the omakase dishes are the usual.

#1 uni kakiage

#1 uni isobe age  

first dish was uni isobe age, a nori (seaweed) flavoured fritter of uni (sea urchin) on a bed of edamame puree.

uni was very sweet… for me of course, i am happy to have uni as sashimi, but this age was good too, as always.

#2 oyster with ponzu jelly

#2 oyster with ponzu jelly 

oyster with ponzu jelly is another regular fixture in this omakase.

#2 oyster with ponzu jelly

#2 oyster with ponzu jelly 

oyster very fresh, plump & sweet, & the ponzu jelly combined perfectly. 🙂

server said it was irish oyster.

#3 ohmi wagyu nimono

#3 ohmi wagyu nimono 近江和牛 with taro

the ohmi wagyu 近江和牛nimono (steamed dish) was incredible -nice tender, smooth braised wagyu with taro & edamame.

wagyu was so flavourful & melt-in-the-mouth, with a hint of yuzu. my friend said he wanted to make himself with the yuzu flavour.

#4 sashimi moriawase = akami, chutoro, buri, ika, hotate

#4 sashimi moriawase = akami, chutoro, buri, ika, hotate 

the sashimi moriawase was top draw = akami, chutoro, buri, ika, hotate.

usually you get akami (lean toro) or chutoro. today we had both. according to server buri supposed to be same family as kampachi (amberjack) and hamachi (yellow tail), only it is deep ocean & most expensive.

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak 

the grilled A5 ohmi wagyu was fantastic, so flavourful, marbled, melt-in-your-mouth. ^^

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak 

the best there ever is!

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak 

there was some charcoal salt, sweet potato, ginkyo nuts, a brocoli like veg, momotaro tomatoes from hokkaido, and a cracker of tiny dried fishes.

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi 

next, we had the ohmi wagyu sushi.

server said to start eating from the right.

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi 

one with daikon, minced radish. the other topped with uni & caviar, and the last, with foie gras dust.

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi 

all top quality stuff, excellent tender wagyu no tendon, no residue.

#7 ochazuke

#7 ochazuke お茶漬け

for the gohan set, we had ochazuke お茶漬け.

there were 2 pieces of tai – seabream sashimi, and excellent pickles, very tasty not salty.

ochazuke お茶漬け

#7 ochazuke お茶漬け 

so instead of ocha (tea) they used a very tasty dashi to add t0 the rice.

#8 kuromame - black beans, with yuzu jelly

#8 kuromame – black beans, with yuzu jelly 

for the dessert to round off the meal, we had kuromame, the japanese sweet black beans with yuzu jelly, and they always served the roasted tea. so no need to order tea la which is another S$4!

my friends dined here for the first time. they all enjoyed very much. one friend was invited to waku ghin dinner twice the last few months. the price around S$600pax to S$720pax each time. while there is no abalone, alaskan crab & lobster in this hachi omakase, the A5 ohmi wagyu are the best there is anywhere. so he was also well satisfied with this lunch omalase.

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Most Delicious Teriyaki Salmon Belly

been doing teriyaki salmon belly quite a few times lately. it’s consistently a favourite among my friends & family.

most recently on CNY day2 29.1.2017, i did that for my wife’s relatives, a 20pax dinner.

wonderful flavours, & my helper’s homegrown dill a perfect match.

i did that also for a 6pax dinner with my OPS friends on 16.11.2016.

it was excellent. very tasty,especially with the fatty salmon belly. well infused with miso & light soy sauce flavours, and also seasoned wth chopped garlic & ginger.

after that my friend’s wife asked the recipe & made for her son to bring to a gathering. 🙂

& likewise for the 9pax everyone’s birthday on 28.12.2016.

and despite burning the skin (not familiar with the new oven controls), it was still such a wonderful tasting dish. after wife’s salad, i think everyone loved this salmon belly.

i did the same for a 8pax dinner for my wife’s close friends on 14.1.2017 & they all loved it. did not take any food photos that evening, except for wife’s friend’s beautiful fruit platter..

teriyaki salmon belly

teriyaki salmon belly (trimmings)

i did my first oven grilled miso salmon belly on 28.10.2014, more than 2 years ago.

teriyaki salmon belly (more bones than belly, still very nice)

teriyaki salmon belly (more bones than belly, still very nice)

at the time, i mostly buy the salmon packets from sheng shiong & giant.

when i am lucky, i get more belly.

but often i get the trimmings, and sometimes not so lucky, then mostly bones (above photo).

grilled teriyaki slamon belly

grilled teriyaki salmon belly

more recently i bought from phoon huat delicatessen, but their supply is limited.

so the best i found is from song fish (i go to the starvista outlet).

here you can get good salmon belly at S$30/kg.

teriyaki salmon belly

teriyaki salmon belly

or salmon trimmings at a lot cheaper, and no need to bother about getting salmon bones. haha!

the preparation is the same, and i have both miso & teriyaki so it is teriyaki salmon for me but it is just as well miso salmon.

salmon belly or even trimmings are perfect for this dish. salmon fillet are too chunky, so using fatty salmon belly infused with miso & teriyaki offers up an amazingly delicious dish.

a very simple marinade for 500g salmon belly – 1 tbsp miso, 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 1tbsp sake, 2tbsp mirin, 1 tbsp sugar, 3cm chopped ginger, 5 cloves chopped garlic.

then in a double ziploc bag in my 1degC chiller for 2 days for the flavours to be well infused.

after that leave out for 1 hr to bring to room temp, then grilled in 250degC oven for 15mins. voila!

it is that easy! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


  • 500g salmon belly
  • 1.5 tbsp miso
  • 2tbsp mirin
  • 1 tbsp sake
  • 2 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp flat sugar
  • 5 cloves chopped garlic
  • 3cm chopped ginger


  1. prepare marinade – in a large bowl mix 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp mirin, 1 tbsp sake, 1 tbsp sugar, 5 cloves chopped garlic, 3cm  chopped ginger & 1.5 tbsp miso.
  2. add salmon (belly) to the bowl & marinate really well, thoroughly. put in a double ziploc bag, press out the air & seal. leave in the chiller for 2 days for the flavours to infuse.
  3. cooking – take out from chiller for 1 hour to get to room temperature. place on a roasting rack, line the bottom with aluminium foil. place in a pre-heated 250deC oven for 15minutes. watch to make sure skin charred but not burnt. serve.